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Today is National Donut Day, and I’m celebrating with the 13 best donut recipes I can find. Some links in this post are affiliate links that earn me a small commission if you click through and purchase anything.

Best homemade donut recipes

I may be slightly obsessed with donuts. The odd thing is that if you ask me what food I could give up happily, donuts is on the list.

So how do I get to that point? Well, what I don’t like are the greasy donuts many chain donut shops sell that are slightly stale because they no longer make them in house and that leave a film on the roof of my mouth after I eat them. Those are the donuts I could never eat again.

Give me a good Boston cream donut though, and I could eat those all day long. I haven’t made them at home (yet), but one day I will. I’ve made enough other donuts, an in fact, I had leftover cinnamon sugar donuts I made yesterday for breakfast today.

Good news? Stick those puppies in a sealed container, and they taste perfect the next day. I give credit to my “secret” ingredient.

Homemade donuts definitely seem to taste best, and they aren’t hard to make in many cases. If you can make muffins, you can make donuts – especially the baked kind.

All you need is a donut pan (or a mini donut pan if you’re like me and think mini food tastes better) and pastry bags. As I found out recently, pastry bags cost no more than the gallon bags you usually use to pipe batter, and they’re far easier to use. Winning. All. Around.

Pro Tips for When You Make the Best Donut Recipes:

  1. Use that pastry bag. Truly. It’s so much easier to fill your donut pans when you pipe than when you try to spoon it in.
  2. When filling a pastry bag (or ok, the zip top baggie most of us use), set it inside a tall glass and fold the top over the rim of the glass. This gives you two hands free to scrape your batter into the bag and keeps the bag from falling over.
  3. Don’t fill your donut pan too high. If you fill more than half way, most recipes bake up so much that you don’t get a hole in the middle. That’s not the donut you’re going for, I promise.
  4. If dipping in a dry topping, do it as quickly as you can while they’re still hot. The topping sticks better that way.
  5. If you have a glaze or frosting for your donut, let it cool to room temperature before you apply it so it doesn’t slide right off.
  6. Never ever put donuts in the fridge. That’s how they go stale fast. Instead, store them in a tightly sealed container once they’re fully cooled. I love the Rubbermaid Brilliance containers – they seal fantastically and you can actually see what you stored.

But more importantly, you want to know all about the best donut recipes I could find, don’t you?

13 Best Donut Recipes You Can Make at Home

Glazed Lemon Donuts

Homemade baked lemon donuts

Sometimes donuts can be too sweet, don’t you think? I love adding a little tart to my donuts. This donut has lemon inside it and more lemon zest in the glaze. Nope, not gonna get sick of eating these baked lemon donuts anytime soon!

Red Velvet Donuts

Red Velvet donuts

This small batch donut recipe is perfect for the times when you want to make donuts but don’t want to make them for the entire block. These fluffy red velvet donuts get topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting that’s just enough without being too much.

Cereal Milk Donuts

Delicious easy homemade doughnut recipe

I’ve always been a fan of cereal milk. I may not like when my cereal got soggy, but the sweet milk left behind? That was the only way I drank milk growing up – true story. These cereal milk donuts made with cinnamon cereal (but substitute chocolate – yum!) taste amazing, and the cereal crunch on top makes them even better.

Strawberry Cereal Donuts

Enjoy a homemade cereal topped donut

Why stop with a cinnamon cereal milk donut? The crunch cereal gives to the tops of donuts is amazing. This cereal topped donut is a little denser but filled with flavor. The hint of strawberry that comes through makes this one a winner in my house every time!

Strawberry Donuts

Homemade strawberry donuts recipe with a bite missing

What can I say? I’m a sucker for fruit in my donuts (and in my scones – mmmm chocolate cherry scones). Freeze dried fruit may be one of the best kitchen inventions ever. I love how it adds so much flavor to recipes, and I use it constantly. These strawberry glazed donuts taste as good as they look!

Lemon Raspberry Donuts

Lemon raspberry donuts

Does it come as any surprise that lemon raspberry donuts makes this list of the best donut recipes? Take the bright flavors of lemon and combine them with the sweetness of raspberry, and you have heaven in your mouth. The glaze is the perfect way to finish off these lemon raspberry donuts. I dare you to try to keep them in your house!

Raspberry Glazed Donuts

Raspberry Glazed Donuts

As amazing as lemon raspberry donuts, the simplicity of these raspberry glazed donuts puts them into the list, too. They call for freeze dried raspeberries, which only proves my point that freeze dried fruit is the best. The buttermilk keeps the raspberry glazed donuts from being overly sweet, and the freeze dried topping makes them absolutely gorgeous, too.

S’mores Donuts

Smores donuts

I’m not all fruit all the time. You guys know I have an obsession with s’mores oriented desserts. Whether it’s the copycat Girl Scout s’mores cookie (shhhh I think mine’s better) or s’mores cake or s’mores stuffed strawberries, I’m all over it. Of course a s’mores donut makes it onto the list of the best donuts recipes.

This recipe starts with a cake mix, which makes it one of the easiest and fastest recipes on the list. But as quick as this recipe is, it’s hands down gorgeous and full of flavor. Is a s’mores donut next on your bucket list?

Chocolate Chili Mocha Donuts (gluten free)

Chocolate Chili Mocha donuts

My gluten free friends, I will not leave you in the dust. This recipe is that perfect combination of sweetness with a touch of heat that has me sitting up and asking for more. It’s the only other recipe I’ve seen recently that incorporates the secret ingredient from my cinnamon sugar donuts, and it’s the perfect complement to the rest of the ingredients.

Don’t assume that just because you’re gluten free means you have to skip donuts. You need to try this chocolate chili mocha donut – and that goes for those of us who aren’t gluten free, too!

Chocolate Frosted Donuts

Chocolate frosted mini donuts

If a chocolate chili mocha donut is a little too much for you, try this classic chocolate frosted donut instead. It is a cake donut with a delicious chocolate glaze. Dip it in sprinkles, and you literally have childhood in your mouth. I don’t exaggerate.

Peanut Butter Nutella Donuts

Peanut butter nutella donuts

If you really love and want allllll the chocolate, this is the donut for you. This peanut butter Nutella donut gets infused into the donuts before baking then they get coated with even more Nutella. And sprinkles. If you have 30 minutes to spare, you have time to whip these up.

Classic Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

homemade cinnamon sugar donuts

This recipe I shared yesterday. It’s the donut I go made for every time I go to a fair or anywhere with those mini fried donuts. These are baked, not fried, so I can convince myself they’re healthier. They’re light and airy and even the next day, they’re perfectly moist and don’t have a hint of stale donut. A classic cinnamon sugar donut may be just what the doctor ordered.

Apple Cider Donuts

Baked mini apple cider donuts

My other favorite classic donut is an apple cider donut. Whenever we go apple picking, we always grab a half dozen to enjoy. Of course, we usually only go apple picking once a year, and I need apple cider donuts way more often than that. These? Super simple to make and so full of flavor, especially since you concentrate the apple cider to go into the batter.

This version is baked, but I also have an amazing fried apple cider donut recipe. Whichever you prefer, that’s your call. Just. Make. Them.

What do you think are the best donut recipes?


13 best donut recipes to make at home with unique donut flavors that are as simple as making muffins. Whip up a batch for breakfast to impress your friends and family

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  • Bintu | Recipes From A Pantry

    What a great selection of donut recipes – I’ve definitely got to give some a try! Thanks for including some of my recipes, much appreciated!

    • Michelle

      I love how creative people get with donut recipes. They’re all so easy but such different and fun flavors!

  • Gloria

    Thanks so much for including my Gluten Free Chocolate Chili Mocha Donuts in this delicious collection. I have shared, pinned and scheduled a FB post too.

    • Michelle

      You’re so sweet. I love a little spice with my desserts, and I can’t wait to make those donuts for myself.

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