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Dangerously Delicious: 30+ Ice Cream Recipes

If you love ice cream as much as I do, you’ll love this collection of the best ice cream recipes I gathered. Some links are affiliate links that earn me a commission if you purchase through them.

Definitive List of 30 best ice cream recipes

July is National Ice Cream Month, but I’m happy to celebrate all year long. While my kids love going to local ice cream parlors, but that gets awfully expensive awfully fast. Instead, we often buy ice cream from the store, but it’s more fun and cheaper to make your own ice cream.

Added bonus? I know exactly what ingredients go into into ice cream when we make it – and the flavor options are limitless.

I grew up eating ice cream that we churned by hand in a giant bucket with ice and rock salt. Does anyone else remember those days of constantly turning that wheel?

Thankfully, you can make traditional churned ice cream so much more easily now. You don’t even need the ice or the rock salt. An ice cream maker is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. In summer, I keep at least one of my buckets in the freezer at all times, so we can make ice cream anytime!

After gathering this list of the best ice cream recipes, you know I’ll put my ice cream maker to good use!

What’s the difference between the different kinds of ice cream?

You make traditional ice cream with milk – and the fattier the milk (e.g., 2% versus whole milk versus half and half), the creamier and more premium your ice cream tastes.

Frozen custard uses egg yolks and the mixture usually gets cooked a bit before you chill it and then freeze it. I love frozen custard because it ends up even creamier than ice cream, but admittedly it takes a little bit more work and time.

Frozen yogurt uses, not surprisingly, yogurt to make it, along with milk. It’s tangier than ice cream, and I love making fruit based frozen yogurts more than sweeter versions.

Gelato has lower milkfat than ice cream and doesn’t whip as much air into the finished product, which makes it smoother in texture. It feels creamier even though it has less milkfat, as crazy as that sounds! Make sure you let any homemade gelato thaw just a little before serving as it gets hard in your freezer.

Sorbet is what we used to eat when we felt like we were being fancy. Interestingly, sorbet has no dairy (so my daughter could eat it when she had her dairy allergy!), as it’s usually made from water or juice mixed with fruit purees. No shock, that’s the naturally low fat one of the bunch.

No churn ice cream is relatively new to the scene and tends to have few ingredients. It uses sweetened condensed milk and heavy whipping cream as its base and is the fastest way to make ice cream. It tastes good, but there are definitely times you want to go with one of the traditional options above.

What Do You Need to Make Homemade Ice Cream?

Depending on what kind of recipe you’re using, you may need a variety of products. Check out some of my favorites, and don’t forget to use a good quality ice cream scoop to serve up your yummy treat!

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So now you know what you’re eating and what you need, let’s help you make some. Check out the best ice cream recipes (ok and frozen yogurt and more) I could find!

The Definitive List of 30+ Best Ice Cream Recipes

Ice cream is so versatile that you can introduce so many flavors to it that range from the traditional favorites you grew up with to spicy and unique flavors you might not have thought to include in ice cream before.

It’s amazing how just a few simple ingredients turn into such a fun treat. This list incorporates all different styles of ice cream and flavors, so start at the top and just work your way down.

Best Ice Cream Recipes: Traditional Ice Cream

Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream

Grilled pineapple ice cream recipe

Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream – really do I need to say any more? Any fruit grilled develops such an amazing flavor. This one? It may top the list of best ice cream recipes. Maybe!
Get the Recipe: Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream

Dole Whip Ice Cream

Homemade dole whip ice cream recipe

On the tropical theme. have you ever had a Dole Whip at a Disney park? If you haven’t, you need to. If you have, you know you need to create it at home. I’ve made my own version several times because who doesn’t love Dole Whip ice cream? One day I’ll post my recipe, but until then, make this one!
Get the Recipe: Dole Whip Ice Cream

Apple Pie Ice Cream

Apple pie ice cream recipe

Apple Pie Ice Cream combines all that’s best about America, right? There’s nothing more traditional or American than apple pie, and you know we love our ice cream. Apple pie ice cream? Oh heck yeah it’s on the list of best ice cream recipes!
Get the Recipe: Apple Pie Ice Cream

Avocado Ice Cream

Two scoops of avocado ice cream on a plate with a black background.

Unlock the unexpected delight of Avocado Ice Cream—don’t knock it until you’ve tried its unbelievably smooth and creamy goodness. It does not taste like avocados. Experience a luscious frozen treat like no other, where the natural richness of avocados creates a surprisingly indulgent dessert.
Get the Recipe: Avocado Ice Cream

Chocolate Swirl Sundae

Fudge Swirl Ice Cream recipe

Chocolate Swirl Sundae is such a creative and perfect flavor. I love hot fudge sauce in all shapes and forms (and making your own hot fudge sauce is soooo easy), so incorporating it into the ice cream so you can just scoop it out? Brilliant!
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Swirl Sundae

Raspberry Green Tea Ice Cream

Raspberry green tea ice cream recipe

On the complete opposite of the chocolate sundae classic is this raspberry green tea ice cream. I love green tea ice cream, and I may or may not make the excuse to go to certain restaurants just so I can have it for dessert. This version adding raspberries to it? Yum!
Get the Recipe: Raspberry Green Tea Ice Cream

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Recipe

One of my kids’ favorite flavors is a good Birthday Cake Ice Cream, and this one has all their favorites from marshmallows to cherries to sprinkles. It’s such a pretty version, but trust me, we don’t reserve this one solely for birthday parties!
Get the Recipe: Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Mexican hot chocolate ice cream

I love my chocolate with a little kick. That’s why Mexican chocolate brownies are my favorite. I feel the same way about this Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream. Cool and creamy plus the little bit of heat from the chocolate tablets, and I could eat this all day long!
Get the Recipe: Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Recipes: No Churn Ice Cream

Chocolate Cherry Chip No Churn Ice Cream

Scoop of no churn cherry chip ice cream

Chocolate Cherry Chip no churn was my first but definitely not my last foray into the world of no churn ice cream. It was so good and so incredibly easy to make. There’s no surprise that this disappeared in a heartbeat and my family keeps asking when I’m making it again, right?
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Chip No Churn Ice Cream

Bourbon and Peach No Churn Ice Cream

Peach bourbon no churn ice cream recipe

For the grown ups among us, this Bourbon and Peach No Churn Ice Cream is just what the doctor ordered. I only recently discovered that I really like bourbon, and pairing it with peach provides the perfect contrast of zing. Holy cow!
Get the Recipe: Bourbon and Peach No Churn Ice Cream

Twix Ice Cream

No Churn Twice ice cream recipe

Twix Ice Cream Twix may or may not be in my top two spot for favorite candy bar ever, and a Twix ice cream recipe? No churn to boot? You know this one is going in my “must make” file, right?
Get the Recipe: Twix Ice Cream

Lemon Ice Cream


Lemon Ice Cream is the perfect refreshing flavor. Even I’ll admit that ice cream can sometimes be too sweet, especially when it’s really hot out. Lemon cuts that sweetness and has the perfect complement to the creaminess of ice cream. Three ingredients and no churn to boot? Just sign me up now.
Get the Recipe: Lemon Ice Cream

Coffee Toffee Fudge Swirl Ice Cream

No Churn Coffee Toffee Fudge Ice Cream recipe

Sometimes lots of ingredients is too many, but this mouthful of a name Coffee Toffee Fudge Swirl Ice Cream is worth every syllable. It has all my favorite flavors in there, and even with so many different tastes, it remains a simple no churn recipe. Pass a bowl, please!
Get the Recipe: Coffee Toffee Fudge Swirl Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

No churn chocolate peanut butter recipe healthy

You know I had to throw some chocolate in here somewhere. This no churn Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream would have my kids doing chores for hours just for the chance at a scoop. It’s another classic combo, and this version is even a relatively healthy ice cream recipe with no added sugar.
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Cherry Almond Amaretto Ice Cream

Cherry Almond Amaretto no churn ice cream recipe

Another one to add to the adult list only: Who else is drooling over this Cherry Almond Amaretto ice cream? You know cherries are one of my favorites, and amaretto is one of the few alcohols that I love to drink straight up. They pair so beautifully together, and it’s such a pretty ice cream, too!
Get the Recipe: Cherry Almond Amaretto Ice Cream

Oreo Fudge Ice Cream

Oreo fudge swirl no churn ice cream recipe

Oreo Fudge has to make the list, of course. Who didn’t grow up loving a good cookies and cream ice cream? This version is so reminiscent of that classic but has the added bonus of a ribbon of fudge swirled in, too.
Get the Recipe: Oreo Fudge Ice Cream

Ube Ice Cream

Homemade ube ice cream

If you haven’t heard of ube yet, you aren’t alone. It’s a hot trend – and tasty! Ube Ice Cream deserves its fame. You definitely want to make this and figure out why for yourself! I mean, the color alone, right?
Get the Recipe: Ube Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Recipes: Frozen Custard

Cookie Dough Frozen Custard

Homemade cookie dough ice cream recipe

Cookie Dough is one of those classic flavors everyone loves but rarely makes at home. This rich and delicious version made into a frozen custard is so amazingly fantastically good. My kids beg for it all the time. And if you aren’t from the Midwest and haven’t had frozen custard, you need to try it out!
Get the Recipe: Cookie Dough Frozen Custard

Old Fashioned Peach Frozen Custard

Peach no churn ice cream

Old Fashioned Peach is perfect if you aren’t up for the bourbon and peach no churn version. This one is a frozen custard, which makes it oh so creamy and perfect with those in season peaches. I’m going to keep saying it, but this one may be my favorite.
Get the Recipe: Old Fashioned Peach Frozen Custard

Salted Caramel Custard

Beautiful bowl of salted caramel Girl Scout crunch ice cream

Salted caramel anyone? I originally made this one with cookies crunched up in it, but I’ve made it and remade it since with “just” the salted caramel portion. While I call it at an ice cream in my recipe description, it has the egg yolks to make it a frozen custard. Yum!
Get the Recipe: Salted Caramel Custard

Blackberry Chocolate Chip Custard

Blackberry chocolate chip ice cream recipe

This Blackberry Chocolate Chip version has my mouth watering. I adore blackberries but always seem to forget about them. As with most berries, as soon as you pair them with anything chocolate, they become somehow magical, don’t they?
Get the Recipe: Blackberry Chocolate Chip Custard

Best Ice Cream Recipes: Frozen Yogurt

Sour Cherry Frozen Yogurt

Sour Cherry Frozen Yogurt recipe

Sour Cherry is one of my all time favorite flavors. I love cherry ice cream (see my no churn version above), frozen yogurt, and even cherry syrup. This sour cherry frozen yogurt recipe steals my heart.
Get the Recipe: Sour Cherry Frozen Yogurt

Mango Frozen Yogurt

Mango Frozen Yogurt recipe

Mango Frozen Yogurt is one of my favorites. Really, we love anything mango.  I usually make this frozen yogurt with Greek yogurt, but it works well with any style yogurt. And when I don’t have the time or energy to make frozen yogurt, I make mango lassis instead. It’s all soooo good.

Get the Recipe: Mango Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Homemade strawberry frozen yogurt

Classic Strawberry Frozen Yogurt is, well, a classic. In high school, I literally had strawberry frozen yogurt for breakfast almost every single day. My love of it remains today, and this homemade strawberry frozen yogurt is so fun and so easy.
Get the Recipe: Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Best Ice Cream Recipes: Other Ice Cream Treats

Should ice cream sandwiches or popsicles have their own category? Maybe yes, maybe no. But either way, they certainly deserve to be recognized.

Chocolate Bourbon Popsicles

Chocolate Bourbon popsicle recipe

Now that I know Chocolate Bourbon Popsicles exist, I need to make them. Possibly right this very second. Holy cow do these sound and look amazing. And I don’t need to tell you that this and the bourbon peach recipe are adults only, right?
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Bourbon Popsicles

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Enjoying the best ice cream sandwiches ever made

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches are one of my favorite ways to mix the flavors of chocolate and cherry together. Honestly, the ice cream and the cookies taste great solo, but together? Someone hand me a napkin, stat!
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet

Watermelon strawberry sorbet recipe

Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet has to make it on the list. I make a delicious watermelon granita, which is in a different family altogether, but you know watermelon has to make the list here. This is the perfect way to cool down during summer. The fact that this is a recipe to make a single serving only makes me happier!
Get the Recipe: Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry Ginger Coconut Sorbet

Strawberry ginger coconut sorbet recipe

Another fun sorbet to try? Make this Strawberry Ginger Coconut Sorbet the next time you’re craving something fun. The ginger takes this up a notch from just “plain” strawberry and is the perfect addition. If you’re anything like me, you have a ginger root in your freezer just waiting to grate into the next recipe. And if you don’t? Buy one and put it there!
Get the Recipe: Strawberry Ginger Coconut Sorbet

Homemade Ice Cream Cake

Homemade Classic Ice Cream Cake recipe

I grew up having ice cream cakes for birthdays as a very special treat because they’re so expensive to buy from the ice cream parlors. Welllll make your own, including that crunchy chocolate center, with this fun recipe. I made it initially with dairy free ice cream, but sub your favorite flavors to make the best classic Homemade Ice Cream Cake you’ve ever had.
Get the Recipe: Homemade Ice Cream Cake

Milky Way Ice Cream Cake

Slice of Milky Way Ice Cream cake ready to eat

Milky Way Ice Cream Cake is such a fun one to make. I love creating this one with homemade cake, but it works just as well (shhhh) with a store bought pound cake sliced in half or thirds. Ice cream cakes may be one of my favorite ways to enjoy cake.
Get the Recipe: Milky Way Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Tacos

Ice cream taco recipe

Ice cream tacos are one of those things I remember from childhood. I actually purchased my husband a waffle cone maker for his birthday last year, and we’ve been having so much fun making our own cones. Making ice cream tacos is so on our list!
Get the Recipe: Ice Cream Tacos

Homemade Waffle Cones

Waffle cone on the roller lying on its side on a silpat.

Level up your homemade ice cream game with Easy Homemade Waffle Cones, no more store-bought cones needed. Delight in the satisfaction of crafting your own golden-brown, freshly baked cones that perfectly complement your homemade ice cream creations.
Get the Recipe: Homemade Waffle Cones

Bananas Foster Creamsicles

Bananas Foster creamsicle popsicles

Bananas Foster Creamsicles is so up my alley. Bananas Foster was one of the first desserts I mastered after graduating college – weird but true. It’s the perfect way to enjoy bananas past their peak, and the idea to make this into a popsicle has my mouth watering.
Get the Recipe: Bananas Foster Creamsicles

Peach Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Coconut Milk Ice Cream In a Bowl

If you have a dairy allergy, don’t think I’m leaving you out! This dairy free peach coconut milk ice cream is still so good and so creamy. When my daughter couldn’t do dairy, this was a staple in our house – no question!
Get the Recipe: Peach Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Raspberry Pineapple Pops

Dairy Free raspberry pineapple pops recipe

In fact, these dairy free raspberry pineapple pops made it on the list, too. I love popsicles that masquerade as ice cream. We sampled something in Costco yesterday that’s a creamy popsicle like this, and I’m already working on replicating it at home in a cherry version.
Get the Recipe: Raspberry Pineapple Pops

What’s on your list of the Best Ice Cream recipes?

30+ of the best ice cream recipes you can find. The definitive list of homemade ice cream you want to make, including frozen yogurt, frozen custard, sorbets, and even dairy free desserts.

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  1. WOW – what a stellar collection – I’m so honored you shared my recipe for bourbon chocolate Popsicles! Now I need to try out that peach bourbon Popsicle recipe pronto too – thanks so much, Michelle!

  2. Now that is one awesome collection of ice creams Michelle. It’s amazing how much difference an ice cream can make in this summer heat. We have almost 40C on certain days and the kids have been eating ice creams every day!! I ain’t complaining, I want some too. Thanks for including my lemon ice cream in the list, can’t wait to see the others.

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