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Halloween Cookie Decorating: Perfect Party Idea

This Halloween, have fun with the perfect Halloween cookie decorating kit. Cookies by Design sent me this complimentary kit, and if you purchase through any links I earn a commission, but all opinions remain my own.

This is the super fun decorate you own sugar cookies kit we received.

Sugar cookie on a plate decorated to look like a pumpkin

This year, we’re doing Halloween a little different.

And I know we aren’t alone. We aren’t going trick or treating. We aren’t having friends over to celebrate. There are no big parties or classroom celebrations.

But we still plan to enjoy Halloween in our own way.

My kids are compiling their lists of must watch Halloween movies. I will make my Halloween monster cake pops again. We’ll carve pumpkins and decorate the porch. And I’ll make some of our favorite “scary” food, too.

But the part they’re most looking forward to? Decorating our own Halloween sugar cookies.

We played with this simple sugar cookie decorating kit already this fall, and we absolutely loved it.

Buy Your Own Kit Here!

Halloween cookies to decorate with icing tubes

Use this for a Halloween party activity

In normal years, this would be a really fun activity for a school Halloween party. This would make a fantastic activity for a kid party, especially for those Halloween birthday parties.

Yes, I do in fact love a party activity and “goodie bag” item all in one. Send my kids home with cookies they decorated instead of little tchochkes that end up in the trash!

In fact, I’m considering sending this Halloween cookie decorating kit to friends so we can Zoom and decorate the cookies together. It’s perfect for friends who have moved across the country (sob) and for grandparents who don’t live nearby.

Girl holding a half eaten bat sugar cookie

This makes a great way to socialize with friends and family safely, and it’s perfect for my daughter who’s at the age where she wants to talk to her friends but wants a set activity so she knows they won’t be bored.

If you go this route, you could have a lot of fun with it and make cookie decorating contests with prizes for everything from the fastest to cover a cookie in icing to the best decorated Halloween cookie to the scariest looking jack-0-lantern and more.

I’ve been doing virtual dinner parties with friends and families for months, so just take my virtual tips and apply them to a virtual Halloween party, too!

What’s so great about this Halloween cookie decorating kit?

It has everything you need in one simple kit.

The kit costs $29.99 and includes 10 sugar cookies and three bags of icing. Half the cookies are bats and the other half pumpkins, so the variety is fun.

It comes wrapped up in cello on a really nice plastic tray – that yes, I washed and kept to use for future gatherings. Once you decorate your cookies, display them on the tray unless, like my family, they disappear as soon as you decorate them.

The three icing bags come in three different Halloween colors. That makes sharing easy. Just snip off a tiny bit of the tip, and you’re good to go.

In fact, you have so much icing that if you had more kids decorating, you could easily separate out the icing into multiple bowls if you have many people decorating at once.

The cookies and icing taste REALLY good.

Now I’ll tell you that when I first made this comment to my family, they told me I shouldn’t include it. I disagree.

When my son was born, a friend sent me a cookie bouquet NOT from Cookies by Design. They were beautiful with “wooden” blocks and baby rattles and such decorated for me.

As a hungry new mom, I bit into one, and they pretty much tasted like cardboard. They weren’t tasty. I ended up keeping them displayed in the hospital room for the four days I was there then tossed them.

These cookies, however, taste GOOD. Forget whatever experience you may have had with cookie bouquets or other delivery cookies before. These are delicious.

You can taste some almond extract, they’re fresh and nothing like the gross grocery store sugar cookie that just falls apart. (You know the one – someone brings them to every party, and they sit there uneaten every time.)

The cookies get made from scratch, by hand – and the same goes for the icing. This is also why most cookies aren’t available same day, as they get made to order.

The fact that this is a fun activity to do and then everyone enjoyed eating them afterwards? Total win.

There’s more icing than you can possibly use.

In my house, that’s a good thing.

Maybe your kids decide they want to cover all ten cookies with just orange icing. There’s enough to do that.

Outlining a pumpkin cookie in orange frosting

Maybe your husband ignores your instructions and squeezes the top of the bag repeatedly until the rubber band pops off and icing flies out the top. (Why yes, that did happen here, why?)

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Maybe you have a child who thinks icing is for eating not decorating. Or a child who thinks the cookie should be covered in three inches of solid icing.

It’s all good. There’s plenty, which made this a much less stressful project.

In fact, we ended up making more cookies on our own and using that icing to decorate. The plastic bag is robust enough that the icing doesn’t harden until you squeeze it out and let it sit on a cookie.

The cookies stay fresh when sealed.

While Cookies by Design can deliver your Halloween cookie decorating kit, or you can choose to pick it up in a shop after you place your online order.

Shipping comes with either FedEx or a hand delivery from the shop, depending on how close you live to a location. Make sure you order in advance, as these cookies get made by hand from scratch and take time to craft and decorate.

When they arrive, you may be like me and not quite ready to decorate the day they arrive. We kept the cookies in their package and decorated our Halloween set two days after they arrived, and they still felt and tasted as fresh as if they’d been baked that day.

Decorating the cookies is fun.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little edible creativity?

Whether you want to make a perfect pumpkin or go wild with all the colors in all the places in an explosion of color, there are no rules.

Various Halloween cookies decorated with icing

In fact, your cookies arrive without instructions on how to decorate them. I like this in that it doesn’t put pressure on you or your kids to make them look perfect.

That said, if you want some ideas on how to decorate, just check out the Cookies by Design Halloween kit page. There are several professionally decorated cookies to give you inspiration.

There’s plenty for everyone in this kit.

My family of four decorated these when my parents came over for a porch dinner. And yes, it’s possible the six of us devoured all the cookies in one sitting.

We weren’t stuffed, but we also had plenty – even my constantly hungry teenagers. The ten cookies in this Halloween cookie decorating it isn’t a huge amount where you don’t know what to do with the cookies, nor is it so few that you feel like you need more.

Tips for using your Halloween cookie decorating kit:

  • Use an easy to clean workspace. Decorating cookies can be messy, and you don’t want the brightly colored frosting to stain anything important.
  • Get little plates or use parchment paper for each person to decorate their cookies. This keeps the cookies in a “safe” place while everyone decorates their individual cookies.
  • Cut a way smaller hole in the tip than you think you’ll need. A small hole gives you more control with the cookies to have a more detailed design. Remember: you can always cut a larger hole but can’t make it smaller.
  • Hold the icing bag at the top of it and squeeze with that hand to push the icing down. Use your second hand near the bottom of the icing bag to steer the icing where you want to go. This prevents the issue my husband had.

Holding a purple bag of icing to decorate a cookie

  • Use a knife to smooth out the icing to make it even prettier.
  • Clean off the tip of the icing bag after you finish each section of decorating. The allows you to be more accurate with how and where you want the icing to go next.

Who is Cookies by Design?

Cookies by Design has been around for almost 40 years, and they focus on decorated cookie gifts. Most of their products are cookie bouquets that make great gifts, but I love the seasonal cookie decorating kits.

By the way, they do in fact have a holiday cookie decorating kit with gingerbread men ready for your personal touch, as well as a summer kit, one for Father’s Day, a birthday kit, and Valentine’s Day and Easter kits.

The cookies are made in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts, so be aware if you have allergies. And while they do offer gluten free cookies, the kits don’t (yet) come with gluten free options.

Cookies by Design has stores across the country from California to Maine to Florida. If you have a location near you, just pick up your order – but you still need to order ahead.

If you don’t have a location near you or your gift recipient, they deliver via FedEx so your cookies still arrive fresh and delicious!

How will you decorate your cookies? Order your fun Halloween cookies now!

Platter of Halloween sugar cookies ready to decorate

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