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When Costco first introduced the Kirkland Signature Hazelnut Spread, I did a taste test to compare it to the original. Should you buy the Costco knockoff Nutella?

Kirkland signature hazelnut spread

The short answer? Yes. Now. Go buy it now.

Want to see the two compared in action? The video goes through everything, and you see my first time reaction to the Costco knockoff Nutella.

We use Nutella all the time here, everything from spreading it on toast to slathering it on apples or bananas. I use it in my dessert pizza and to make our “reindeer poop” cookies that my daughter loves. And of course, you can never go wrong with Nutella muddy buddies!

Another favorite use? I spread it a thin layer on a rice cake, sprinkle flax seeds, and then top with cherries or grapes. This makes a great after school snack, too.

Fun flower snacks with rice cakes and fruit

How different is the Costco knockoff Nutella from the original?

Overall, the two versions are incredibly similar. The differences between original Nutella and the Costco knockoff Nutella tend to be minor and insignificant.

The containers are exactly the same size container. While the shape is different and – to me at least – it looks like the Costco knockoff Nutella might be smaller, it isn’t. You don’t lose quantity with the generic brand.

Costco’s version of Nutella is a bit thicker, but not significantly so. Original Nutella is a little smoother, but unless you compare them directly, you likely won’t notice.

Spoon of Costco hazelnut spread

The same thing holds true for the overall look of the two. The Costco version is slightly lighter in color and a little shinier. You likely won’t notice those differences either.

Per serving, they have almost identical ingredients with just a few differences. For the same size serving, they have identical calories, fat, and more.

What makes the Costco knockoff Nutella better?

Spoon of knockoff nutella

First, the price difference is not insignificant. At my Costco, Nutella costs $11.99 for a two pack, while Kirkland’s Signature Hazelnut Spread costs $7.99 for a two pack. Who doesn’t want to save money?

Nutella sold in the States uses palm oil, which has a host of issues. The Costco knockoff Nutella uses sunflower oil instead. Personally, I prefer sunflower oil in my food.

When it come to taste, I – and my family – prefer the generic Nutella Costco sells. It tastes more like hazelnut than the original, and we find that a plus.

My daughter compared the Costco version to the inside of a Ferrero Roche. That was the best description of the flavor, and we all love how it has a slightly more high end taste.

We only buy the Costco knockoff Nutella now. How about you?

Is the Costco Nutella knock off as good as the real thing? Check out this comparison of the original Nutella v Kirkland Signature Hazelnut Spread to see which one is better. #costco #nutella #tastetes #hazelnut

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  • Jay

    And now Costco no longer sells it…

    • Emily

      Are they really not selling it anymore?? I saw it wasn’t in-store today, and I was wondering why. 🙁

      • Michelle

        I actually asked about this when I was in Costco today. They currently do not have it in stock in any location (boo), nor is it on order. The woman I spoke with suggested that I (we) go to Costco.com and at the bottom click on feedback and make the request that they bring back the item. Here’s hoping it helps!

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