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DIY hot air balloon centerpiece

Make Your Own Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece (Emoji Themed Or Not)

This fun DIY hot air balloon centerpiece is perfect for a kids birthday party. Have fun making this with paper mache or use a paper lantern for an easier but slightly more expensive version. This is perfect for an emoji themed party!

Adorable DIY pet advent calendar tutorial

DIY Pet Advent Calendar

The holidays are coming, and it’s fun to remember and celebrate pets, too. Have fun my making this cute diy pet advent calendar! This include a free printable and step by step instructions to create this reusable calendar that is cute enough to display with your holiday decor.

Stick Poise Impressa in your duct tape pouch

How To Make A Duct Tape Pouch

This post sharing how to make a duct tape pouch was originally a sponsored post. Click here to pin this tutorial on how to make a duct tape pouch. I’m at a point in my life where my friends and I no longer talk about the coolest places we’ve been lately or the things we did last weekend. Or at least… we don’t talk about them in the same way. Often…