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Gifting Movie Pass This Year? Free Gift Certificate Printable

This Movie Pass gift certificate printable is completely unsponsored and came about solely based on personal need. I created this for myself, and I’m happy to share it with you!

I decided to give my husband and my father Movie Pass this year for Christmas. Unfortunately, the gifting process isn’t very gift giving friendly.

You can purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month gift subscription for a loved one to Movie Pass, but there is no way to notify them aside from an email from Movie Pass. Maybe I’m selfish, but when I give a gift, I want to be part of the giving.

While this works for those friends and family who live far away, I want to watch my husband unwrap something. I want to watch the joy unfold on his face as he realizes that he can see all the movies he wants with no guilt.

I asked Movie Pass if they had a gift certificate I could use, but they confirmed they do not. Of course I had to make my own Movie Pass gift certificate printable.

Print Your Own Movie Pass Gift Certificate

I decided to create something movie themed of course. I think these Movie Pass gift certificates turned out cute! They’re simple and easy to print, but they look nice enough that I’m happy to put one in a box with lots of tissue paper and wrap up so he truly has no ideas what’s inside. What, you didn’t think I’d simply put this in an envelope, did you?

3 Month Movie Pass gift certificate in a box

Although I purchased only a 3 month subscription for my husband and father (hey, I want to test it out on them first), I created a Movie Pass gift certificate for all three subscription levels. Just print out this graphic, and you’re set.

Movie Pass Subscription Gift Certificate free printable download

How to Use a Movie Pass Gift Certificate When Purchasing A Gift Subscription

Movie Pass lets you purchase a 3, 6, or 9 month gift subscription. The good news? You choose the day the recipient receives the email. I set mine to arrive on December 26. That way I know I won’t have any “oopses” before they open their gifts.

Movie Pass Gift Certificate Printable for Gift Giving

Make sure you tell your recipient to register their account from the link Movie Pass sends on the day you select. Movie Pass can’t send the card until they fill out that info. And reassure them that the subscription doesn’t start until they receive the card and activate it with their account. Whew!

Things to Remember When Gifting a Movie Pass Gift Certificate

  • You have to be 18+ to sign up for the service. That means I can’t give it to my kids!
  • You gift a subscription of a certain length. When that period ends, the subscription ends. You won’t continue to receive bills like with a standard subscription.
  • The recipient can choose to sign up for a standard account, however, once the gift period ends.
  • Only iPhone and Android devices are supported right now, and you must have one of those two to use the service. If the recipient doesn’t have a smart phone or has (say) a Windows phone, don’t gift this.
  • Your recipient needs to bring the physical Movie Pass card every time. To redeem the reserved movie, you use the card to “pay” for it. The only exception is a few theaters that offer e-ticketing – MJR, Studio Movie Grill, B&B, and Goodrich Quality Theaters.
  • Movie Pass only works for same day tickets. If your loved ones love going opening weekend to see blockbusters, this may not work for them.
  • Hint: You can physically go to the theater to check in earlier in the day to reserve a show on your phone to increase your chances. You have 30 minutes from your check in to purchase the tickets with  your Movie Pass card
  • Movie Pass doesn’t work for 3D or Imax movies – and no, you can’t upgrade at the theater – so if your loved ones prefer those formats, don’t gift this.
  • I’ve seen articles recently talking about how Movie Pass may update some terms and conditions (e.g., limiting viewings to once per movie, option to charge a higher price to “overusers” of the pass). Keep watching the site to make sure you know what you can and cannot do with a subscription – and make sure your loved ones do, too.

Are you giving the gift of movies this year? Make sure you print your own Movie Pass Gift Certificate!

Did you gift a Movie Pass subscription? Use this free printable for a gift certificate. Customized for 3, 6, and 6 month gift subscriptions to

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  1. Deborah says:

    Thank you this was so helpful! 🙂

  2. Taylor says:

    I’m giving several Movie Pass subscriptions this year and I didn’t want to just wrap up the email receipt confirmation, so this is exactly what I was needing! Thanks for sharing!

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