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Spoonful of cheesy mexican skillet

Easy Cheesy Beef and Rice Casserole

This easy cheesy Mexican skillet is a perfect weeknight dinner. It uses up leftovers and kids love it. This cheesy ground beef and rice casserole is ready quickly, and it’s naturally gluten free. This is a perfect Taco Tuesday alternative!

Homemade peach scones recipe

Homemade Fresh Peach Scones

Enjoy peach season with these delicious homemade fresh peach scones. Topped to a perfect drizzle, you’ll love this simple breakfast treat. These are easy to make and keep well on the counter for a second – or even third – morning, too!

Mocha donuts ready to eat

Homemade Mocha Donuts

If you love mocha, you’ll love these homemade baked mocha donuts. This is a simple recipe, and they’re ready to eat in under a half hour. It’s the perfect breakfast for weekends!

Bowl of edible s'mores cookie dough

Edible S’mores Cookie Dough Recipe

Have you ever had edible s’mores cookie dough? This is a perfect sweet treat and so easy to make. It’s soft and fluffy, thanks to the marshmallow fluff. This is the perfect fun s’mores alternative. After all, who doesn’t love a unique no bake dessert recipe?

Bake grilled smores pizza until golden

Grilled S’mores Pizza Recipe

Have you ever made pizza on the grill? Have you ever made a dessert pizza? This grilled s’mores pizza is a perfect twist on a classic dessert! It’s easy to make and wows your friends and family. Forget traditional s’mores – you want this!

Bite of Instant Pot tomato lime chicken

Instant Pot Tomato Lime Chicken

This simple recipe for a Instant Pot tomato lime chicken has amazing flavor and shreds beautifully. Just dump and go – and it works with fresh or frozen chicken. It’s perfect for tacos, on salads, with baked potatoes, and more! It’s naturally gluten and dairy free, so it’s perfect for large groups and parties.

Spring Vegetable Bruschetta Recipe

This spring green vegetable bruschetta recipe is perfect for any gathering. It’s a fun and unique appetizer that’s easy to make and wows a crowd. You’ll feel good about eating it, especially since it’s primarily vegetables, but the bright taste is what will really blow you away – and convince you to make it again and again.

Puffy egg muffins

Simple And Delicious Egg Muffins Recipe

Need a quick grab and go breakfast? You’ll love these simple egg muffins. Make ham and cheddar egg cups like we enjoy, or try some of the other suggestions! These are perfect for brunch with friends or as a make ahead breakfast at home.

Simple lemon garlic chicken

Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken Recipe

This simple and tasty recipe is incredibly kid friendly. It’s a great way to change up your blah chicken dinners, and it’s naturally gluten free and dairy free, so perfect for serving to company!

Easy buttermilk raisin scone

Homemade Buttermilk Raisin Scones

Enjoy these simple buttermilk raisin scones for breakfast. These homemade scones are ready in under a half hour and take less time and energy than pancakes. This is the perfect way to use leftover buttermilk, too!