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How to Save Money with the Sandals 777 Sale

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If you are looking to save money on your next Sandals Resorts or Beaches Resorts vacation, make sure you look for the Sandals 777 sale. Some links in this article are affiliate links that may earn me a commission if you purchase through them.

If you’ve never been to Sandals Resorts, you may hear about the Sandals 777 deal but not be sure exactly what it is. If you can take advantage of it, do! It can save you THOUSANDS of dollars on your all inclusive Caribbean vacation.

Book the 777 sale with Sandals Resorts

Book the 777 sale with Beaches Resorts

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What is the Sandals 777 sale?

Each week, Sandals Resorts puts different room categories on sale for 7% less than the lowest listed price. The rooms change, so keep checking to see if the room you want to book is on sale.

It is (typically) seven rooms and suites each week, which is where the name comes from. You get 7% off on seven rooms for seven days.

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Where can I get the Sandals 777 deal?

You can only get it through Sandals. The current deals are always listed on their website, and you need to book through this to take advantage of the additional discount.

Can I apply the Sandals 777 deal to my existing reservation?

As long as you have not paid your reservation in full yet, yes, you can apply this discount to your existing all inclusive resort reservation.

To do so, you need to contact Sandals Resorts customer service to ask that the 777 deal be applied to your current reservation. The easiest way to do this is to call them.

If you booked through a travel agent, your travel agent will need to contact them. Hopefully you are using a fantastic travel agent who is on top of this and checking for you regularly.

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Why isn’t the Sandals 777 deal working for the vacation I want to book?

The discount will only work for days that rooms are available to book. If your selected dates are sold out, you will not be able to use this.

Additionally, there are blackout dates for the Sandals 777 sale, so if your planned vacation crossed into those dates, the discount will not work. Make sure to check the verify your travel dates before you try to book to confirm they aren’t in the blackout period!

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How often does the Sandals 777 sale change?

The discounted rooms and suites change every week. The sales update each Wednesday with new rooms and offers, so keep checking!

Every once in awhile the same rooms remain on sale from the previous week, but Wednesday is the date that the sale changes each week.

Does every room go on the 777 deal?

While yes, every room at the various resorts can appear on the 777 deal, you will notice that certain resorts and certain rooms seem to pop up more often while others rarely or never seem to go on sale.

Why? Because this is a Sandals marketing tool to get people to book rooms that have lower reservation rates. Rooms that are incredibly popular or have lower quantities in general are less likely to appear on the Sandals 777 deal.

But keep checking. Sometimes the already lowest cost rooms appear on the sale, and there are high end rooms available.

Can I use the Sandals 777 deal at Beaches Resorts?

Yes! There is a Beaches 777 sale, as well, where seven room categories go on sale each week for 7% off just like at Sandals.

You need to find those deals on the Beaches Resorts website. They do not show in the same place as the Sandals sales.

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As a heads up, Beaches Resorts is aimed at everyone, while Sandals Resorts is 18+ only. That said, I have vacationed – without kids – at Beaches Resorts both in Turks and Caicos and Jamaica and had a great time.

I do choose to avoid the main kid vacation seasons when I go. Beaches Resorts makes for a great adult vacation, as well, with different options.

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What resorts offer the Sandals 777 sale?

Every Sandals Resorts location and every Beaches Resorts location can offer the deals each week. However, you will notice that the new resort in Curacao doesn’t appear very often right now.

You will see plenty of rooms in Jamaica each week, and Barbados and other resorts get featured regularly. On the Beaches Resorts side, all three resorts tend to have rooms each week.

Look for 777 deals at Sandals Dunn’s River (opening in May, 2023), Montego Bay, Royal Caribbean, Negril, South Coast, Royal Plantation, Ochi, Royal Bahamian, Emerald Bay, Regency La Toc, Grande St. Lucian, Halcyon Bay, Grande Antigua, Grenada, Barbados, and Royal Barbados. And yes, of course Beaches Turks and Caicos, Ocho Rios, and Negril.

Can I combine the Sandals 777 sale with other discounts?

Yes! You can add the Sandals 777 deal to many existing promotions to save even more.

You can stack it with your loyalty discount for booking on site, and of course this is in addition to the standard 65% off the rack rate promotions. If there are additional promotions with your booking like a free catamaran ride or a couple’s massage, you can combine this with a 777 deal.

If you are adding a 777 deal to an existing reservation, you may lose the promotion if it is not being offered at the time that you add the 777 deal.

You can also combine the 777 deal with your free anniversary night. If you book a club or butler level room for a minimum of 7 nights within 30 days of your anniversary (before or after), you can get a free night if you upload proof of your marriage within 14 days of the booking. Note that you cannot combine the free anniversary night with the loyalty desk discount.

You can also combine the Sandals 777 sale with your first responder or military discount if you are a firefighter, military, or police. Note that you have to have a membership card, which leaves out volunteer firefighters from this discount.

Group bookings are not eligible, and this is also not available for those booking through the UK. That said, I’ve heard rumors that the UK rates are lower already.

Where are Sandals Resorts located?

Sandals Resorts has both Sandals Resorts that are adults only (18+) in seven Caribbean islands and Beaches Resorts that are open to families (though I travel there with friends for adults only trips and am not the only one) on two islands.

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Sandals Resorts include:

  • In Curacao: Sandals Royal Curacao
  • In the Bahamas: Royal Bahamian and Emerald Bay
  • In Antigua: Grande Antigua
  • In Grenada: Sandals Grenada
  • In St. Lucia: Regency La Toc, Grande St. Lucian, and Halcyon Bay
  • In Barbados: Sandals Barbados and Royal Barbados
  • In Jamaica: Montego Bay, Royal Caribbean, Negril, South Coast, Ochi, Royal Plantation, and Sandals Dunn’s River

Beaches Resorts include:

  • In Jamaica: Ocho Rios and Negril
  • In Turks and Caicos: Beaches Turks and Caicos

And the good news? They are regularly adding new destinations and resorts, which adds to the fun.

Check the Sandals 777 sale now – and don’t forget to check back each week!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.