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11 Fabulous Cookies to Celebrate Mother’s Day

These Mother’s Day cookies ideas are a fabulous way to celebrate the mom in your life. These are fun and gorgeous cookies that yes, you CAN make at home.

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My mom is not into flower, and I am not either. A floral arrangement is wasted on me.

But give me a good homemade cookie, and I’m happy. Cookies are a great way to celebrate your mom, especially when she tells you she doesn’t need anything.

Collage of six types of pink cookies for Mother's Day.

You can’t go wrong with a fresh baked treat, even if it isn’t perfect. Remember how much she loved all those handprint art gifts you made in elementary school? I promise these are better.

Who doesn’t love cookies? (Doesn’t every mom have a sweet tooth?)

And best of all, did you know that homemade cookies ship well? If you place a fresh batch of cookies in an airtight container and are sure to package them with a little bubble wrap to protect them, you can ship Mother’s Day cookies to your mom even when she doesn’t live nearby.

Cookies tend to stay good when they’re in that airtight container for at least a few days, which gives you enough time to mail the package.

Cookie dough is something that everyone can make, and delicious homemade cookies are always a win. Many of these recipes use royal icing, but don’t let that scare you off. It’s easier to make and use than you think.

There’s sure to be something in this collection of cookie recipes that will make the perfect gift for Mom! I love the wide variety of sweet treats to make her day special.

If you’ve never used edible glitters or edible markers, these make it even easier to decorate your homemade treats. Pro tip: get the kind that have both the fine tip and marker tip.

And if you aren’t up for making cookies yourself, it’s not too late! You can order a delicious cookie bouquet or a decorate your own cookie kit that makes a perfect gift.

Mother's Day Cookies

College of six different pink cookies with text 11 amazing mother's day cookies.

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