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DIY Bubble Bath (When Mommy Needs A Timeout)

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Easy DIY bubble bath with essential oil

Raise your hand if you don’t put yourself first. Raise it higher if you put yourself last like way too many of us do.

I realized years ago that I need to put my own oxygen mask on first sometimes, and I indulge in a “mommy timeout” that recharges me. It’s simple and quick, and it works.

Unfortunately, I can’t just take a bath. I have sensitive skin, and most chemical scents set off my migraine.

I didn’t let that stop me. Instead, I made this DIY bubble bath.

I pull it out each time I take that mommy timeout. It’s my reminder that I have permission to take time for myself.

I don’t use the timeout as a punishment, but it’s the same philosophy I gave my kids years ago – go and mentally recharge and come back when you’re ready. And yes, DIY bubble bath fits into that.
How to make bubble bath tutorial and recipe

It’s simple and quick to make you own bubble bath. Plus, you get to make it smell exactly how you want.

A single jar lasts me quite awhile, thankfully. That way I don’t have to make and remake it regularly!

This doesn’t make the super foamy bubble bath I had as a kid, but that’s because I don’t use a surfectant in it, but those are chemicals I don’t want on my skin. And given how my skin reacts to them, it doesn’t want them either!

And now for the best part…

How to make DIY Bubble Bath

As I mentioned, a DIY bubble bath won’t create those huge bubbles that you buy. This includes pure ingredients and doesn’t have all those sulfates that we should try to avoid.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or that it isn’t exactly what I need for my Mommy Timeout. And I’m ok with that – and you should be, too.

It’s a simple four ingredient “recipe.” All you need is glycerin, pure castile soap, water, and essential oil.

I love citrus, so I tend to make mine with orange or lemongrass, but there are so many great options.

I can’t do lavender, as it’s a migraine trigger for me, but that would be a great pre-bedtime indulgence. Just make sure you have unscented castile soap so that you can choose the scent of your DIY bubble bath.

Ingredients needed for DIY Bubble Bath

I start by putting my water into a teapot to boil and chopping my castile soap. The smaller you chop it, the easier it will be to melt. You remember physics and the theory of surface area, right?

Chop the castile soap to make melting easier

The glycerin and chopped castile soap go into a small pan that I turn to low on my stove. I stir this to help jumpstart the melting while my water boils.

You don’t want it to steam or smoke at all, so keep an eye on it. Once the water boils, carefully pour it over the glycerin and castile soap, and stir slowly until it all dissolves. This takes just a few minutes, as the castile soap is oil based.

Once your DIY bubble bath has cooled, add in the essential oil of your choice and stir to incorporate.

Add essential oil to your DIY bubble bath

I place mine into a pretty glass jar and store it next to my bathtub. I have a wide surround, so I don’t have to worry about it ever dropping.

The DIY bubble bath will last for about 2 months. To use, turn on your water and add an eighth to a quarter cup to the water, depending on the size of your tub – and no, you know you don’t need to measure. Eyeball it!

Have you ever made DIY bubble bath?

Easy DIY bubble bath with essential oil

DIY Bubble Bath

Yield: 8 oz jar
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $4

This all natural bubble bath is a perfect easy indulgence that leaves your skin soft and smelling great without any harmful chemicals.


  1. Place water into a teapot and start to bring a boil.
  2. Chop the castile soap - the more finely you chop it, the quicker it will melt. Place chopped castile soap and glycerin into a small pot and turn heat to low. Stir and begin melting.
  3. Once the water boils,pour it slowly over the glycerin and castile soap. Stir gently until dissolved, then let cool.
  4. Once at room temperature, add essential oil and stir to incorporate. Pour into a glass jar and seal.
  5. To use, add 1/8 to 1/4 cup to bath water as the tub is being filled. This will keep up to 2 months.


This will not be the super foamy bubble bath you buy at the store. With no surfectants, it can't be. The harder your water, the fewer bubbles you will have, but enjoy the softness of your skin from the moisturizers and essential oils!

Did you make this project?

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Angela Bishop

Friday 26th of February 2016

I never knew bubble bath could be so easy to make! What a perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat. #client


Friday 26th of February 2016

Love the bubble bath idea! My hubby was just asking me if we had any (when he discovered we were also out of Epsom Salt). I have all these things on hand for Miss m's girl science books, so I think I need to throw together a manly scented bubble bath (and matching epsom salts) for the Mister.


Friday 26th of February 2016

I totally want to make my own bubble bath now. And I should probably start using a timer. I had to stop taking bubble baths for a bit because my back was so dry i was going insane from itchiness because I was taking 1 and 2 hour baths. I use a kindle to read (with a waterproof case) and my phone for music. And somehow my cats can now open my bathroom door even if its closed (I can't bring myself to lock it since I'm the only adult in the house in case of an emergency) but now I'm adding a snack/treat to my bathtime list too!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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