How to Return Amazon Purchases at Kohl's

How To Return Amazon Purchases At Kohl’s

October 30, 2019 by Michelle

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I stumbled on a fantastic find the other day, and almost no one I knew was aware of it. Did you know you can make Amazon returns at Kohls? This is a completely unsponsored post, but it does have some affiliate links that earn me a commission if you purchase through them.

Return Amazon Purchases at Kohls

I love Amazon. I shop there all the time, thank you Amazon Prime. You can actually check out my favorite Amazon finds in my own Amazon storefront.

The downside? Sometimes things don’t work out. I’d buy so much more if I didn’t have to worry about returns. While most of what I buy has free returns, I still have to find a box, print the label, and drop it at a UPS store.

Horrors. Really, I end up procrastinating, and oops I missed the return deadline again.

I can’t be the only one. Check up on Amazon’s return policies here so you know what you can and can’t return – and when!

I recently purchased a pair of shoes for my husband that were too small. In my determination to stay on top of it, I initiated my return at Amazon.

Can I tell you how excited I was to see the option to make my Amazon returns at Kohls instead of the UPS store?

It sounds silly, because I still have to drive to the store and drop it off, but I’m far more likely to visit a Kohls store than I am the UPS store.

It gets better though. I don’t have to find a box. Kohls will pack and ship my return for me.

In fact, I don’t even have to print a label, which is a good thing as my printer is currently out of ink. I’m adding that to my Amazon shopping cart right now.

Instead, Amazon sends me an email with a QR code that I take with my item to Kohls. They scan the code, take the item, and give me a coupon to shop at Kohls. Everyone wins!

And yes, it really is that simple.

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How Amazon Returns at Kohls Works

How to Return Amazon Purchases at Kohl's

How long do I have to do my return?

The return policy for Amazon is the same, regardless of how you process your return. Make sure you start your return within their prescribed period, which will show next to every order within your account, and that you drop off the return at Kohls by the date shown at the bottom of your confirmation.

How much does it cost?

Here’s the brilliant part. It costs you nothing. No cost to purchase a box, no cost to print a label, no cost to drop the item at Kohls. For items that don’t include free returns, Amazon still adjusts your return amount to account for the return shipping, but there are no fees or costs associated with making Amazon returns at Kohls.

How do I let Amazon know I want to do my return at Kohls?

When you go through the online return process on Amazon, you always have options for how to return the item. At the very top, you’ll see two options to return at Kohls before the options to drop with USPS, UPS, or arrange pickup.

Amazon return options at Kohls

Simply select the Kohls return option that makes the most sense for you and follow the prompts!

What do I need to bring to Kohls for my return?

Just your smart phone with the email that has the QR code and any items that you plan to return. There is the option to print a return label, as well.

Amazon Returns at Kohls confirmation

If you have your box and want to print the label like you traditionally do for an Amazon return, choose the second option. You need to prep your package for shipping.

Me? Call me lazy, but I’ll take that first option where I don’t need to print or pack anything.

How quickly do you get your return?

Amazon issued the return within just a few hours of my return at Kohls. I love that I received an email from Amazon confirming they received the processing data from Kohls and had issued my refund.

What perks do I get for doing my Amazon returns at Kohls?

While not every Kohls location has it, I get special upfront parking when I’m doing Amazon returns. There are days my Kohls gets busy, and I appreciate the premium parking.

Special parking at Kohl's for Amazon returns

Even better, the confirmation receipt Kohls prints includes a 25% off coupon for Kohls. Did I spend more at Kohls than the cost of the item I returned? Ohhhh yes. Three guesses what Kohls gets from this arrangement!

Where do I go to do my Amazon returns at Kohls?

Amazon returns happen in the same area as regular Kohls returns. My location has a special line just for Amazon returns, which goes faster. Your store should have signage to point you in the right direction, too.

How does the 25% off Kohls coupon work?

The coupon on your return confirmation is a one time use coupon for 25% off at Kohls. The coupon has the same restrictions as most coupons at Kohls – no Nike, no gift cards, etc.

Kohls coupon for Amazon returns

Your coupon works for 7 days after your return and shows the expiration date on it. You can use it at any Kohls location, but not online.

Once you make your purchase, the cashier tears the confirmation to keep the coupon portion while you retain the return information.

Can I do my Amazon returns at Kohls?

For two years, this is a pilot program right now with Chicago and Los Angeles as the test markets. In late summer 2019, they rolled this out to all Kohls locations due to the success of this program.

When I spoke to the associate at my Kohls, she told me 500 package returns was a slow day there. Wow!

Needless to say, that means everyone can return Amazon purchases at Kohls now. It’s no longer limited to just a couple geographies – and clearly a lot of people do it!

What other questions do you have about Amazon returns at Kohls?

How to make Amazon returns at Kohls to get a 25% Kohls coupon. No need to pack or print anything.

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  • Sharon Garofalow

    This is my favorite way to return items!! It’s genius!!! It’s def something I think every mom should know about!

    • Michelle

      Totally genius and totally something every mom (and everyone?) should know about! I love this partnership they created 🙂

  • Kris

    I know we chatted about this before. But, I find it hilarious that I Googled, “which amazon orders can I return to kohls” and you came up as #2. Score!

    I need to return 2 items that I accidentally double ordered, but for some reason Kohls return is not coming up as an option for me this time.


    • Michelle

      Interestingly, I have to return something I ordered for school, and I didn’t get the option either this time! It’s still SUCH an easy process though 🙂

  • Linda

    If you aren’t offered a return to Kohl’s option for your return, can you still return the item at Kohl’s? I’m wondering if ?I can check the I’ll return it myself option and then take it toKohl’s insteasd of the postoffuce or UPS Store?

    • Michelle

      If you don’t have that option, I don’t think you can unfortunately. My best advice would be to call your local Kohl’s to confirm, but you need the QR code for them to even know what to do, and you wouldn’t have that without the return to Kohl’s option.

  • Karen Wood

    I just returned an Amazon purchase at my local Kohl’s store. The return confirmation has a Tracking ID. How do I track my returned purchase? It isn’t a Post Office tracking number, or a UPS tracking number. The number starts with KOH then followed with the numbers. Where do I go to track my return?

    • Michelle

      When you log into your Amazon account, it will show the status of you return. You should also get an email once the return is completed – or at least I get one!

      • Phil

        Can you reply as to where I can enter the actual tracking number I received from Kohls (starts with “KOH”? The Amazon site just tells me if the return has been received, but I want to check the actual status of the package delivery using the tracking number.

        • Michelle

          That is not something that I have tried to do. My suggestion would be to reach out to Amazon’s online customer care, as they’re really great about answering those types of questions.

  • Steven

    Do I have to drop my items off personally or can I have someone else do so if I give them the scannable code?

    • Michelle

      Just like when you’re mailing something with UPS or the post office, as long as you have the info to mail it, you’re set. In this case, yes, someone else can take the scannable code and return your item for you. They do not ask for ID, and the refund goes to the purchaser’s Amazon account once they verify it, so no money changes hand in store. I hope that helps!

  • Jean

    If I end up taking a few items to return, and I processed them separately on my Amazon account, does Kohl’s give you a 25% off ticket for each return the same day? (Not to sound greedy or anything – just wondered!) haha

    • Michelle

      That is a REALLY good question, and I haven’t tested it, but I suspect it does. When you complete the transaction, the coupon comes with your confirmation. Since you would ostensibly get multiple confirmations, I assume you would get multiple coupons… but I haven’t tried that. Since it’s 25% off your purchase, I don’t know that it would really make a difference though, would it?

  • Martin

    I took my two items to Kohl’s and only one showed up as returned with Amazon. I can’t advise this unless you like trouble/losing money.

    • Michelle

      I have never run into this issue at all, nor have I heard it from anyone. The only thing I can think of – did you by chance have two separate orders that you returned in the same order/box? When you make your return at Kohl’s, they scan the return code and give you a confirmation, so you should be able to show that to Amazon to prove to them that you returned the items as requested. I do know (from – oops – experience) that you cannot return more than one order in a single box/single return.

  • Kathleen

    Amazon gives 2 options for returns
    1 – return to a Kohl’s store with the shipping label (to Amazon Returns) and Kohl’s will refund
    2 – take to kohl’s store and show them the QR code and they will refund and ship to amazon

    There are no Kohl stores in New York, I don’t drive and live in zip 10009

    How to return item for refund? Amazon Order@ 111-9872192-1484204

    • Michelle

      I don’t work for Amazon, nor do I have a contact with them. If they’re giving you that option, they seem to think that’s the best option for you, which is unusual. My suggestion would be to get on chat with Amazon and have them fix it for you. Every time I’ve dealt with Amazon’s online chat, they’ve been fantastic and able to quickly and readily fix my issue. Good luck!

  • Dave

    Not sure what they considered to be eligible items but I’m trying to return a Fire HD 10 tablet that I bought by mistake and am not given the option to return to Kohl’s. Why in the world something so small that I bought directly from Amazon would not be eligible I have no idea. My only option for a free return is to take it to an Amazon Hub 15 miles away. No thanks

    • Michelle

      I can’t control that at all, and thankfully, I haven’t run into this issue. If you reach out to the customer care chat, they’ve always been great whenever I’ve had any questions or issues, and they can probably answer that way better than I can.

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