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Why The “Right” Water Matters In My Coffee

Tracking PixelWant the best coffee? Use purified water to make coffee. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Primo® water.

Enjoying coffee

When my kids wake up, I sometimes have to remind them to turn on their brains. Me? I use coffee to turn on my brain each morning.

Coffee isn’t just for the caffeine though. I want my coffee to taste good. For me, that means I generally add a little something something to it, whether it’s cinnamon to the grounds or a special flavor to the brewed coffee.

The right water in my coffee makes a big difference, too. Tap water where I live is incredibly hard, and our water quality report shows that we have some lead and copper, among other contaminants. While none are violations, I still find it concerning.

We drink purified water, and that’s what I use in my coffee. I can taste the difference when I don’t, which is why the Primo water dispenser is my lifesaver.

I use a refillable 5 gallon water bottle that I take to my local Walmart two or three times a week to refill because yes, we drink a lot of water in my house. It’s just down the road from my kids’ TKD studio, so they get to help me refill it after class. Yay free labor!

Filling Primo water at Walmart

Where and how to refill a Primo water bottle

It’s easy to figure out local locations that provide Primo water refills. Their website details all water locations and what services they offer. Near me, I can refill my Primo water bottle at my local Jewel, Mariano’s, Whole Foods, and more, depending on where I happen to shop that day.

Note that some locations are labeled Glacier (Jewel, for example), while others are labeled Primo (Walmart). They’re the same company, and I can refill my Primo water bottle with either brand and get the same quality purified water.

Filling Primo water at Jewel

It’s so easy to just flip the switch and fill the water bottle. Sometimes we have to flip a coin to see which kid gets to do it “this time.” Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive – well under $3 for the entire bottle.

Pro tip: Make sure to bring a cart even if the water is the only thing on the shopping list that day. Five gallons of water gets heavy after awhile!

Some people have an exchange bottle, but it’s easy to convert it to a refill bottle. It just takes a non-spill cap. Order it from the Primo website, as this makes it so much easier to transport without spilling!

When I get the water bottle home, it’s easy to connect it to my Primo hTRIO Bottom Loading Dispenser with Single Serve Coffee K-Cup® Machine Built In. In fact, the entire setup of the water dispenser dispenser was simple and quick. Check out the details via my video.

Brewing coffee with a kitchen water dispenser

This particular water dispenser brews single serve coffee K-cup® beverages, and it includes a reusable coffee filter – which means I don’t counteract the awesomeness of not using single serve water bottles by instead using single serve pods for my coffee. So yeah, I can brew amazing tasting coffee straight from my Primo water dispenser.

Brewing coffee with Primo water

Up top, I can store up to 20 K-cup pods, including the reusable coffee filter. I love the convenience of this, as it makes my mornings before caffeine far less stressful.

Store K-cups in water dispenser

Primo water dispenser features

The water dispenser does more than just brew my perfect tasting coffee (thanks to that Primo purified water). It easily dispenses both hot and cold water that we use for drinking, to make tea, and more.

In fact, my favorite hack is to use the hot water in my pasta pot to get boiling water faster. I don’t like to run hot water through the pipes with tap water, as this increases the likelihood that contaminants in the pipe leach into the water.

Now the water I cook with is purified water – and it boils faster. Yup, team winning here!

Note: the Primo water dispenser does provide hot water. However, I can choose to turn off the hot water control on the back of the unit for safety when small kids are around. In addition, there is a red child lock that prevents anyone accidentally dispensing hot water.

What does purified water mean for Primo water?

Primo water uses a multi-step purification process, including reverse osmosis. The membrane filtration technology enables the water to flow through the filter, but leaves behind salt, chemicals, minerals and other impurities, resulting in highly purified water.

The Primo water purification process in particular removes or significantly reduces the presence of chlorine and chlorine by-products, bacteria and parasites, heavy metals (including lead and mercury), trace levels of pharmaceuticals and many more contaminants. This results in water that doesn’t contain potentially harmful contaminants that tastes great, which both my picky daughter and I appreciate.

Filling cup with Primo water

Primo’s environmental impact

I love the fact that the five gallon refillable water bottle I use saves 1,100 single use water bottles from the landfill – or the ocean. I’ve never been a fan of single use water bottles and do my best to use my reusable water bottles whenever possible.

Filling water bottle

The cold, always available purified water means my house uses even fewer now. My husband was always the holdout for single use bottles, but even he’s getting into the spirit with the Primo water dispenser.

Benefits of a kitchen water dispenser

Because the water dispenser sits out in plain view, my family uses it more often. I get why stats show that families who add a kitchen water dispenser drink 25% more water. My daughter often complained about headaches from dehydration, but she doesn’t as much anymore – because she’s finally drinking enough water!

Best of all, I end up with no water spilled on my floor from a newly refilled water pitcher that hasn’t finished filtering the water before someone (my daughter) tries to pour more water. We’re all happier to have fewer messes to clean up.

Nahhh… best of all, I have coffee that tastes the best to me each morning thanks to the purified water from my Primo water dispenser. And it brews my morning infusion straight from the dispenser itself.

Brewing coffee

Ready to pick up a Primo water dispenser? Use the code WATERGOALS25, to save 25% off a dispenser, get FREE fast shipping, AND receive a FREE coupon via mail for 5-gallon bottle of Primo water (plus another one in the box when delivered). Shop here for a dispenser.

How I brew my perfect coffee

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Primo water.


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