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Keeping Organized With On The Go Kids

October 16, 2017 by Michelle

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This post sharing my kid organization chart for activities and sports is sponsored. All opinions remain my own.

Nature Valley Granola Snacks while working

We are a go go go family. My husband teaches and coaches and tutors, so I don’t see him much during the school year. That means I’m on my own when it comes to getting my kids to and from activities. When they were younger, it was easier. I didn’t need a kid organization chart then.

A gymnastics lesson lasted 45 minutes, and my daughter needed just a leotard. A t-ball game provided its own snacks for the hour long session, and we just needed to bring a glove and wear the uniform.

Now? My daughter’s lacrosse means she needs cleats, her stick, mouth guard, goggles, balls for practice, water bottle, and more. My son’s TKD doesn’t involve just his uniform and belt. He needs to remember his shin guards and sparring equipment, too.

Heading to lacrosse practice

Couple that with the fact that lacrosse lasts an hour and a half or that we have to scoot to cross country immediately after school, and I have to remember a snack on top of everything else.

Kid Organization: What Snacks to Pack?

I have three main criteria when it comes to snacks.

They have to be portable. I can’t have mess everywhere in my car or on my kids.

They have to be something my kids will eat. Do you know how many times I’ve shown up and my kids have turned up their noses at the snacks I packed? This is a big reason they’re in charge of “choosing” the snack.

And they have to be something I endorse. As much as my daughter would love snacks to involve ice cream, that just isn’t going to happen.

Their new favorite that meets all three criteria is Nature Valley Granola Cups and Nature Valley Biscuit Sandwiches. I can get behind no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. They love the crunchy cups coupled with the creamy almond butter filling.

Delicious nature valley granola cups

Even better, they come in a variety of flavors. My biggest pet peeve is that my kids will find a snack they like, then decide they’re tired of it after I stock up. With the Nature Valley Cups and Biscuits, I don’t have to worry about that.

I picked up the Almond Butter Double Chocolate flavor most recently at Walmart, but the Nature Valley Granola Cups also come in Peanut Butter Chocolate and Almond Butter. Couple that with the three flavors of biscuits, and we’re set.

Nature Valley Granola cups at Walmart

I keep debating which Nature Valley Biscuit Sandwich we’ll try next – Almond ButterPeanut Butter, or Cocoa Almond Butter. Who are we kidding? You know I’ll go for Cocoa Almond Butter!

Since my kids keep growing, they need a snack that keeps them fueled for the next activity. The single serving pouches are just the right size. I often couple them with a banana or apple on days when they have a long way to go before dinner, but when it’s a quick trip to tae kwon do then home, Nature Valley is a perfect solution.

Enjoying Nature Valley Granola Cups on the road

Snacks Work for Mom, Too

Here’s my dirty little secret. I often need a snack, too. Between work, PTO, chauffeur duty, and more, I skip more than my share of meals. When I do, I tend to lose my temper and my focus.

I now pack my own Nature Valley Granola Cups in the console of my car. That makes it easy to pop one in my purse when I head to the library to work and get caught up in productivity until I realize I’m starving.

Nature Valley Granola cups

When a cross country meet I thought would end by 5 drags on past 6:30, I pop open a package and refuel myself the same way I do my kids!

Perfect workday snack

Kid Organization Chart Tips

At 12 and 14, my kids are in charge of their own “stuff.” That means when I get an email from school that my daughter forgot her cross country jersey, I may or may not be able to find it. (Hint: I couldn’t, and she wore her brother’s since thankfully he wasn’t racing that day.)

I rely on them to gather what they need so I don’t have to scramble at the last minute. I tried simply reminding them, but they never remembered everything. They feel like I’m nagging when I remind them, but if I don’t, they leave things behind.

After a few false starts, I came up with a solution that works for all of us. I created reminder cards for each activity. I simply place them where my kids can’t miss them. For us, my kids do best when they set out items just before bedtime, so they live on the bathroom mirror that they see when they brush their teeth before bed.

This gives them the illusion of control as they choose their snack – inevitably the Nature Valley Granola Cups lately – while I know we have no last minute panic because we arrived at lacrosse with no stick. Trust me, it’s happened.

Lacrosse Example Kid Organization Chart

I also mocked up some blank ones. As we move past fall sports, I know our schedules will change again, and this gives us flexibility no matter what activities they sign up for next. I created a handful of these so that I can easily fill them out and erase once we’re done to reuse for another sport.

Kid Organization Chart Printable example

Download the kid organization chart printables here. Cut them into quarters, then laminate each sheet. If you print on thicker paper, you can even print double sided and have more activity options.

Have you used a kid organization chart? What are your parenting tips?

How to Keep Kids Organized and Fueled for Sports with free kid organization chart printable and snack ideas

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