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bObsweep PetHair – Why This Is The Last Vacuum You’ll Ever Buy

I received a bObsweep PetHair for review, and I am so excited to share my thoughts on why this is the best robotic vacuum on the market. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links, and if you purchase using them, I earn a few pennies (but you don’t pay any extra!)

Bobsweep is the best robotic vacuum you can buy

It’s fall, and I’ve been sick on and off for the past few weeks, with the last week taking all my energy to wake up each morning and do the bare minimum before I go lay down again to rest. Not included in the bare minimum? The majority of the housework I usually do. The laundry piles are sky high, but no one looking at my floors knows my dirty (ha!) little secret.

Why is that? I have my bObsweep PetHair robotic vacuum set to automatically vacuum my floors every morning. Bob (as we – of course – named him) runs on the schedule I set, whether that’s once a week (with wood floors and two cats, no way!), every day, or somewhere in between. I love that I can set it and forget it. The vacuum I had previously did not have this capability, and I love it.

Bob’s smart like that.

Why is Bob the best robotic vacuum on the market?

He doesn’t fall off an edge

I’ve owned robotic vacuums in the past, and I’ve enjoyed them, but the bObsweep PetHair is definitely the best robotic vacuum I’ve heard of. I never have to worry that he’s going to fall off an edge and down the stairs. He has two UV lights that detect edges and automatically turn him away. In the past, I’ve had monitors set up to ensure my vacuum doesn’t take a tumble, and I’ve run scrambling more than once when I realized I forgot to turn them on.

Bobsweep PetHair recognizes edges and won't fall off

He’s incredibly powerful

I love how thoroughly Bob cleans. My bObsweep PetHair gets up all sorts of dirt every single time he runs. We don’t wear shoes in the house, so I’m blaming years of not using Bob for it. Whenever I empty his dustbin, I find grey cat hair in it. Which is all well and good except that my cats are both orange. Bob has three filters to capture dust and allergens – and more importantly, to keep them from escaping. The mesh filter captures larger particles. An electrostatic filter grabs fine particles. And – something I don’t see in robotic vacuums often – a HEPA filter catches sub-micron particles.

Bob has a remote control

That alone pushes Bob to the top of my best robotic vacuum list. I can sit on the couch and start him up to do an auto clean, for a spot clean, to catch corners, and more. I can change his speed so he cleans faster or slower, and I can pause his cleaning. Plus, I can direct him to a certain spot, particularly helping if I’m baking and spill sugar on the floor. Yes, this happens not infrequently. I adore the remote control!

Bobsweep has a remote control. Another reason this is the best robotic vacuum available

The dustbin is easy to empty

When the dustbin gets full – and it does in my house – it’s amazingly easy to empty, another reason I feel this is the best robotic vacuum I’ve seen. While it holds 1 liter of grit, 3 times larger than other vacuums, it still gets full sometimes. There’s no pulling on the dustbin until it releases like the potato chip bag that explodes with chips flying everywhere. No, you press a pretty little button and it pops out, then you remove it. That doesn’t allow all the dirt to fly all over either, because Bob has a smart little flap that holds dirt in place until you fold it down to empty it. And then use an enclosed brush to really get everything out. Oh, Bob!

Press this button to open his dustbin

But wait… there’s more!

Bob mops, too

I feel like an infomercial, but there truly is more to love. Bob mops, too. Yes, he does! There’s an optional mopping attachment that easily pops on (and off) behind the vacuum so he can sweep, clean, and mop at one time. Just wet the microfiber mop pad lightly with water or a cleaning fluid and let him get to work.

Bobsweep can mop and sweep

This works (obviously?) only on flat surfaces like wood or tile, but that’s what I have in my house. Once he’s done mopping, the mop attachment pops off easily, and the pad goes in the washing machine. And yes, there’s an extra one, just in case.

He never runs out of batteries and disappears

When Bob reaches 15% of his battery remaining, he automatically shuts off his vacuum capability and starts searching for his charging station. He finds it and recharges. That means I never have to do the hunt for “where’s my vacuum” when it cleaned so long it lost its charge. He’s smarter than that, and that saves me time and energy hunting for him.

What I wish were slightly different

Though I firmly believe that Bob is the best robotic vacuum out there, that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. The biggest challenge I’ve faced with him is that he’s a fraction of an inch taller than my previous vacuum. That means he can get to the edge of my dining room hutch and fridge, but then he gets stuck under them. I solved this by having him run a wall track cleaning pattern where he goes along the edges of my room, then I have him clean the rest of my floors. If Bob were just a quarter or half an inch shorter so that he fit under my hutch to clean, that would be idea.

I also wish that Bob recognized his charging base when I set him on it. My previous vacuum did, which was great when I had it clean an area not on the same floor as the charging station. With Bob, if you set him on the charging station, he doesn’t immediately begin charging. You have to remember to hit charging on his instrument panel, and I don’t always do that.

When Bob arrived, he wasn’t fully assembled. Is that a huge deal? No, but it surprised me. It was really just installing the side brush (and there’s an extra that comes with Bob), but the directions weren’t sufficiently clear. The first three times Bob cleaned, his side brush had fallen off by the time he finished. I assumed at first that I hadn’t tightened it sufficiently. It was only the third time that I realized I had it installed upside down. Intuitively, I expected the conical shape to have the wider end towards Bob rather than open to the ground. Oops!

Bob’s charging station is fairly lightweight. That means when Bob comes home to charge, he often pushes it instead of docking immediately. I have the charging station set up in a place that makes it easier for him to keep it in place, and he’s never failed to dock and charge, but grips on the bottom of the charging station would make a world of difference in creating a more secure docking station to avoid issues.

What makes Bob unique

Aside from those minor quibbles, Bob rocks. He cleans extremely well, and he isn’t too loud. Bob cleans uniquely. When I vacuum, I do it like mowing a lawn, back and forth in nice tidy rows. Bob thinks differently, and he seems to go all over. It drives my husband bananas (so I generally rub Bob in the morning when my husband isn’t home), but once I got used to the different way of cleaning, I saw that it worked effectively.

If Bob sits idle for more than 5 days on his charging base, turn him off completely. That right there is a reminder to set your schedule for more frequent cleaning than once a week. This helps maintain Bob’s battery life. Fortunately, Bob has a simple to find on/off switch on his side.

When setting up his programs from the charging base, I can choose a program where he goes back out once he recharges. This is useful when I feel like my house is exceptionally dirty. Each time he recharges, he’ll go out and clean again. This is great for a day when I’m doing heavy cleaning, but I need to remember to switch this off most days because it isn’t just a second cleaning, but Bob continues to clean again and again as he fully recharges.

Are you a visual learner? Check out my video review to see Bob in action.

What do you feel is the best robotic vacuum on the market? Have you seen the bObsweep PetHair in action?

The BObsweep PetHair is the best robotic vacuum you can buy. It sweeps and mops, has a remote control, won't fall down stairs, and so much more. Check out the full product review to see why this is the last vacuum you'll buy!

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  1. John Grychak says:

    Just ordered Pet Hair BOB. I hope it does the trick for in between vacumming. I have two cats, lots of pethair everywhere. Should be getting it in a couple of days. I didn’t at first realize it was from Canada. I don’t know yet, if I will call it Bob, or maybe rebob, or rebot, or ? You get the picture right?

  2. Jack says:

    Just Sharing-I just bought Bob pet hair, not feeling it the same as you. Notice Bob does not clean the whole house, just the front room, I have only one floor but notice he gets caught on house slippers, wires lay down carpets, it came with an extra blue brush not sure if that is something special cleaning tool for something else. It runs for 80 mins, for me, that is more than enough time to clean the whole house, only 1800 square feet. It gets caught under my bed with power wires also, does not notice water bowls on the floor for my animals!

    • Michelle says:

      Bob is great, but he is not a magician. Just like you wouldn’t run your vacuum over wires and slippers and instead pick them up and move them when you vacuum, you need to do the same for any robotic vacuum. If Bob gets caught up in those places because you don’t move them out of the way or block them off, you won’t get the whole floor cleaned in the 80-90 minutes he runs. He defnitely gets through an entire floor in my similar size house in that time. The blue brush is intended to help you clean the brushes under Bob when they start to become clogged with hair and lint. I hope this helps!

      • Jack says:

        Indeed, one that has no idea on what to expect, common sense one would, of course, clean up all necessary wiring and shoes or something to large Bob may have issues with. I am sharing for those who would expect Bob to clean the entire house, along with how long the battery last, and issues one may not consider, such as when dealing with one’s loving children in the morning time, and rushing out of the house, there is something we are bound to be missed that Bob will be caught on or could not get out of! Bob is not all that great, and if you lose power one has to reprogram it every time! In today’s world, one wants less work not more when buying products that are to help make life a little more pleasant!
        When we are not truthful with ourselves, before long we are dishonest with others as well. And once we begin the cycle of dishonesty, we have to continually support our lies, inaccuracies, and cover-ups. Truth, as Jesus said, sets us free to deal with the realities of life–pleasant and unpleasant. Living in truth removes the complicated web of intrigue we weave to maintain denial. Best of all, truth makes it possible for us to go to God with open requests that address real situations and seek real answers. Truth opens the door to problem-solving.
        John 8:32
        You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free for not all not just some!

  3. Terra Heck says:

    I actually just did a review too for BObsweep Pet Hair. It’s quite the cleaning gadget! I’m in agreement that it’s a great vacuum.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.