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Free lunch packing printable

5 Tips to Make Packing School Lunches Less Stressful

School lunches stressing you out? Check out 5 tips to make the process easier, including a free lunch packing printable to help kids know what to take each day. Let kids learn responsibility and make your life easier at the same time!

Frustrated with homework

Why Math Is No Longer A Battle In Hour House

When your child has math you can’t help with, turn to the Yup app for online math tutoring that actually works. See how this cost effective solution works. Yes, that includes high school level topics that no parent should have to learn or relearn (physics and chemistry, too!)

Celebrating accomplishment at Mathnasium in Palatine

What My Son Gained From Mathnasium Tutoring

Have a child who needs a little push in math? Check out the Mathnasium benefits he gained from just two months doing tutoring over the summer. Start the year off right and gain skills that will last your child a lifetime.

Enjoy simple dinner conversation starters for kids printable

Make Dinner Fun Again – Dinner Conversation Questions Free Printable

Make mealtime fun again and connect with your kids using these fun conversation starters with plenty of unique and fun questions to kick off dinner chatter. Sometimes silly and sometimes a little more deep, this gets the conversational ball rolling and helps kids open up at mealtime at an age when they start to shut down.

Here comes the Water Wubble reusable water balloon

Master Water Balloon Fights With Water Wubble

You won’t hate when your kids have water balloon fights anymore. The Water Wubble is a reusable water balloon that doesn’t need parents to fill or tie it! Use them again and again – they come 8 in a box so you can have a huge fight without the need to pick up all the tiny pieces of latex from your grass.

Best summer math tutoring - working hard at Mathnasium Palatine

Avoid Summer Brain Drain: Why I Enrolled At Mathnasium

Every summer, students lose skills. Enrolling your child in Mathnasium’s summer math tutoring can help your child master missed skills and master new ones. Check out these 11 things you didn’t know about how Mathnasium can work for your student.

Pinewood Derby finish line

7 Lessons Learned From The Pinewood Derby

A Cub Scout rite of passage, you don’t think about it, but there are many Pinewood Derby lessons for your son. Many are lifelong skills you want to develop. I didn’t go into the Pinewood Derby expecting it to be more than something fun he could do. Imagine my surprise when I discovered he got so much more from the competition than I ever anticipated. Just make sure it’s *his* Pinewood Derby and not yours.

Enjoying swim lessons at Goldfish swim school

Goldfish Swim School: 10 Reasons To Sign Up

Little Miss has received complimentary Goldfish Swim School lessons in exchange for my sharing my honest thoughts about her experience. I was not otherwise compensated. As I type this, I am at one of Little Miss’s Goldfish Swim School lessons. Yes, it’s winter, and it’s cold outside, but she is sharpening her skills and learning a ton from these lessons. I’m so glad that we started coming to the brand…

Required lunch items include a protein, a fruit, and a vegetable of some sort

How To Teach Kids To Pack School Lunches

This post on how to teach kids to pack school lunches is part of my ambassadorship with Stonyfield Farms where I receive periodic product samples and compensation. All opinions remain my own as a Stonyfield blogger however. Pretty much everyone I know is back to school, and somehow the school year is even more hectic than summer. Every year, we think things will calm down once everyone is back in…

LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Naboo Starfighter

LEGO® Star Wars™ Droid Tales

Have you checked out LEGO® Star Wars™s Droid Tales yet? Here’s why you want to! I am of the Star Wars generation. Yet somehow (shhh!) I never saw any of the movies until I had graduated college and a former boyfriend sat me down to watch them. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake with the wee ones, and they adore Star Wars. Mister Man is also in love…