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Girl Scout Cookie Flavors – 2024 Options

Every year, one of the few things I look forward to in winter is Girl Scout cookie season. And every year, I get excited to see the Girl Scout cookie flavors – especially learning about the new Girl Scout cookies.

The cookie lineup changes each year, and this article is updated for the 2024 Girl Scout cookie season.

Four different Girl Scout Cookie flavor boxes standing on a wood background.

Depending on where you live, you may have Girl Scout cookies made by ABC Bakers or Girl Scout cookies made by Little Brownie Bakers. Each Council decides which baker they will use, so it isn’t split by geography.

The good news is that even though some may have different names, both bakers have the same main cookies. There are only a couple differences each year.

Do they taste the same? Honestly, I don’t think so. They’re very similar, but there are slight differences in flavor even for the “same” cookie by a different name.

If you’re a Girl Scout parent who is looking for tips and tricks, I’ve got you covered. Start with this delivery tracking help article, then use this free thank you printable, and finally grab all the tips you need to run your cookie booths as smoothly as possible.

Why are there different bakers?

Girl Scouts partners with two different bakeries, and each Girl Scout Council decides which bakery it will use and signs a multi-year contract with them.

While they both work with Girl Scouts, each develops slightly different recipes, and they always have a few different cookies.

You can always order from your favorite bakery online if you are missing cookies you need. Or find friends or family who have the “other” baker.

There is not a good map that shows which areas have which bakers, but you can search your state on the ABC Bakers page to see if a Council near you sells their cookies. If not, then expect Little Brownie Bakers.

What Girl Scout cookies are gluten free?

There are currently two flavors that are gluten free Girl Scout cookies. If you are gluten free, you can enjoy Toffee-tastic (only made by Little Brownie Bakers) and Caramel Chocolate Chip cookies (only made by ABC Bakers).

What Girl Scout cookies are vegan?

Once upon a time, Thin Mints were the only vegan option, but the good news is that more cookies are now available to those who are vegan or who have a dairy allergy.

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, Toast-yay! (made by ABC Bakers only), Raspberry Rally, and Lemonades (made by ABC Bakers only) are also vegan, which gives more flavors and options.

Are Girl Scout cookies kosher or halal?

Yes! The good news is that every flavor of Girl Scout cookies is both kosher and halal certified.

What is the most popular Girl Scout cookie?

Hands down, the most popular Girl Scout cookie is Thin Mints. This classic cookie has been the most popular cookie for years and was first introduced in 1939.

Samoas/Caramel deLites are the second most popular cookie.

Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties are the third most popular Girl Scout cookie.

Adventurefuls are the fourth most popular cookie. This is the only recently introduced cookie to crack the top five.

Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich is the fifth most popular cookie.

What is the best Girl Scout Cookie?

This is absolutely a subjective answer. For me, I love the Samoas/Caramel deLites best.

They’re lightly crunchy and chewy at the same time between the caramel and coconut and cookie base. And they’re delicious frozen, too.

Thin Mints are another classic favorite, with the crispy cookie and cool mint flavor. And yep, I love these frozen, too.

I personally don’t like peanut butter (I know!), but the rest of my family loves the Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties.

And yes, I still my my Thanksalots and Lemon Sandwich cookies. Those two were delicious back in the day.

How much do Girl Scout Cookies cost?

Each Girl Scout Council sets the price for the cookies, so it varies. Depending on where you live, cookies may cost as little as $4 per box or as much as $7 per box.

And gluten free cookies are often more expensive because it costs more to make them.

Thin Mints

Box of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies on a wood counter.

Thin Mints are a classic. This crispy chocolate cookie has a mint chocolate coating that thankfully doesn’t melt the second I pick them up.

The mint comes from peppermint oil, so it cools off your mouth as you eat them. It’s a classic combination and one of the oldest Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

The ABC Bakers Thin Mints are very similar to the Little Brownie Bakers version, but they are crunchier and have a bit more mint flavor.

Thin Mints have 160 calories in each four cookie serving.

Samoas/Caramel deLites

Samoas (Little Brownie Baker) or Caramel deLites (ABC Bakers) are a round shortbread-like cookie coated in caramel, then sprinkled with toasted coconut before being drizzled with a chocolate.

They are both a tiny bit crunchy and chewy at the same time. The coconut is the part that throws people off, but if you’re willing to try coconut, this may be your new favorite.

Little Brownie Bakers uses a darker chocolate where ABC Bakers uses more of a milk chocolate. Additionally, Little Brownie Bakers has more coconut on their cookies and a thicker layer of caramel.

Samoas have 150 calories per two cookie serving. Caramel deLites have 140 calories per 2 cookie serving.

Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties

Box of Tagalongs cookies on a wooden counter.

Tagalongs (Little Brownie Baker) or Peanut Butter Patties (ABC Bakers) is another cookie that is basically the same but has different names. This crispy cookie based gets topped with a layer of peanut butter then dunked in chocolate all around.

Tagalongs have more peanut butter than Peanut Butter Patties, but Peanut Butter Patties have a bit of a vanilla flavor that many of my friends love.

Tagalongs have 140 calories per 2 cookie serving. Peanut Butter Patties have 130 calories per 2 cookie serving.

Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich

Box of Dosidos Girl Scout Cookies on a wooden counter.

Again, there are two names with Little Brownie Bakers calling them Do-si-dos and ABC Bakers selling Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Both versions have crunchy oatmeal based cookies with a layer of peanut butter between them.

The Peanut Butter Sandwich is more crispy, while the Do-si-dos are more crunchy and taste more strongly of peanut butter.

Do-si-dos have 160 calories per three cookies, while the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie has 170 calories per three cookie serving.


Both bakers call their shortbread cookie Trefoils (now – ABC Bakers used to call it Shortbread). They look alike, with the fun shape of the Girl Scout logo for both versions.

However, the Little Brownie Baker version of this classic shortbread cookie is more buttery and rich. The ABC Bakers version has more of a vanilla flavor to it.

Little Brownie Bakers has 160 calories per five cookie serving. ABC Bakers has 120 calories but also uses four cookies as a serving size.


Adventurefuls are a newer cookie, introduced in 2022 by both bakers. This cookie is a brownie like base with a caramel creme center that has just a hint of sea salt before getting drizzled with more chocolate.

Chocolate and caramel is one of my favorite combinations, and this is definitely one to try if you have not yet done so. The caramel isn’t super strong, but it’s still a great combo here.

Note that these are cookies and relatively crunchy. They have the brownie flavor but not the soft brownie texture you might expect from the name.

Little Brownie Bakers version of Adventurefuls has 120 calories per two cookie serving. ABC Bakers has 130 calories per two cookies.


These are similar cookies, but they are not the same.

Lemon-Ups, made  by Little Brownie Bakers, were introduced in 2020 to replace the Savannah Smiles lemon cookie (good call – those were terrible cookies). These are a crispy lemon-y cookie with lemon glaze on the bottom.

Lemonades have been around longer, and they are a shortbread cookie that gets coated in a lemon icing all over. They also have a less strong lemon flavor than Lemon-Ups, but I’m ok with that.

Lemon-Ups have 140 calories per two cookie serving. Lemonades have 150 calories per two cookie serving.

Girl Scout S’mores

While both bakers used to have a version of s’mores cookies, they were very different. Now, only Little Brownie Bakers makes a Girl Scout S’mores cookie.

This cookie is a graham cracker based sandwich cookie, with a “chocolate and marshmallow” creme filling. Honestly, I don’t taste the chocolate and marshmallow much with these cookies.

They are a decent cookie though, but definitely not my favorite.

Girl Scout S’mores have 150 calories per two cookie serving.


Toffeetastic cookie sitting in front of the box.

Toffee-tastic is only available through Girl Scout Councils that sell Little Brownie Bakers cookies. It is their only gluten free Girl Scout cookie flavor.

This cookie is a round shortbread cookie studded with toffee bits. Like many gluten free cookies, it is dry and crumbly when you bit into it.

The flavor is decent, but the texture isn’t ideal. This isn’t my favorite cookie, but if you need a gluten free option, it works.

Toffee-tastic has 140 calories in 2 cookies.

Caramel Chocolate Chip

Caramel Chocolate Chip is the gluten free option made by ABC Bakers. Made with oat flour, these crispy cookies have chocolate chips throughout and a caramel flavor (though no caramel ribbon or drizzle or chips).

While these are advertised as a chewy cookie, they are drier than you might expect. Interestingly, the caramel is a strong flavor in these cookies, even more so than the chocolate in the chocolate chips.

Caramel Chocolate Chip has 160 calories per four cookie serving.


Toast-Yay! is another cookie only made by ABC Bakers. Introduced in 2021, these cookies are inspired by French toast and even shaped like a piece of bread.

These crunchy cookies are relatively large for Girl Scout cookies, and they include the flavors of cinnamon and maple syrup. So yes, they actually taste like French toast.

These cookies are crunchy with a layer of icing on the bottom.

Toast-Yay! has 140 calories per two cookie serving.

Which bakers make which Girl Scout Cookie flavors?

Little Brownie Bakers makes:

  • Thin Mints
  • Tagalongs
  • Samoas
  • Do-si-dos
  • Trefoils
  • Lemon-Ups
  • S’mores
  • Adventurefuls
  • Toffee-tastic

ABC Bakers makes:

  • Thin Mints
  • Peanut Butter Patties
  • Caramel deLites
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich
  • Trefoils
  • Lemonades
  • Adventurefuls
  • Toast-Yay!
  • Caramel Chocolate Chip

What Girl Scout cookies have been retired?

Raspberry Rally

Raspberry Rally was the new Girl Scout Cookie flavor for 2023. Both bakers made this, and it was available only for online purchases where it quickly sold out.

For whatever reason, neither baker brought back the Raspberry Rally cookie for 2024’s Girl Scout cookie season. Given how popular this cookie was, this came as a surprise to many.

Raspberry Rally was a crispy raspberry-flavored cookie dipped in a chocolate coating, similar to Thin Mints. In fact, they were promoted as a sister cookie to the Thin Mint with the difference being the raspberry flavor instead of mint.

Girl Scout S’mores (ABC Bakers only)

In 2022, ABC Bakers stopped making their version of the Girl Scout S’mores cookie. This was the graham cracker cookie layered with marshmallow and dipped in chocolate – and yes, my preferred version of the s’more cookie.

Good news? I have a copycat Girl Scout S’mores cookie you can make at home! And yes, it’s a no bake cookie.

Thanks A Lots

In 2021, ABC Bakers stopped making their Thanks A Lots, which were one of my favorite cookies. This was a shortbread like cookie with chocolate dip on the bottom.


Trio’s, made by ABC Bakers, went away in 2019. These were a gluten-free cookie with peanut butter, chocolate chips, and whole grain oats, and my friends never liked them.

Savannah Smiles

Savannah Smiles, made by Little Brownie Bakers, went away in 2019. These cookies were lemon wedge cookies coated in powdered sugar.

These cookies were introduced for the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, and they stayed for several years after this. They were always one of the lowest-selling cookies for our troop.

Rah-Rah Raisins

Rah-Rah Raisins lasted only a couple of years and were discontinued in 2016. I don’t think anyone is surprised that these crispy oatmeal cookies with yogurt chunks and raisins didn’t last.

These were the only cookies that sold fewer boxes than Savannah Smiles.

Thank You Berry Munch

Thank You Berry Munch were another crispy cookie discontinued in 2014. They had cranberries and chunks of white “fudge” throughout.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche was also discontinued in 2014. This cookie was inspired by the classic Latin flavors and was a crunchy cookie with sweet caramel chunks.

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor?

Image shows boxes of Girl Scout cookies with text What are teh 2024 Girl Scout Cookie Flavors?

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