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Why Math Is No Longer A Battle In Hour House

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Getting help with the Yup app

So here’s the thing. I like math. My husband is a math teacher. In fact, he’s my son’s math teacher. All that doesn’t make math homework in our house any smoother than it is in any other house most nights.

As much as I enjoy math, the curriculum changed, and the methodologies don’t match what I learned. I can help my son, but often it doesn’t match the way he learned it. Add in the fact that he’s reached a level of math I haven’t done since I was in high school, and our homework help sessions are less help and more session.

While my husband knows the curriculum intimately, he’s rarely home during the school year. His afternoons and evenings consist of coaching or tutoring, so he gets home after my kids are in bed many nights. He also doesn’t believe it’s fair to give our son an unfair advantage over other students by teaching him at home since my husband is also my son’s teacher.

Needless to say, I text my husband photos of the homework and ask questions in the hopes he answers in time to help my son. That doesn’t work for any of us.

Stuck on math homework

The Yup app saved us with its online math tutoring.

Seriously. I downloaded the app to my iPad, but it has both an iOS and Android version and works on your phone or tablet. That gives you the flexibility you need to get homework done no matter where you are. That means when my son has to come with me to my daughter’s lacrosse games, he can get help via online math tutoring while I focus on watching my daughter scramble for the ball.

When my husband tutors, he offers a set time and a set period of time. If you need him for twenty minutes, he still charges for an hour. If you haven’t figured out the skills needed for a test in over an hour, you may be out of luck. When your child starts homework at 9pm at night and realizes he doesn’t understand it at all, you can’t just call a tutor for help.

My son loves math, and he’s good at it – so long as he “gets” it. When he doesn’t, drama ensues. Or rather, drama ensued.

Frustrated with homework

With the Yup app, he simply opens the app and takes a photo of his homework. The Yup app filters through available tutors to determine a good match for the type of math shown.

Once the app identifies a good fit tutor, a chat screen appears for the tutor to walk your child through the homework and ensure he understands the concepts. The tutors we’ve encountered have been professional, polite, and always upbeat. The compliment my child as he moves through the work, and his panic and frustration slowly disappear.

Starting with Yup online math tutoring

When my son doesn’t understand something, he puts on blinders and just focuses on where he’s stuck. The Yup tutors succeed in redirecting him to paths where he can make progress on problems and become open to learning again.

Online math tutoring with Yup App

The Yup tutors go through a rigorous screening process. Only two percent make it through their subject and teaching test. The tutors teach via inquiry learning, that doesn’t just give kids answers. It helps kids figure out their math. The chat includes text, photos to share the work, and drawing to clarify concepts.

Yup offers an unlimited online math tutoring monthly plan for $69 per month. Considering my husband charges $65 per hour for in person tutoring, Yup offers an economical solution. The starter plan provides 30 minutes per month at a $9 per month charge. You can purchase extra time at $18 per hour. Our tutoring sessions go quickly. My son picks up concepts in under 20 minutes for his challenging math.

Regardless of your child’s math class, Yup can likely assist. They tutor Common Core up to AP Calculus AB, something I know neither my husband nor I will be able to do. They also cover science, up to AP Physics Level 1 & 2 and up to AP Chemistry. My son’s track puts him in those classes. I’d been concerned about enrolling him, but this assuages my fears immensely.

One caveat. My son’s math curriculum is nontraditional. It’s conceptual math and calculus that’s been brought to a middle school level. We had one session where the tutor wasn’t able to assist because the questions my son had were beyond their expertise due to the symbols used. That is a factor of the rare curriculum. When he had questions on a more typical area, the tutors helped immensely.

Ready to try this for your kids? If you sign up for the standard plan, you get a 60 minute free trial, while the starter plan offers a 30 minute free trial.

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How could online math tutoring help your child?

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  1. I wish they would have had this when my girls were younger. We had to spend some months at Sylvan which was incredibly expensive all because a teacher was way too old to teach and the whole class was lagging behind. THanks for sharing!

    • Michelle says:

      Oh that’s frustrating! I have many friends who have worked with Sylvan and other prep companies, and they have their place. We’ve used them, and my husband tutors. But for a cost/benefit need? This is a fantastic option. I can’t wait to use it next year especially with my son in high school (when I will be signing up for that $69/month plan!)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.