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Perfect chocolate bark smores

Chocolate Bark Smores Recipe

Looking for a new way to enjoy s’mores? This chocolate bark s’mores recipe is so easy to do and makes your dessert just a little fancy. Perfect for a bbq or party, yet still so fun and filled with chocolate. Make the chocolate bark ahead of time so it’s ready whenever you want some.

How to peel the perfect peach without a knife

How To Peel A Peach

It’s summer, and there is so much food in season that I am having a blast eating seasonally and enjoying the harvest in my area. Peaches are one of my favorites, and I can’t believe the size of some of the peaches that I’ve been picking up lately. They are literally bigger than a baseball, and they are so sweet and gorgeous. I’m enjoying them in all sorts of ways,…

Head out on a nature hike with your kids to have fun AND get active

Top 5 Ways to Get Active With Your Kids + Giveaway

Well, summer is starting up around here. I just got back from a Girl Scout celebration with Little Miss, and we officially hit 90 degrees on the thermometer, with Chicago’s corresponding humidity, too. Needless to say, that means the wee ones will be out of school shortly, and my opportunity to get the to gym will become curtailed. I’ve been so “good” (you know I hate using that judgmental word)…

A small welcome gift can make new neighbors feel so welcome, even if it's "just" a packet of menus for local restaurants. How do you make new neighbors feel welcome?

How To Make New Neighbors Feel Welcome

I have been amazingly lucky that I have always lived in places with great people. They are kind, and they make you feel at home. It was a characteristic we sought out the last time we moved – we decided on the neighborhood where everyone was outside and neighbors were stopped in cars talking to each other. When we moved in, various neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves, and it…

Teaching kids to tie shoes can be frustrating, but with this simple trick, it's easy as can be for everyone!

Teach Kids To Tie Shoes: Quick And Easy Trick

Mister Man has some fine motor challenges. Needless to say, when he was little we always bought him shoes that had Velcro. Easy. Done. But as his feet started to grow when he got into kindergarten and first grade, suddenly it wasn’t so easy to find those Velcro shoes anymore. And in first grade, he started having cross country skiing as a gym activity, and those boots were only laces. And thus…

Why you can't leave your gym bag in your car during a Chicago winter

Another Lesson From This Chicago Winter

It was one degree below zero today. And though we’re now in March, my gym is still very busy. It was so busy this morning, in fact, that there was not a single parking spot available when I arrived for Zumba this morning. And I do mean, not a single parking spot.  Of course, were there no snow or the plows hadn’t blocked off about 30 percent of the parking lot…

How to make your own kid-friendly trail mix

How To Make Kid-Friendly Trail Mix

I’ll be walking out the door soon, and one of the first things I’ll hear from the wee ones is “Moooom, what’s for snack?” While I don’t believe in feeding the wee ones every time we get in the car (my parents used to give them a snack or treat every time they got in the car, and they started to expect and “need” it whether they were hungry or…

Need to organize your pantry so you can actually find what you're looking for? These tips and tricks will make your kitchen organization a snap!

Kitchen Pantry Storage Tips

If you’re anything like me, your kitchen is the land of misfits.  You have spice jars that are half filled that you haven’t seen in too long and so you bought another one of the same spice.  Or you can’t find your brown sugar behind your flour, and oops, your brown sugar is all dried up anyway.  Or your chocolate chips spilled all over the shelf and now made a…

Hosting a Disney @ Home #DisneySide party? Check out what's in the box!

I’m Hosting A Disney @ Home #DisneySide Party

So then this showed up at my door. I am so beyond excited to host a Disney @ Home #DisneySide party.  We’re planning to have a Brownie meeting with my daughter and her friends where they all create logos that represent themselves based off their favorites from Disney.  I think it will be not just a truly fun afternoon but a truly empowering one for them, as well. Lucky for…

What makes a good teacher GREAT

What Makes For Great Teachers

I had a meeting yesterday with two of Mister Man’s teachers about issues we’ve been having regarding schoolwork.  Suffice it to say, he had months worth of work that he’d hidden and hadn’t done that he had to make up last weekend (and I have little to no sympathy for him), and I wanted to ensure that it didn’t happen again – and that we were all on the same…