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Michelle writes about food and travel on her PR friendly site, Honest & Truly. Drawing on her years of management consulting experience, she cures the headaches our busy lives create – both for her blog and for clients/sponsors.

Have a question for Michelle? Want to work with her? Email her at:

At home, Michelle crafts allergy-friendly recipes that give you the confidence to head back into the kitchen. To even the most novice of cooks, she makes cooking from scratch accessible, possible, and delicious.

She loves sharing her stories and letting others benefit from her experience. Most recipes are from scratch because that’s how she lives her life. Though her daughter has (finally!) outgrown her dairy allergy, many of her recipes are allergy-friendly thanks to the awareness Michelle gained over those years.

At destinations, she unearths can’t-miss foodie dishes then divulges must-do activities so you can justify indulging in all that amazing food. Michelle answers the most pressing question for people who eat and travel. “What do we eat and what do we do when we get there?”

She lives in Chicago with her husband and two children, Mister Man (October 2003) and Little Miss (August 2005). Technically a SAHM in the suburbs of Chicago, Michelle is away more now than ever thanks to opportunities from brands and products through Honest & Truly.

How did she learn to cook?

Michelle grew up in a house where meat was cooked until it was shoe leather and vegetables boiled until they were brown. Dinner often consisted of pasta boiled then placed in a zip top bag. She would open the bag, take a knife to cut off a hunk, and top it with sauce from the jar.

Once she went to college, she realized there was a whole new world of food out there – and that it tasted way better than the majority of meals she ate growing up.

She and friends gathered regularly once she graduated college to cook together and trade recipes and tricks, as friends came from California, Iran, France, and more – and all had different recipes and styles.

Michelle also took cooking classes at a local cooking school where she honed her skills as she started branching out on her own in terms of recipe development. Years of hands on experiments – and some spectacular failures along the way – have created a great home cook with a wealth of recipes to share today.

Want to work with Michelle?

Michelle chooses only to partner with companies she is personally passionate about.

For those select few, she explains to her loyal readers not only what the product is, but also how to use it and why they should love it. She does all this while incorporating her viewpoint and story with a campaign that resonates with her audience.

Request Michelle’s Media Kit and email her at:

She does not accept guest posts and always follows FTC disclosure requirements and Google’s nofollow Terms of Service.

Examples of her most popular work

Holding 3 monster cake popsBowl of pretzel bitesMake your own dough for pizza nights

Conner House one of the living history museumsShrimp bonnet JiJi Asian KitchenBeaches Resorts watersports options

Want more of Michelle?

You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as HonestAndTruly. She vlogs regularly and produces quick how-to videos on her YouTube channel (michellefrg). And of course she’s on Facebook as Michelle at Honest & Truly.

Come follow along with her adventures.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.