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Cinnamon Apple Crepe Recipe

After being out of town for most of the last week, I’ll fully admit that I didn’t eat as many fruits and vegetables as I should – or as many as I normally do. When I got home from running around yesterday to see the Door to Door Organics delivery box sitting on my front porch swing, I heaved an internal sigh of relief, knowing that I had a whole box of organic fruits and veggies to enjoy.

Delivery of Door to Door organics Chicago

With my crazy schedule, I didn’t have a chance to add more items to the box since there are so many other items that had caught my eye when I looked before heading on vacation. Next week, I will be sure to add them before that Wednesday 12pm cutoff for my Thursday delivery! Instead, I received the standard box with no substitutions, but honestly, I don’t know that I would have made any substitutions to it. I enjoy all the items in it, and I knew immediately how I would use most of them.

What is in a small fruits and veggies box from Door to Door Organics

This week, my organic small fruit and veggie box contained:

  • 2 small butternut squash (for my favorite Butternut Squash Soup recipe!)
  • A bunch of 5 bananas (so many options – if they last without the wee ones eating them all)
  • A pomegranate (yum! That’s my after dinner snack tonight – and maybe I’ll share)
  • A bunch of broccoli (the wee ones love my roasted broccoli)
  • 4 Fuji apples (I used one plus the Granny Smith for this cinnamon apple crepe recipe)
  • 1 Granny Smith apple
  • Mini yellow roma tomatoes
  • A bunch of cilantro
  • An avocado
  • A bunch of red leaf lettuce
  • 5 tomatoes

I am still dreaming up what fun I’ll be making with some of the other veggies, but I know there is something amazing I can make with those last several items, and it’s feeling like something Mexican so far. I haven’t decided what exactly, but you can bet I will be sharing the recipe with you!

The fruits and veggie are all in really great condition. They come boxed and carefully layered so that nothing gets bruised along its journey to my house. There weren’t cold packs in my order because they weren’t needed, but there was thick almost butcher paper separating the layers and helping to provide some cushion. Everything is ripe, too, with the exception of the avocado that needs a couple days before we eat it, which is perfect since that gives me a little more time to figure out what to make with it.

Packaging of Door to Door Organics fruit and veggies small box

The wee ones are off school today, and when they woke up, they asked for crepes. And they asked me to make them special since they know I have int he past and days off school means we don’t have to rush anywhere. Plus, I made pumpkin scones for breakfast yesterday (yes, recipe for that will come, too), and apparently I set the bar a little high.

The good news is that crepes are actually a low maintenance breakfast. I love my crepes recipe, partly because I whip it up in my blender in just a few seconds and then we have fun conversations while I’m cooking each crepe, and I love this is a way to keep the lines of communication open with the wee ones as they get older.

Cinnamon apples as a quick topping? That was exactly what I was looking for today, and the combination of the Fuji and Granny Smith apples from Door to Door Organics was just what I needed to make this happen. As quick as the crepes are, this cinnamon apple topping is the perfect speedy complement. And everyone loved it.

Organic apples from Door to Door Organics

All you need to do is simply dice your apples after washing them. They can be as large or small as you’re comfortable, but I find a smaller piece is easier to eat than the large chunks the wee ones tends to cut my apples into.

Diced apples for cinnamon apple topping

Saute them with a little butter and cinnamon, stirring to ensure you have coated all the apples with the cinnamon and butter. Stir again periodically so all apples cook evenly, then add a bit of brown sugar near the end.

Cooking apples with cinnamon and brown sugar

Scoop up the apples and juice for individual crepes, and enjoy immediately. If your family is anything like mine, they eat the crepes as fast as you can make them. If you have a more patient family, place the cooked crepes without any toppings onto a plate with each crepe separated by wax paper to keep them from sticking. I store the plate in the oven just to retain a little heat from cooking, but you don’t have to.

Cinnamon apple crepes


Cinnamon Apple Crepes

Cinnamon Apple Crepes

Yield: 2 cups
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Easy cinnamon apple recipe that is a perfect healthy filling for crepes and more.


  • 1 recipe crepes
  • 2 t butter
  • 1 Fuji apple (or similar)
  • 1 Granny Smith apple
  • 1/2 t cinnamon
  • 2 T brown sugar


  1. Make crepe batter and let it sit for a half hour before making them.
  2. While crepe batter rests, make cinnamon apple filling for the crepes. Wash apples, and cut into a dice.
  3. In a saucepan, melt butter. Once melted and the pan is hot, add apples and cinnamon. Stir to ensure apples are fully coated.
  4. Cook on medium heat for 3-5 minutes, stirring periodically.
  5. After three minutes, add brown sugar and stir again to incorporate. Cook for another minute or two so apples soften slightly.
  6. Cook crepes while apples cool slightly. Scoop a couple tablespoons, including the juices, onto a quarter of each crepe one by one. Fold the crepe in half then in half again to make a quarter circle and serve immediately.


This is a great filling for crepes, but you can also use this for a topping for ice cream and more. Want to make it dairy free? Use coconut oil in place of the butter!

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  • Johna Sommer

    My favorite vegetables are parsnip and brussel sprouts. I love to roast them both in some duck fat. Yummmm!

  • Kelly

    I have so many favorite fruits & veggies, its hard to choose. I love everything you received in your box and use those ingredients frequently.

  • Natalie

    I love broccoli. It is easy to prepare and my children like it too which means no fighting to get the veggies in.

  • Maria

    I am a squash kind of girl but my kids love kale and that’s good with me. 🙂

  • Lori

    Strawberries are my favorite!

  • Hope Bertram


  • Steph

    I love grapes! They are my favorite.

  • Dwana

    My favorite fruit is peaches! <3

  • kim

    I love cucumbers and most veggies, really. Raw. Even without dressing, butter, or cheese.

  • Courtney

    Peppers because they add so much flavor!

  • Jenn

    I love eggplant, although most of my recipes are not on the lighter side. I also love apples…but I can’t eat them right now.

  • Jen@BigBinder

    I love Brussels sprouts. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  • Antoinette

    My favorite fruit is pineapples, but I love me some apples during the fall season. Thanks for the great recipe.

  • Shannan

    I’m fickle and my favorites change seasonally, and this time of year I’m pretty sure nothing beats a crisp, juicy apple!

  • Amy B.

    I love apples! I usually eat an apple every day in the fall and winter, when they’re in season!

  • Colleen

    My favorite veggie is… Broccoli!

  • Janelle

    I LOVE butternut squash! Wish it was easier to get year round!

  • Kristen

    My favorite fruit is peaches.

  • Audrey

    We love crepes in my house for breakfast or dinner. And the cinnamon apples are such a nice taste for fall.

    Thanks for sharing on Tasty Tuesdays.

  • Elizabeth

    Well, I love all sorts of fruits and veggies, but I especially love strawberries, kiwi, and grapes! Yum!!

  • Alison

    Definitely marionberries! So hard to find here 🙁

  • Jennifer @ Me, Myself and Jen

    I love all things melon and apples, and I’m hoping to find more veggies that I like 🙂

  • Tracy Jensen

    I love all kinds of fruits and veggies, but this time of year, I love spaghetti squash!

  • April

    My favorite veggie (right now hahaha) is butternut squash, I’ve been making soups lately and butternut squash is our favourite!

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