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Disney Pixar Cars Bingo Cards {Free Printable}

When we go on a road trip, I love using these Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards that keeps my kids occupied and happy. The fact that we can play it multiple ways ensures they stay interested in it, too.

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Fun Cars Movie Bingo Cards printable

On Monday, I dropped the wee ones at summer camp. For the first time ever, the two of them are heading to overnight camp by themselves, and it is two states away.

Needless to say, that’s a long road trip to get them up to camp (and will be another long trip to come home again). Finding ways to keep them entertained was high on my priority list. We’ve always been into audiobooks, but for a seven plus hour drive, I needed more tricks up my sleeve.

First up, I made my own Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards, knowing that playing car bingo on road trips was always one of my favorite activities growing up. 

If you need more activities for your kids, check out this road trip scavenger hunt printable for something a little bit different.

How to make your cars bingo cards

Making the Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards wasn’t that hard. Download this free printable set of four bingo cards. It includes four different cards so multiple people can play and have different items in different squares.

Print out each card in color so it’s easy for everyone to see the cards. I like to print it on cardstock, which gives a stronger base so the cards last longer.

Once you print the cards, laminate each one to ensure you can play it more than once.

If you don’t have a laminator at home, pick one up. They aren’t very expensive, and I use mine for everything from saving kids’ artwork and special notes to daily to do lists for the kids to packing lists for camp and travel and more.

Make sure to pick up a pack of fine tip dry erase markers to use on the cards. They erase from the easily with a napkin or tissue for the next game.

Just make sure kids know not to draw on clothes or the car or themselves….

Laminate your bingo cards

How to Play with Disney Pixar Cars Bingo Cards

Each column of the Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards has a different theme – car color, car style, vehicle type, and car trim features.

Color is obviously an easy one. The wee ones pretty quickly figured out that if they focus on colors, they can pretty quickly come up with a bingo.

We made the rule that when we’re doing line bingo, they couldn’t just go down that column. They either had to go horizontally, vertically down another column, or diagonally.

Of course their favorite – and the way that made each game take the longest – was to play blackout where they had to find every item on the sheet.

Playing Cars Bingo on the roadtrip

We also set the rule that any item they wanted to mark off had to be called out and verified by someone else in the car. It’s too easy otherwise to say “Oh, look! I just saw a car with a stripe” when that wasn’t really a stripe.

And, of course, every bingo had to be verified, as well – not that I have competitive children who want to win at any cost or anything….

When you find a car, you can only choose one attribute of that car to mark off. You can’t have a tiny car with two toned paint, one of which is red and the other silver, that has bumper stickers and is dirty and suddenly win the Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards game with one car.

That’s where some of the strategy comes in. Will you see a newly washed car again, or was that the only military vehicle you’re going to see for the next 20 miles?

Each square has both a photo and a text description of it to help kids know exactly what they’re looking for, no matter the age. The Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards are meant to be fun for everyone.

That also means you get to decide how lenient you are.

Are you in an area where not many folks have an antenna ornament? No worries, expand it to be any decoration on the car whether it’s a fan spinning on the tow hitch of a car or something hanging from the rear view mirror.

The same holds true for defining what a luxury car is or fancy rims.

Other games to play with Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards

Because the Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards are laminated, you have a usable blank space on the back side. The wee ones had a blast drawing pictures on the back side once they were finished with actually playing the game with their Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards.

They also played tic tac toe with each other and hangman because they had a blank canvas. With just those quick printables, we had three hours of our drive covered.

Quick Tip for Better Road Trips

Seven plus hours is a long time to spend in the car, for me and the wee ones. Fortunately, there are plenty of rest stops along the way, and we took advantage of them every couple hours.

We didn’t just make a quick stop and run to the bathroom. Instead, we made sure to get the wiggles out and relieve some of the monotony of spending time in the car.

We’re lucky that along our way there tend to be great rest stops that have playgrounds at the rest stops. The wee ones can feel like they’re getting to do something special by playing, almost like they were getting away with something.

Playing at a rest area on road trips

We also broke out small toys like die cast cars for the rest stops. At a couple rest stops, the playgrounds were fairly small and designed for really small kids.

Though the wee ones had fun for a few minutes just going down the short slide, they quickly figured out that they could use their toys to race down the slides. They made up all sorts of games, and the twisty slide was their favorite.

The cars would start to go up the sides of the slide, and they loved seeing which one would go the furthest.

Playing with cars on the playground

This was a great way to burn off some steam and get them ready for spending more time in the car. Even if your rest stop doesn’t have a playground, most have some sort of open space, whether it’s a picnic table they can race on or down the sidewalk.

The five or ten minutes you spend playing are well worth refreshing everyone mentally and physically to make the trip less stressful.

Cars race at the rest stop

We are in love with our Disney Pixar Cars bingo cards. What are your road trip tricks?

Disney Pixar Cars Bingo Cards Free Printable
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  1. Suzanna says:

    Great road trip ideas!!! Thanks for the printable, too. 🙂

  2. Kayla Palmer says:

    I love the bingo idea for my 18 month old. a great look and find activity!

  3. Love the Cars bingo and App! Mi kids usually watch a movie or play in their tablets during long roadtrips.

    • Michelle says:

      You’re not alone in that one 🙂 Mine would love to spend it all on screen time, but I want a little more family interaction because I’m a mean mom 😉

  4. Ali says:

    I love the themed road trip idea! Adds fun to something that could be pretty dull. Great ideas 🙂

  5. Kristy says:

    Such a great game for a long road trip! #client

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