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Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Wine Lovers

This post sharing my favorite wine lovers gifts contains sponsored content. Some links are affiliate links that earn me a commission if you purchase through them. All opinions remain my own.

Personalized wine glasses

We’re somehow into February, and Valentines Day is sneaking up on us. Last year, my husband tried to order me a last minute gift, but it didn’t arrive anywhere near in time.

Thankfully, orders from are not only personalized but most ship within 1-2 days of the order, so you still have time to pick out something special for that wine lover on your list. They have so many to choose from, but I managed to narrow it down to my six favorite items that all wine lovers should have on hand.

Whether you’re looking to pick up something special for your spouse, create a unique way to propose, or provide a friend with a much needed pick me up, you can find the gift you need. The personalization allows you to remember special moments or simply enjoy some whimsy.

All the gifts are high quality, yet they remain at an affordable price. This is the impression you want to leave this Valentines Day, and when you have a wine lover you love, too, these are perfect.

It can be really hard to find gifts for wine lovers. You don’t want to buy something cheap, you don’t want to buy a wine they don’t like, and you don’t want to buy something they won’t actually use. All six of these gifts work perfectly for the wine lover in your life. As a fellow wine lover, I can attest to how well they work!

Looking for gifts for someone else? has the perfect personalized Valentines Day gifts for everyone.

Six Perfect Wine Lovers Gifts

Personalized Wine Glasses

Wine glass gifts

Stemless wine glasses are not only trendy, but they’re practical. Almost half the wine glasses I received for my wedding have broken over the years, the majority unfortunately from falling while waiting to be washed. With stemless wine glasses, it’s so much harder to knock them over, and no one wants to waste good wine!

These 21 ounce stemless wine glasses allow for a generous pour, and the thick glass helps keep the wine at temperature. You can personalize each glass with up to three lines of text in a variety of fonts and colors, and each glass comes individually wrapped in bubble wrap and individually boxed to protect it. Order just one or a whole set!

Paper Wine Coasters

Wine coasters

The last thing anyone wants is rings on any furniture from wine glasses. When you have a party, it’s often a challenge to find enough coasters for all the guests, however. Thankfully, it’s easy to find disposable coasters now, and they’re so much classier than a napkin.

These paper wine coasters absorb three times their weight in liquids, which helps in case of accidental spills, too. They’re made with 40% recycled content, and 60% wood pulp, which creates a strong coaster you can rely on.

Personalize these with a date and place or names, or enjoy your favorite whimsical saying, and these are perfect for your next gathering. And of course, you can choose from different fonts and colors here, too. Each coaster is less than $0.90 and looks oh so elegant!

I chose a fun saying here, but I can’t wait to buy more of these to use for special occasions like my husband’s milestone birthday next year or my daughter’s graduation – I keep thinking up more and more uses for them.

Personalized Wine Charms

Personalized wine charms

I adore wine charms and admire the genius who first came up with the idea. I can’t tell you how many parties I’ve been to where I and others misplaced our drinks and oops…. 

Needless to say, I love wine charms to help people remember which glass was theirs versus someone else’s. I actually always put my wine charms on glasses even before the party starts so that guests don’t have to remember to attach them and can choose their favorite charm from the get go. offers so many different types of wine charms from individual photos you can upload to a classic monogram and name. These come in a variety of color themes to best fit your personality – or the wine lover you buy for.

Personalized Wine Bottle Cap

custom wine preserver

If you’re anything like me, you end up with a partially empty bottle of wine in the fridge, especially after a party. When you put a cork in the bottle, it doesn’t keep the wine good for very long.

I absolutely love bottle caps that seal the wine to keep it good for longer. I have a vacuum sealer, but it’s not easy to use – and I always have to look for all the parts to make it work.

I fell in love with this wine bottle cap from Zippo that is the easiest thing in the world to work and looks so incredibly elegant. Best of all, it fits just about any wine bottle.

Choose your favorite wine, and just pull down on the cap to seal. It’s easy to see why this should be at the top of your wine lovers gifts list.

Personalized Wine Chiller

Personalized wine chiller

Keep your whites chilled as you enjoy a leisurely dinner or just sit in front of the fire to enjoy a lovely dessert wine while you talk for hours. Rather than running back and forth to the fridge, keep your wine in a wine chiller.

It looks elegant and makes a perfect Valentines Day gift for the wine lover in your life. Personalize it with a name or initials of your choosing in the font that matches your life.

Even when you aren’t using it, this makes a gorgeous decorative piece to keep on your buffet. Just wipe it clean after you use it. The double walled insulation means it’s quickly ready to keep your favorite wine or champagne chilled – and that it will keep your wine chilled for a nice long evening.

Wine Bottle Labels

picture wine label

And of course you can’t give wine related gifts without giving a bottle of wine, can you? offers a variety of fun wine bottle labels for all occasions, but I love this one for Valentines Day.

Upload your favorite photo, and customize the label with a date and message. The sticker comes ready for you to apply. This label is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about wine spills during the evening ruining your bottle. In fact, this makes a perfect keepsake to treasure for years.

The label is thin, but it’s sturdy, so the risk of tearing it is minimal. When you apply it, it doesn’t stick irrevocably immediately, so you have a chance to move it and align it exactly as you desire on the bottle.

To apply it, first remove the original wine label. This sticker is thin, so you would be able to see the texture of the old label behind it, and that’s not ideal.

removed wine label

Simply remove the label from its backing and place it on your wine bottle. Smooth it from the center to the edges to avoid any creases.

easy sticker removal

This is the perfect accompaniment to any gift you choose to gift. How can you not?

place label on bottle


As you’re searching for gifts for wine lovers, you want to know your recipient will like what you select. Aside from the unique products at great prices, lets you preview pieces before you buy. That’s always the trick when you order a custom item – how will it actually look?

When you click personalize and add to cart, your item gets updated with your exact personalization once you add it. This lets you enjoy you truly like the color you selected or verify that the font looks the way you want or that you message appears as you wish.

More than once when I personalized my items, I changed the look or the message based on how it showed up when I added my customization. This ensures that you’re truly happy with the end product and takes away a lot of the worry.

Valentines Day wine gifts

Each item arrives individually packaged, too. With the exception of the wine label, all items came wrapped in bubble wrap. The glasses and wine chiller came in individual boxes, as well. The wine bottle cap arrived in a box then wrapped in bubble wrap. Even the box itself came well padded, so I had minimal risk of damage during shipping.

Let’s just say, I know where I’m finding my favorite wine lovers gifts from now on!

What are your favorite wine lovers gifts?

Perfect gifts for wine lovers for Valentines Day. Looking for something for your husband or wife or girlfriend? This is the perfect wine lover gift guide with personalized gifts that every wine lover can use. These practical gifts are unique and perfect for Valentines Day, Christmas, or birthdays!

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