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I love smart appliances, and the fun features they offer have me drooling. This post sharing smart appliance tips and how to get the most from their functionality is sponsored by Best Buy. All opinions remain my own.

Use Amazon Echo to control appliances

My first smart home device was the thermostat my husband bought me for my birthday years ago. That was the first time I approved an appliance as a gift. Are you shocked I got hooked?

Today, smart appliances come everywhere in your house, and you can control them from your smart phone (Android and iOS) with the LG SmartThinQ app. Ever wanted your appliances to break so you could replace them? I’m totally at that point.

I saw and got to play with several of these appliances at the Mom 2.0 Summit I spoke at earlier this month in the Best Buy sponsored suite. As much time as I spend in the kitchen, you know my favorite was the LG Matte Black stainless steel refrigerator with the Instaview Door-in-Door.

Knock knock….

I can see what’s inside the fridge. More importantly, my family can see the food I have in my fridge. And I can open just the first (most used item) door that keeps the rest of the fridge cold, saving energy.

But really, I’m all about the tech inside the fridge – ok, all the kitchen appliances – and the laundry machines. Seriously. Check out what they can do!

LG Black Matter kitchen appliances

5 Smart Appliance Tips

Never let the wet wash sit in the machine too long again

I ask my kids to set the timer in the kitchen every time we start a load of laundry. That doesn’t work. They forget to do it, or the timer goes off twice then just blinks.

Now? I can use the app – the LG SmartThinQ app – to notify me when my cycle finishes. That works for my washing machine or my dryer.

Alternatively, lazy me can ask Alexa. “Alexa, how much time is left on my washer?” Then I know if it’s time for me to round up my kids or if they can keep playing.

(And there’s more reasons to love the LG washers, too. I shared reasons you need an LG twin washer previously.)

I can refresh the load that finished drying while I played chauffeur

How often does your dryer finish the load when you can’t get to it? The clothes may be dry, but they start to wrinkle. With the app, I can tell the dryer to start up when I wake up in the morning to refresh last night’s load. Or I can be smart and have it start up when I’m on my way home from taking the kids to lacrosse.

Hello properly dried clothes!

I never need to worry about burning cookies

With as much as I bake, this is my favorite of the smart appliance tips. The timer on my oven works only when I happen to be in the same room. Sorry, but I need to take a shower. Or help kids with homework. Or hang laundry or supervise room cleaning or vacuum elsewhere.

LG Smart ovens

The LG Smart Ranges let me check the progress and the status of my oven from the LG SmartThinQ app. Thank goodness I can get on with the rest of my life. It’s just what I need to bake more often. Right?

I can manage party prep with dirty hands

When I’m elbow deep in cooking for a party and suddenly remember I need more ice for my guests, no problem. I could use the app to turn on IcePlus in that gorgeous smart fridge, but that requires touching my phone.

Nope. “Ok Google, turn on ice plus for my party tonight.” And that’s one more task out of the way. No more excuses for not enough ice!

No more wasting energy

This is one of my pet peeves. I love away mode on my home thermostat. The LG fridge has a similar capability. When you head out of town, use the app to activate vacation mode. You see a notification pop up on the fridge – so you remember when you get home again! – and this setting saves you money on your energy costs. That’s more money for vacation, and you feel good about conserving energy, too.

Even better, when a child neglects to close the fridge (or freezer!) all the way, I often don’t find out until hours later. Tell me you’ve never had food ruined because someone left a door open. The LG SmartThinQ app automatically sends your phone a notification if the fridge door is open too long. Hallelujah!

Smart Appliance tips for LG smart fridge

How to Afford Products That Use These Smart Appliance Tips

From now through July 11, 2018, Best Buy has some great bundles going on. Don’t forget that many appliance purchases over a certain dollar amount – usually over $399 – give you free delivery. So long as you’re in their metro delivery area, you’re set!

Aside from that, if you purchase a 4-piece Kitchen Bundle, you receive up to $400 INSTANT rebate.  LG and LG Studio models are eligible for this offer. Think I can convince my appliances to bite the dust so I can take advantage of that offer?

Your laundry room has similar great deals. Purchase a qualifying laundry bundle and receive up to a $400 rebate.

What are your best smart appliance tips?

Smart Appliance Tips - how to get the most from your new appliances

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    This is so freakin cool. I need a fridge that does all this

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      Isn’t it though? It’s totally on my wish list. I love it!

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