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Seven Sisters Scones Review

If you’re looking for a gift – or just a delicious and easy breakfast or snack – you need to know about Seven Sisters Scones. I received a Valentine’s Scone basket for review purposes, and some links in this article are affiliate links that may earn me a commission.

Image of individually wrapped scones and bar cookies.

I love scones, and I make scones at home on a regular basis. That said, there are times and days when I don’t want to make scones or I want some of the fancy flavors that are harder for me to make at home.

And sometimes, I want to give people the gift of scones, like my son who’s in college right now. Seven Sisters Scones is the perfect solution for all of this.

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The scones came about from as a home baker got more and more requests from scones from her large family (hi – seven sisters isn’t just a name! And there are even two brothers in the family, too.) She expanded from making them for her family to selling at farmer’s markets and then to her own cafe.

Yep, you can still go get them in person at Seven Sisters Kitchen in Johns Creek, Georgia. But for those of us not so lucky to live nearby, they ship scones nationwide.

Flavored scones individually packaged in a shipping box.

Bonus: Did you know that they make more than just scones? They have all sorts of bar cookies like the salted caramel bars and double chocolate brownies that came in my box and other treats In addition to their sweet and savory scones.

Hand holding a packaged salted caramel bar from Seven Sisters Scones.

They also have special boxes for various holidays that are thematically appropriate like the “Get Together” gift basket that I received. This makes a scone sampler box a perfect gift all year round, as they change them up for each holiday!

What are scones?

Scones are a lovely pastry that originated in Great Britain. They come in a variety of flavors and shapes and even textures, but they are similar to a biscuit but with the addition of egg that makes them a touch closer to a quick bread.

They tend to be crusty on the outside and gently tender on the inside. This allows you to break them apart as you eat them without making too much of a mess.

While traditional British scones tend to be more plainly flavored and then served with clotted cream and jam (or mmmm lemon curd), American scones tend to have more flavors baked into them and are eaten on their own.

Are scones sweet or savory?

Scones can be both sweet and savory. while I tend to make sweet scones when I bake them from scratch, Seven Sisters Scones offers both sweet scones and savory scones.

The sweet scones range from fruit like blueberry and cranberry orange to more unique flavors like cotton candy and apple caramel. The savory scones come in all sorts of amazing flavors like garlic herb and bacon cheddar and chive.

The savory scones are fantastic for breakfast or a snack, while the sweet scones work for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert. The good news is that the are not overly sweet like a cupcake though definitely sweeter than the scone I make myself.

The savory scones are also a great accompaniment to a salad or soup to help round them out into a meal.

Does Seven Sisters Scones have gluten free options?

YES! Seven Sisters Scones offers ten enticing varieties of sweet and savory gluten free scones you can select.

They are a subset of the “standard” scones like cinnamon roll, banana chocolate chip, sweet potato and cardamom, chocolate raspberry, and strawberry champagne.

They are made at the same facility as the “standard” scones, so know that while they are made with gluten free ingredients, it is not a dedicated gluten free facility.

Does Seven Sisters Scones make vegan scones?

The answer is – once again – YES! Seven Sisters Scones makes six flavors of scones that are both gluten free and vegan.

You can choose from blueberry, banana chocolate chip, cranberry orange, cinnamon roll, coffee cake, and sweet potato and cardamom.

As with the gluten free scones, they are not baked in a separate facility. Note that these scones also contain soy if you have an allergy.

How do the scones taste?

I have to say that I’m really impressed with these scones. They pack a lot of flavor into each scone, much more so than I anticipated.

When I saw the strawberry champagne flavor, I expected to have a hint of strawberry, but they smell and taste so strongly of strawberry from the freeze dried strawberry powder that I was really impressed.

Scone with icing sitting on a plate.

(Freeze dried fruits are one of my favorite tricks in baking to get concentrated flavors into baked goods without messing with the texture of what I’m making. I definitely approve.)

The champagne comes through less strongly, but I give the bakery kudos for using actual champagne in the ingredients.

The same holds true for the other scone flavors I’ve tried. The triple chocolate scone was rich and decadent, and the raspberry white chocolate and cotton candy definitely fit the flavor profile I learned to expect.

You can tell that the scones have butter and sugar and eggs and real milk and vanilla in them. They have no chemical aftertaste like so many baked goods do, and I appreciate that.

The scones get made by hand and scooped individually, which is important for scones as they need to be treated delicately or they turn tough. This is also why your scones won’t all look exactly the same; they are not machine made.

How big are the scones?

Seven Sister Scones sells their scones in two sizes.

The traditional scones are four to five ounces, depending on the variety – and most are five ounces. This is a hefty size for a scone, and you can definitely share it with someone (or at least I can).

The sconies are the mini scones, and I find that these 2 to 2.5 ounce scones are just the right size for me, especially the sweet varieties.

Hand holding a triple chocolate sconie from Seven Sisters Scones.

When I first heard about Seven Sisters Scones, I felt like the sconies would be too small, but they really aren’t. Part of that is the fact that they use so many real ingredients, which are more satisfying.

How do I store my scones?

When you get your scones, enjoy them quickly! They are fresh and have no preservatives in them – remember I said they don’t have any chemical taste to them?

If you don’t eat them within a few days, be sure to refrigerate them (I know – this breaks my no bread in the fridge rule) for up to three days.

You can also freeze your scones for up to six months. This is what I chose to do, as I wanted to spread out my enjoyment of these delicious treats.

They come as individually wrapped scones, which makes it easy to pull out exactly what you want to enjoy rather than having to eat all at once or repackage them.

What is the best way to reheat scones?

The simplest way to enjoy your refrigerated or frozen scones is to let them thaw on the counter for an hour, then heat them in a 350 degree oven for five minutes.

You want to warm them up without melting the icing on top and without baking them more, which could dry them out.

Alternatively, you can pop them straight into the microwave for 20-30 seconds, using 10 second increments and checking each time. My microwave isn’t incredibly powerful and heated my frozen sconies in two 10 second intervals.

What gift options do I have for Seven Sisters Scones?

So here’s the fun part – these amazing scones are a perfect gift for someone who has everything, whether you need a gift for a housewarming, a new baby, a get well post surgery, a birthday, or a college care package.

Or, ya know, send them to yourself because we all need a treat now and then.

For various holidays, Seven Sisters Scones offers a variety of collections. I received the get together box, which includes 12 sconies (3 champagne strawberry, 3 chocolate raspberry, 3 triple chocolate, and 3 cotton candy), as well as two double chocolate brownies, two salted caramel bars, and a container of chocolate covered caramels.

Contents of a scones subscription box laid out on a wooden counter.

You can order a single sampler box in a variety of sizes (both sconies and full size scones, as well as different quantities of them). Some come with extras like jams and tea, while others are the scones themselves.

You can choose gluten free and vegan, as well. My favorite is the sconie sampler with 24 sconies, which gives a ton of options in a manageable size, including seasonal flavors that you might not otherwise find online.

You can also sign up for a subscription box of scones or sconies (hello, heaven!) on a schedule that works for you anywhere from every month to every six months. Unlike many subscription boxes, you choose the duration upfront, so you know whether you want 3 up to 12 shipments or to make this an ongoing subscription box.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what flavors you want (to gift), then choose a create your own sampler where you choose anywhere from six to 12 scones or 12 to 36 sconies.  Note that the gluten free and vegan scones currently come only in scone size and not as sconies.

Don’t forget: Use the code SISTER for 10% off your order.

Which of these tasty scones do you want to try first?

Baked goods displayed on a wooden board with text unique gift Seven Sisters Scones.

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