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Why You Should Pick Up A Chick-fil-A Catering Tray For Your Next Party

Thank you to Chick-fil-A for providing me with a delicious Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering tray to test out on my family. Needless to say, it disappeared faster than I thought it would!

Chick fil a chicken strips catering tray dipping

I adore Chick-fil-A. That isn’t a surprise.

I appreciate that they make food in house and use “real” ingredients in so many of their foods. My daughter walks around telling people that their lemonade is “just water, sugar, and lemons – that’s it!”

When we eat out, that’s where my kids frequently request we go.

But did you know you can easily enjoy Chick-fil-A at home and feed a crowd? Chick-fil-A offers catering options, and they’re easy and taste just like the food in the restaurant.

We recently picked up a Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering tray to reheat at home, and it couldn’t have been easier.

Reheated Chick-fil-a Chicken strips catering tray

What catering options does Chick-fil-A offer?

Trying to figure out what to have for your New Year’s Eve get together? Looking for something to serve for football playoffs? Need a quick meal for a party?

Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering trays provide the perfect answer. Chick-fil-A also offers catering trays of other food, including my daughter’s favorite chicken nuggets.

You can pick up a tray of the grilled chicken Cool Wrap or chicken salad sandwiches (or a combo of both), a fruit tray, a garden salad tray, chocolate chunk cookies, and more. You can even grab gallons of lemonade and iced tea.

Chick-fil-A catering has everything you need from soup to nuts – almost literally. The trays need at least a five hour notice, but you still have plenty of time before your next event.

Are the catering trays ready to serve?

I received the Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering tray, and I appreciated that you can either pick up ready to serve or chilled for you to reheat later.

Knowing my family planned to enjoy them a little later – and aren’t most parties that way? – we stuck them in the fridge overnight to enjoy for lunch the next day. The tray includes all the storage and reheating information, and it fits easily in my standard size fridge.

Chick fil a Chicken strips catering tray packaging

The next day, I placed them on a baking sheet to reheat per the instructions. I would have preferred that the package allowed for reheating so I didn’t have to dirty another dish, but that’s a minor quibble.

They reheated quickly, and you would never have known Chick-fil-A didn’t do all the cooking themselves.

Reheat your Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering tray

How many people does Chick-fil-A catering serve?

The tray comes in small, medium, and large so you have enough for your gathering without too many leftovers. The sizes range from 24 to 75 pieces, and many locations offer delivery if needed (at an additional price).

The small tray serves 8-10, with the medium aimed at 15-18, and the large feeding 25-33. And yep – you can choose sizes for the other Chick-fil-A catering options, too, except the drinks that come only in gallon sizes.

What comes with the chicken catering tray?

When you order the Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering tray, you have your choice of six sauces. This is a much larger container than the small individual dip you receive when you order from the traditional menu.

One 8 ounce container comes with your order, but you can also ask for additional sauces for a small additional fee if you have someone who particularly likes one variety.

We stuck with the traditional Chick-fil-A sauce, but you could also choose Polynesian, honey mustard, garlic and herb ranch, zesty buffalo, barbecue, or sweet and spicy sriracha sauce for your nuggets or strips.

Chick-fil-A catering tray ready to enjoy

Regardless of what you choose to order (and yum – those chicken strips were fantastic), make sure you use your Chick-fil-A One app. The app gives you rewards for your purchases, and it’s easy to place your order via the app.

If you forget to order with the app, remember to scan your app when you pay so you still earn your rewards. Those special treats are always fun!

Have you ever had a Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering tray?

Want to get more information on Chick-fil-A menu items? Check out my thoughts on the superfoods side here, and don’t forget to take a peek about the Chick-fil-A Southwest Salad, too.

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Chick-fil-A chicken strips catering tray for your next party. Easy options hot or cold, plus they can deliver. Make your party food easy this time

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Can you order soup by the gallon or large quantities? For catering parties?

    • Michelle says:

      While you can’t technically order by the gallon, they sell by the quart, so if you buy multiple quarts, you can get as many gallons as you would need!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.