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Oui – How To Say Yes To A Moment For You

This quiet mom moments post is a compensated campaign. All opinions remain my own.Oui Yogurt has great sayings inside the lid

It’s been crazy busy here. While this doesn’t sound that unique, that doesn’t mean it’s ok to consistently put myself last. The past few weeks have meant I spent more time at my kids’ school helping with various activities than at home. When I have been at home, I work or clean or shuttle kids. Even with kids back in school, I tend to put myself last.

But that’s all my choice. I accept that.

What I don’t accept? I don’t have to go last.

As much as I sometimes with I could escape and return to my childhood when I had no responsibilities, I don’t really want that. While it had its moments, I wouldn’t give up my family or life for anything. Instead, I remind myself that quiet mom moments make a big difference and help me regain the energy I need to tackle my life.

That means when I wake up, I don’t jump out of bed right away. Spending just ten minutes doing something for myself before I get up to start taking care of my family. I feel decadent, and those ten minutes of sleep I sacrifice are well worth it. Some mornings I spend the time studying Spanish via an app. Other mornings I read a chapter of a book or just press snooze and enjoy the quiet.

Once I do wake up, my morning is go go go. I make sure my family has what they need to start their days, but I often forget to feed myself. That’s when I grab a Oui by Yoplait and head out to my front porch to enjoy a quick timeout. Oui is a brand new yogurt made in the French style, cultured in each glass jar for 8 hours to create a unique thick and creamy texture you can practically cut.

Thick and creamy yogurt

This yogurt isn’t the one my kids grab. I grew up in Belgium and always missed this style yogurt in the States. This isn’t the tube of yogurt my kids grab as they head out the door for a snack. This is a take a small bite and savor it style yogurt, which makes is perfect for those quiet mom moments we all need to steal sometimes.

Ironically, I found Oui by Yoplait at Walmart when I was picking up groceries for my kids’ lunches. I love it when an errand for them turns into a win for me! The yogurt comes in eight fabulous flavors: strawberry, black cherry, blueberry, coconut, lemon, peach, plain, and vanilla. You can also find four packs of either strawberry or vanilla, but I wanted to try a variety of flavors so picked up individual pots.

Spoonful of Oui by Yoplait yogurt

Enjoy this fantastic texture without stirring. Yes, you find the flavor at the bottom of the pot, but don’t stir it in. Instead, use your spoon to scoop down to the bottom and pull a little out to enjoy the thick, creamy texture. The yogurt isn’t too sugary, but just subtly sweet – something I appreciate.

Spoonful of Oui by Yoplait yogurt

Everything about this yogurt screams at me to sit down and relax. I bring my notebook to the porch with me and jot down ideas and notes as I savor my quiet mom moments. I don’t push myself to fill out my whole to do list while I enjoy my Oui by Yoplait. That would go against the point of savoring my breakfast, but when I have a thought, I’ll make note of it so I don’t stress later that I may have forgotten something.

Enjoy a quiet mom moment of reflection with Oui by Yoplait

The flavor reminds me of the yogurt I enjoyed as a child but haven’t found in the States. You can tell Yoplait makes Oui with simple non-GMO ingredients like whole milk and no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources. In fact, the plain yogurt has just two ingredients – milk and cultures.

After those few quiet mom moments, I’m ready to take on the day. During the day, I focus on what needs to get done. Once my family when they get home, they get my attention. After a busy afternoon, sometimes I need a reminder before bed that I matter, too. I’ll take a few quiet mom moments then to relax enough to sleep well through the night so I can wake up ready to face the next day. I may read a chapter of a book again, take a long shower, paint my nails, or enjoy another Oui out on the porch as a post dinner snack.

New french style yogurt by Yoplait

As with everything in life, when I get to the end, I have to move on with my day. I always scrape the pot clean as best I can and remember that tomorrow is another day to take a moment to savor. And to discover what fun saying will be under the next lid!

Live in the moment with Oui by Yoplait

How do you enjoy your quiet mom moments? Can Oui be part of yours?

How to find a quiet mom moment with Oui by Yoplait

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