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Updated for 2024: Organizing Girl Scout Cookie Orders: Plus Thank You Printable

This Girl Scout cookies thank you printable is a perfect way to finish your cookie season. Make your delivery smooth with these tips, too.

Cookies ready to deliver

Are you excited? Your daughter just sold a ton of Girl Scout cookies.

The problem? Now you have to deliver them. Oops?

Thankfully, this isn’t my first rodeo. I learned long ago how to help my daughter organize her cookie sales, and this free Girl Scout cookies thank you printable we put on every delivery makes things easy.

I love that this Girl Scout cookies thank you printable serves multiple purposes. Not only does it thank the customer for the order, but the small note tracks what each person ordered and whether they paid in advance or not – important to ensure we get all cookies delivered to the right person.

The note also encourages customers to contact my daughter to order more cookies when they run out. Every year, we hear from people, “Oh, I didn’t know I could have gotten more!”

Our troop always orders extra cookies for booth sales (more tips in that link) and for girls whose customers ask for extra cookies after the door to door sales period ends. It’s a win all around!

Selling Girl Scout cookies

Bonus? If you’re a cookie mom, I have ideas on how to easily organize your troop’s cookie order from the moment you head to pick up all those cases until the last girl picks up her order. Check out these Girl Scout cookie organization tips here.

And if you can’t wait for your cookies, make your own copycat Girl Scout s’mores cookies with this delicious and simple recipe. They disappeared fast in our house!

This mimics the S’mores cookie that ABC Bakers sold through 2021 and was a crowd favorite. Sadly, this is the only way you can enjoy it anymore!

Make your own knockoff girl scout cookies better than their s'mores

Every year Girl Scouts updates their flavors. Need to know what’s available this year? I have an article that details all the Girl Scout Cookie flavors for 2024.

For the Girls: How To Use Your Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Printable (Updated for 2024)

Girl Scout Cookie Thank you Printable and oraganization tips

The same philosophy I use to organize Girl Scout cookies for the whole troop applies to individual girls, as well. The main difference: I ask my daughter to do her part since this is her business experience, not mine.

What is the newest Girl Scout Cookie?

In 2024, neither baker introduced a new cookie. In fact, the new cookie from last year is no longer available either.

Both bakers sell nine varieties of Girl Scout cookies in 2024, and they are all ones that have been available in past years. The newest variety is the Adventurefuls introduced in 2021.

What happened to the Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookie?

Raspberry Rally was a new cookie in 2023 that was available only as an online purchase. It sold out quickly, and everyone I know who tried it – including me – raved about it.

However, this cookie did not make a return in 2024. Girl Scouts has not offered an explanation as to why they did not bring back this popular cookie.

If you didn’t try it, this was a sister to the Thin Mint, with a raspberry-flavored crispy cookie coated in chocolate the same way a Thin Mint is. They were absolutely delicious.

What happened to the Thanks A Lot Girl Scout cookie?

Thanksalot was my all-time favorite Girl Scout cookie from back when I was a Girl Scout. However, neither Little Brownie Bakers nor ABC Bakers sells this cookie anymore.

Similarly, the ABC Bakers had the best s’mores cookie, but they stopped making it in 2021. Thankfully, I figured out how to make it myself. I haven’t figured out the Thanks A Lot yet though.

Each year, cookies change with new Girl Scout cookies introduced and old ones retired.

How should girls use this Girl Scout Cookie Thank You Printable?

Yes, I start by printing out my free Girl Scout cookies thank you printable. However, she fills it out with the order information for each girl.

Thank you printable layout with two full notes showing and two partial showing with text overlay stating sample click to download.

Use this printable for Little Brownie Bakers cookie councils, while this printable focuses on cookies sold by ABC Bakers cookie councils.

I updated this Girl Scout cookies thank you printable for 2024 cookies. It reflects what each council sells this year and doesn’t include a price per box because so many councils sell at so many different prices.

Our council went up to $5 four years ago, and more continue to. Many councils now sell boxes at $6 per box.

Some councils also add an extra $1 for the gluten-free options, while others don’t. Simply fill in the price your troop charges, and you’re all set.

I ensure there is a thank you. Plus, this includes a reminder that if customers “need” more cookies, my daughter can supply them.

As she fills it out, my daughter also notes on the sheet whether the customer has paid or not, which saves time when we deliver. While payment is not required until the cookies are delivered, some customers like to pay ahead of time.

Make sure when your daughter sells her cookies that she notes on the cookie order form who has and hasn’t paid. I remind her to double-check the list after every few houses before she can forget where money came from.

Again, I remind her to check, but this is her responsibility. She has to make sure that the dollars balance, although with a younger girl, obviously you want to help her more.

How to organize your daughter’s Girl Scout cookie sales

The only other materials we need aside from the printable are rubber bands and tape. I’ve found using rubber bands to keep customer orders together is the easiest method.

I save them up all year, but I still usually have to buy more. I have Little Miss pick the boxes for each order and immediately tape the thank you/order confirmation printable to a box. Then she rubber bands the boxes together.

For those customers who order more than we can fit in even a large rubber band, we place in an empty cookie box. The Girl Scout cookies thank you printable gets taped to the box – easy peasy!

From there, it’s a matter of separating the orders by delivery location. Our chiropractor (where all the employees tend to generously support her every year) goes into one pile.

Cookies sold door to door in our neighborhood go in another. Orders from relatives are another pile.

This strategy continues to ensure that we don’t forget any orders when we do our deliveries. This makes deliveries go faster and ensures customers receive cookies in a timely manner.

Organize sales with Girl Scout Cookies thank you printable

What is the best way to deliver Girl Scout cookies?

When Little Miss does her deliveries, she hands her customers the orders and ensures she thanks them. She also immediately gives a verbal reminder that if they need more cookies, she is their solution.

And in the neighborhood, a wagon to carry all the orders plus some “extra” cookies for impulse purchases makes it quick and easy. I bought this foldable wagon for lacrosse tournaments, but it works perfectly for holding cookies, too!

Next up? Check out how to get your booth sales running smoothly so you can increase sales.

If you’re a cookie mom and need tips and printables to organize your troop cookie sales, then check out this post!

How to organize girl scout cookies tips and tricks

What are your tips to make delivery go easier? Have you ever used a Girl Scout cookies thank you printable?

Image shows stacks of Girl Scout cookie boxes with the text 2024 Girl Scout Cookies: How to Organize your Deliveries.

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  1. Courtney A says:

    Thank you for this, first-time Cookie Mom/Troop Leader, and these really helped me, pen & paper it -while I figure out Smart Cookies.

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  4. Rachel Mattson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the printables and tips.
    This is my daughter’s second year selling cookies but only her first in a troop that does presale orders. She’s set her goal at 1000 cookies. I started worrying how I’d keep everything organized once she passed 200 in presales. This will make things much easier. I appreciate you helping out all of us newbies.

    • Michelle says:

      I’m so glad you find them helpful. Wow that’s a ton of orders for your daughter – good luck to her with her goal, and YES definitely get and stay organized with the cookies. I hope this helps. I also create a spreadsheet of every order to verify that my counting math matches up with spreadsheet math if that helps – and it lets me keep track for future years to know who bought what, too. Have fun!

  5. Yajaira Escobedo says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and hacks on getting organized. This is my first year as a troop leader and sometimes organization can be daunting especially during the cookie season.

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