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The BEST Planner For 2019-20 (Flash Sale!)

December 10, 2018 by Michelle

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I received a 2018-19 Reminder Binder to try out, and I am beyond excited that the 2019-20 version is here. And that it’s available via a flash sale! Some links in this post are affiliate links the earn me a commission if you purchase through them.

2019 18 month planner

While I try to do so much via digital, I still have a physical binder I use daily. I love that I can see everything so quickly, and a good binder keeps me organized for so much more than just my calendar.

My favorite is the Reminder Binder, which lets me preview a week, month, and the year, as well as a weekly layout that gives me plenty of space to fill in each day’s activities and keep it readable.

Daily view

Right now through Wednesday, December 12, 2018, you can get the fabulous physical planner from in time for Christmas (hello gifting!) Instead of the usual $49.95, they have it for just $19.95 with free shipping.

If you miss the sale, still go visit Jane because you can select to be notified when they come back in stock. And honestly, Jane has so many amazing limited time products with fantastic deals, you’re bound to find something else you need.

Why the Reminder Binder?

The Reminder Binder has pockets in the front and in the back for me to keep the loose bits together, too. I store stamps there, and I have concert tickets in a place I won’t lose them. They are perfect for all the odds and ends you need, and I know I’m not the only one who has them everywhere!

I also happen to be a list maker. The Reminder Binder has pages of perforated list pages that let me make my grocery list, my to do list, and more.

It keeps the list in place so I don’t lose it. When I get to the store, then I easily tear it out . I love how this keeps me organized in all facets of life.

Binder to do list

A friend just asked me when Thanksgiving was for 2019. I opened a calendar and went to November then counted to the fourth Thursday. The reminder binder has a list with days and dates for 2019 and 2020 holidays, which saves time. And it may be more accurate than me trying to figure things out!

Holiday list

You also have three pages of Dates to Remember so you can write down those critical dates you don’t want to forget. That way I wish my parent a happy anniversary on May 27 instead of May 29. Yes, I’ve messed that up more than once.

I also love making things pretty, and the Reminder Binder includes four pages of stickers – a minimum of 330 stickers – for you to note important events and happenings. You also choose which sticker set you want: Busy Mom, Every Gal, Get it Done, or Grateful Heart.

Every gal stickers

And yes, it stays secure with the rubber band closure over the hard cover of the binder. This is a hard core binder that won’t fall apart on you, and it holds everything in place. The laminated bookmark lets you keep track of where you are in the year, so you can easily flip to the right week, too!

Reminder Binder stickers

The Reminder Binder comes with bonuses!

So the $19.95 doesn’t just include the awesome Denise Albright Studio Reminder Binder and the stickers – which is a bonus right there. You also get a mini desk calendar.

This is the one I keep at home so my family also know what’s going on. It’s so much more than a traditional desk calendar though.

On the back side of each page, there are columns of lists. You know I love to reuse and recycle, and this just makes it easy for list loving me!

Desk calendar to do list

The desk calendar also includes a monthly bills worksheet that helps keep me – and my husband – in line and on task. We pay most bills online. This helps me remember when they get paid so I know to have money in the right account. When I receive doctor and other non-recurring bills, I add them here to ensure I pay them on time, too.

Monthly bill list

It also has sections, which is great as my kids start to manage their own lives, too. I can keep track of everything my daughter needs to do in one place, my son in another, etc. And it’s a perfect way for me to track what we plan to eat for the week – or for family members to make special requests!

Why should I get a Reminder Binder?

For under $20, the Reminder Binder makes an amazing gift. Since this arrives before Christmas, you know what that means.

These are great to get for teacher gifts or for any of your organized friends and family. I love the gifts that cost me about $20 but that look like they are so much more (thank you, Jane)!

reminder binder sale

The Reminder Binder itself is 8.5 by 7.25 by 1.25 inches. That makes it big enough to be functional but small enough to carry around and fit in my purse.

That means I will actually use it and update it when I’m out and about. When I don’t take my planner, I accidentally overschedule myself.

With the stickers, I can easily drop a sticker to note a dentist appointment on a given day, a birthday I can’t forget, date night, and more. The stickers fit into binder, so I never lose them. Or forget to use them.

With so many fun features, the Reminder Binder lets you customize it to fit your life. No matter what you need your planner to do, this one helps you accomplish it. In my book, that wins for everyone!

Reminder binder month at a glance

The Reminder Binder snuck in December 2018, so you have a bonus month to start now. Plus, you go all the way through June of 2020. And it’s available for such a short time at this price – how can you not pick up one or five?

What are your Reminder Binder tips?

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