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25+ Amazing Stuffed Crescent Roll Recipes

Whether you enjoy them sweet or savory, there’s something about stuffed crescent roll recipes that just makes everyone smile. They always taste amazing, and they always disappear.

Around the holidays, I tend to stock up on crescent roll dough – especially from Costco when they put their multi-pack of dough on sales – but then I have that extra tube of crescent roll dough and I want something different or unique.

And yes, I can and do make my own crescent roll dough. It’s not that hard, and it’s definitely cheaper than buying the package of crescent rolls. 

Stuffed crescent rolls collage of six images.

These recipes all work with both refrigerated crescent roll dough or homemade dough, so go with what you have on hand. Often when I make homemade dough, I end up with a little leftover and some of these recipes are perfect to use up the last bit I don’t need for my first recipe.

I love that so many of these use simple ingredients that I’m likely to have on hand already. Crescent dough is so versatile, and it really adapts to so many flavors.

All you need is an ungreased baking sheet, crescent dough, and simple ingredients to transform your crescent roll triangles into new family favorites.

This list includes dessert stuffed crescent roll recipes, cream cheese crescent roll recipes, savory stuffed crescent roll recipes, and brie stuffed crescent roll recipes. Whether you need an idea for an appetizer, a main course, or a dessert, you’ll find some fantastic inspiration in this list of stuffed crescent roll recipes.

Delicious Stuffed Crescent Rolls Recipes

Savory Crescent Rolls

Sweet Crescent Rolls

Which stuffed crescent rolls will you make first?

Collage of eight stuffed crescent roll recipe images with text 27 fabulous stuffed crescent roll recipes.

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