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The Essential Beach Vacation Packing List (Free Printable)

I love to travel, and with more airlines restricting carry on luggage and charging more for checked bags, I hate to end up with things I don’t need or not have things I want. This beach vacation packing list ensures I remember what I need without overpacking.

In addition to the free printable packing list for beach vacations, I have a few tips for you when you pack. And there are some items you may not think to pack that can make your vacation even better.

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When I travel, I have some items I pack that many others don’t know or think to bring. Each one of these either makes my life easier when I travel or makes me happier, so make sure to read through the explanation of them.

warm weather packing needs

And isn’t vacation all about happiness? Use this beach vacation packing list to make life easier, and enjoy your next vacation even more!

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Strategies to Pack Lighter

When you’re heading out on a beach vacation, generally your goal is comfort and not high fashion. Make sure to read up on the dress code for wherever you plan to stay, but then think about how you plan to spend your days.

When I take a warm weather vacation, I essentially live in my bathing suit during the day. I dress in “real clothes” only for dinner and maybe a show or other entertainment afterwards.

The moral of the story? You need fewer clothes than you think you do, so pack just essential items!

Yes, you absolutely can wear shorts or pants or dresses more than once. No one notices, and truly no one cares.

For a week long beach vacation, I bring three swimsuits, a rash guard (critical in Caribbean climates, especially if I plan to snorkel!), two cover ups, two t-shirts, a pair of shorts, and three sundresses.

That’s it. I rotate amongst them, and if I spill on one sundress, I still have others. I wear my “real clothes” so little though that it’s silly to take an outfit for every day.

Use that same strategy for shoes. On the plane, I tennis shoes, and then I bring one pair of flip flops and another pair – sometimes two – of flat dressy sandals that go with all the evening outfits I have.

Another Tip? Check out where you plan to stay and know what you plan to do there to determine whether you pack my water shoes or not. Some beach destinations or excursions require them while others don’t.

Make sure you look at what amenities the hotel provides, as well. Do they have quality shampoo and conditioner so you can leave yours at home? Awesome!

Do they have a hairdryer that will work for your needs? Do they provide beach towels even if you go off resort? You’re all set there.

Make sure that you bring plenty of reef safe sunscreen for your beach trips. And since those generally come in larger bottles, did you know you can transfer them to TSA approved travel bottles to not have to check a bag?

Use the free printable packing list for beach vacations, and don’t forget about the “extras” and why you need them!

Beach Vacation Packing List Printable

Make sure to click on the image to download the packing checklist.

Printable of Beach Packing Checklist with items categorized by need..

Beach Vacation Packing Checklist

What to Add to Your Beach Vacation Packing List

Items to Add to Your Beach Vacation Packing List

What would you add to a beach vacation packing list?

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