Classic Coke at the movies

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Enjoy a movie with friends

Growing up, going to the movies was a special treat. As an adult, it’s one of my favorite ways to forget about life for awhile and relax.

Movie theaters have changed so much since I was a kid. Forget having to deal with a sticky floor and uncomfortable seats. Today’s theaters figured out how to make a night out an experience.

Needless to say, heading to the movies is one of my favorite thing to do for a Girls’ Night Out. As much as I love my old time local movie theater, nothing beats the experience of heading to my nearby AMC Theater.

This isn’t a movie theater; it’s truly an experience. While you can walk in and grab tickets just before the show starts like you used to, there is so much more you can take advantage of to have the best Girls’ Night Out.

Enjoy a Coke at the movies

While some of my movie night tips may be ones you already know about, check out all of them to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the cool things available to you.

Six Movie Night Tips for the Best Girls’ Night Out

Order your tickets online

We all have that one friend who never shows up on time. It might be me even. Regardless, when you have more than one person heading out, someone has to wait.

Go ahead. Tell me you’ve never had a show sell out or not been able to find seats near each other when you wanted to go see a movie.

AMC seat selection

AMC Theaters now has the ability to reserve your tickets online and choose your seats. When you arrive at the theater, you don’t need to wait in line to purchase tickets like everyone else, and you don’t have to worry that your “late” friend means you have to sit apart from each other in the very front of the theater.

Bring a blanket

Seriously, this is one of my favorite movie night tips. I bring a little blanket, especially in the summer. Theaters tend to be chilly, and my friends always beg to burrow under my blanket.

Bring a blanket to the movies

It just adds that homey, comfy feeling. This way, I’m comfortable when I walk outside into the oven that is Chicago and happy in the air conditioning.

Use your AMC Stubs Card

I admit it. I’m a sucker for a deal. If you haven’t registered for the AMC Stubs program, do it. Not only do you earn rewards for your purchases, but there are extra benefits, too.

When I purchase my tickets online (see movie night tips above), I get the fees waived anytime I buy four or more tickets. If you upgrade to other membership levels, your fees are waived for any ticket purchases.

Did I mention $5 movies on Tuesdays?

Best of all, I have free refills when I buy a large popcorn. What’s a movie without popcorn and a drink?

Customize your drinks with the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine

Speaking of drinks, have you ever used a Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine before? They are my favorite, and I love seeing what my friends choose. The combinations feel like they’re endless (ok, so it’s “only” 100 plus options).

Easy Freestyle choices

There’s even an app you can download to find one near you, save your favorite flavors, complete challenges for prizes, and more.

This time, I went with Minute Maid Lemonade® Raspberry. I hadn’t tried that flavor before, but I loved it. Lucky for me, my theater offers free refills from the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine.

Enjoy unique creations with Coca Cola Freestyle

One of my friends chose the Minute Maid Lemonade® Strawberry not knowing what I had. You see why we’re friends, right?

Another went for the straight Coca-Cola®. How can you go wrong with the original?

My last friend loved the Barq’s Creme Soda® Vanilla. It’s so easy to create whatever flavor appeals you to at the time, whether it’s Sprite® Peach, Hi-C® Raspberry Lime or a Dasani Lime. Just touch the screen to begin, push the lever for ice, choose your drink, and enjoy.

Choose your favorite Freestyle flavor

Order your food to enjoy in your seat

The last time I saw a movie with my dad and my kids, he ordered our snacks ahead of time. I was blown away when a worker showed up at our seats with two bags that included the food my dad had ordered via the app.

Bucket of popcorn

Granted, not every theater has this option, but it’s perfect solution. When you go on a busy day and the lines are long, just skip the line! When you’re running late but still want that popcorn and Minute Maid Lemonade Raspberry, no worries!

Had my dad not done this, I wouldn’t know this option exists, and yes, you can still choose your favorite Coca Cola Freestyle flavor when you order in advance.

AMC order ahead freestyle options

Sit back and relax

Remember those theaters of yore with fold down seats? I am so in love with the AMC Theaters’ reclining seats. They’re huge and plush with the perfect cup holder to keep your Coca Cola Freestyle drink from spilling.

And they recline.

With the push of a button, you can have your leg rest elevate as much as you want, and your seat reclines to your favorite position.

The first time I went to a theater with these seats, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. They’re so comfortable, and you get so much space. I love that you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of your neighbor.

And if you’re on a date, some AMC Theaters have a few loveseat options where you can snuggle with your honey during the movie. Or put down the armrest if you aren’t.

What Are Your Movie Night Tips?

A night out with your girlfriends is always worth it. I love how a night at the movies now is elevated from what it used to be. And so do they!

Check to see if your AMC Theater offers these amenities yet, so you can take advantage of some of the newer movie night tips I shared.

Girls Night Out and more movie night tips and tricks. How to get the most from your movie night experience. Check out the hacks to enjoy your night out more.

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