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25+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teens

Stuck on shopping ideas? These stocking stuffers for teens may be just what you need. Some links in this article are affiliate links that earn me a commission if you purchase through them.

Laid out Christmas stocking

My kids have outgrown the days when I could toss a couple Thomas the Tank Engine figures and Play-Doh into a stocking and they were thrilled. Now it’s harder.

I don’t want stuff for the sake of stuff, but a full stocking is so much fun for them – and for me – that I make it happen each year. I have to get creative though because they often don’t even know what they want.

Worse? They want things that are far outside my budget. They may get one item, but that does not fill a stocking!

Thankfully, I still hold with some tradition. I always add an orange and chocolate to their stockings. A navel orange takes up a bit of space, and it costs next to nothing.

The other standby is chocolate. I always put some sort of chocolate into the stocking. They love it, because of course the Halloween candy is long gone at this point.

I’ll also toss in foods I don’t normally buy for them. For example, I may have wrapped up a box of cereal for each kid that will be one of their favorite gifts. Sometimes it truly is the smallest things that makes people happy.

Think about what your kids like that can fit in a stocking and be “just theirs” with no sharing. My daughter loves pickles, so there you go. Maybe it’s jarred peaches or a bag of specialty chips. You know your child best!

Perfect stocking by the tree

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teens

As kids get older, the gift giving gets harder - and more expensive. This list of stocking stuffers is perfect for the teens in your life. And you won't break the bank purchasing for them either!

And hopefully a lot of fun for you and for them. Merry Christmas!

What are your best stocking stuffer ideas for teens?

Need more gift ideas?

stocking stuffer gifts ideas for teens

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