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Toy Story movies DVD

Are You Ready for Toy Story 4?

If you love the Toy Story movies as much as I do, you can’t wait for Toy Story 4. It gets better – you can even preorder the DVD now. Who else is excited?

Outdoor movie at home

Take Your Movie Night Outside

Do you love spending time outdoors? Enjoy it even more with a SunBrite outdoor television. You can watch just about anything you want – anywhere you want! This is perfect for covered patios and screened-in porches.

SteelBook animation stills

How To Train Your Dragon: Now Available On DVD

Did you fall in love with the How to Train Your Dragon movies? The Hidden World is now out on DVD, and Best Buy has an exclusive Collectible 4k SteelBook case that is perfect for true fans of this heartwarming movie series.

Base watch face for LG Watch W7

Reasons to Love the LG Watch W7

Thinking about getting a smart watch? Check out the LG Watch W7 features for some pretty cool uses you may not think about for your smart watch. This isn’t the smart watch for the hard core fitness enthusiast, but it includes a lot of great features in a nifty looking package.

HP Envy x360 laptop to tablet

7 Reasons to Choose the HP Envy x360

Looking to upgrade your computer? Look no further than the HP Envy x360. This 2-in-1 laptop has multiple modes that go beyond just laptop or tablet. This powerful computer is up to whatever challenges you through at it. Check out my 7 favorite features about this powerful laptop, whether you need one for school or for work.

LG Black Matter kitchen appliances

Your Household Appliances Just Got Smarter Than You

You fridge is now smarter than you are. Check out these smart appliance tips to get the most out of your new appliances. Do you know the tools you can use to control your new LG appliances and what they can do? (Really, here’s why you want to upgrade to new ones, too!)

STEM meets art

Introduce Kids To STEM With Circuit Cubes

Let your imagination run wild with the Circuit Cubes Smart Art Kit. Use bricks and motors to connect circuits and create creative pieces of art simply. This is a super fun toy, and the STEM learning your kids pick up is just a bonus!

Nokia HR Steel alarm function

Take Charge of Your Fitness With Tech

While sometimes we hear about how tech is a distraction, there are ways to harness it to improve your life, too. Check out these fab five tech fitness tips and see how you can incorporate them into your better life goals!

LG Twin Wash for small loads

5 Reasons You Need A Twin Washing Machine (I Do, Too)

Who doesn’t have mountains of laundry at any given time? Make it easier and more efficient with the LG Twin Wash system. Check out these 5 reasons to upgrade to this laundry solution to make your life easier.

Movie Pass Gift Certificate Printable for Gift Giving

Gifting Movie Pass This Year? Free Gift Certificate Printable

Giving the gift of movies this year? If you’re giving a subscription, make the gift memorable with this Movie Pass Gift Certificate printable. This adorable free download is perfect to wrap up to give to someone rather than simply having them receive the system email.