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5 Reasons You Need A Twin Washing Machine (I Do, Too)

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. My opinions about the LG Twin Wash option are my own.

LG Twin Wash family system

It’s been a fun three weeks around my house. First, I took my “birthday” cruise from my husband and left the country for a week. Truly, that part was fun. Unfortunately, I was sick for a week when I came back. Once I recovered, my son spent all last week sick and hasn’t been in school since a week ago Friday.

You know what that means, right?

I didn’t just have laundry. I had mountains of laundry.

Some of that laundry had to be done immediately once a sick child dirtied it, while others just needed to get done in general. (You know no one in my family did laundry the week I traveled, right?)

Needless to say, I spent some time drooling over laundry configurations I could have and created a presentation to sell my husband on the reasons we need to upgrade our laundry room – specifically our washing machine.

Five Reasons I Need an LG TWIN Wash System

I can wash small loads.

When my son was sick, I needed to just wash a couple things. I didn’t want to mix them with larger loads necessarily, and they needed to be done now. The 1.0 cubic foot capacity on the LG SideKick fits that need perfectly. Forget running through the house trying to find all the things to make up a “full” load when I need something washed. Now I can wash without the guilt.

LG Twin Wash for small loads

When laundry doesn’t get done, I can get it done faster.

With the LG Twin Wash, I can wash two loads at one time. My main washing machine handles one load, while the SideKick captures a second load. I have things to do with my day, and when I’m exhausted from being sick, less laundry time is key. Really, who doesn’t want to spend less time doing laundry?

I no longer have to kneel to put clothes in the washer.

I admit I’m slightly above average height, but not by that much. Every time I do a load of laundry, I feel like my washing machine is too short for me. I hate bending over to put in and take laundry out. With the SideKick, the LG Twin Wash sits higher. It has an elevated and angled door that makes my life easier.

LG Twin Wash Easy load

Super stains don’t have a chance.

My kids do sports, which means my daughter often has grass stains on her lacrosse practice clothes. Both kids magically attract mud, blood, and berry stains like there’s no tomorrow. Some clothes become “don’t wear this in public” clothes because I miss a stain. The TurboSteam technology deeply penetrates fabrics for greater cleaning power. Hallelujah!

I feel like an LG Twin Wash system may pay for itself if I don’t have to keep buying new clothes constantly, right?!

No more detergent spills.

Call me a mean mom. I make my kids do laundry when they have time. I feel it’s important for kids to have basic life skills when they leave my house, and I consider laundry one of those skills. Unfortunately, they don’t always do it “right.”

The biggest challenge for them? They struggle to get the detergent in the detergent bin. They inevitably spill a couple times a month outside the tray, which leaves me with a mess to clean. If they “forget” to tell me immediately, that mess becomes difficult to scrape up.

Fortunately, the LG Twin Wash system contains a full-width lid with an easy-to-fill detergent tray with recessed design. No more mess, and kids stay on task. Everyone wins!

Have you upgraded to an LG Twin Wash system?

For right now, I’m just drooling over these. With these features, no wonder more households choose LG over any other brand! Another reason to act and upgrade your laundry system? Now until April 25, 2018, purchase an LG laundry solution at Best Buy and get up to $500 off, and I think that becomes my sixth reason to get a new set?

5 Reasons to upgrade to an LG Twin Wash System and make life easier for you

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Tuesday 20th of February 2018

This would be AMAZING! My son's soccer gear is so smelly and dirty and I hate running a half-full load just so it doesn't sit in the basket.


Tuesday 20th of February 2018

I feel the same way, hence my running around everywhere trying to find anything that may be dirty - even though I don't *really* want to wash it with the other stuff.... These things CANNOT sit in a basket!

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