Virtual dinner party tips

How To Host A Virtual Dinner Party

Looking for something fun to do? Why not host a virtual dinner party? Gather family and friends from far away and enjoy your time together with these 11 proven tricks and tips! This works great for book clubs, family gatherings, and happy hours, too.

Bowl of pretzel bites

The EASIEST Homemade Pretzel Bites Recipe

Soft pretzels are best, and this easy recipe for homemade pretzel bites is a fun one. They taste just like Auntie Anne’s, but at a fraction of the cost! Don’t be afraid to bake with yeast. This recipe has all the tips you need to succeed when you make these.

20+ Delicious canned chicken recipes

20+ Delicious Recipes Using Canned Chicken

Whether you forgot to prep dinner, just need a quick snack, or you’e going through your pantry, you’re sure to find a recipe you love from this list of recipes that use canned chicken.

The EASIEST Chicken Salad Recipe

Want to know how to make chicken salad with canned chicken? This is such an easy recipe, but it’s absolutely delicious. Enjoy it as a a snack on crackers or as part of your weeknight dinner on a sandwich.

Plated hot cross bun

The SOFTEST Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Try this easy Easter recipe for hot cross buns. It’s amazing how fun and easy it is to make this from scratch recipe. They taste absolutely amazing, and it’s perfect for your Easter brunch!

Bacon dishes at Food and Wine festival

13 Items You HAVE To Eat at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Headed to Tampa this spring? You want to know what to eat at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival. There are so many options, with over 100 beer, wine, and cocktail choices alone. This has the ultimate guide of the best food and drink you can’t miss to help you plan your visit.

Inside of stuffed strawberry

The BEST No Bake Dessert: S’mores Stuffed Strawberries

Have you ever had s’mores filled strawberries? This is one of the easiest recipes, and this tasty style video tutorial teaches you exactly how to do it. You’ll love this no bake dessert. Forget campfire s’mores, these are faster and easier – and no risk of marshmallow fires!

Bite of kale salad

Delicious Lemon Kale Salad

This simple lemon kale salad is ready in about five minutes, and it has incredibly bright and fresh flavors. Massaging the kale changes the texture and flavor, so everyone loves this simple gluten free salad.

Scoop of bacon mac and cheese

Grown Up Mac And Cheese (With Bacon)

This is the BEST baked mac and cheese recipe out there. Make it tonight! It’s a simple recipe but has a ton of flavor. You’ll be shocked by how easy it is to make the homemade cheese sauce, and the video tutorial makes it even easier.

Weeknight chicken empanadas platter

Easy Weeknight Chicken Empanadas Recipe

Enjoy this incredibly simple recipe for weeknight chicken empanadas. They’re kid friendly but have plenty of flavor for adults to enjoy, too.