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Super Wubble: The Perfect Unique Ball

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Super Wubble ball review and troubleshooting

The all new Super Wubble ball is not the first time my family heard about Wubble. Last year, I purchased a Wubble from a local toy shop for the wee ones, and we loved the concept of it.

Unfortunately, it got a hole (that we couldn’t fix) when we blew it up the first time. The Super Wubble, on the other hand, is made of a new top secret Xpandium™ material, which makes it up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant.

You know you want to buy your own award-winning ball.

And yes, this was an entirely different experience.

We’ve also played with the Water Wubble, which is a really fun alternative to water balloons.

Does the Super Wubble ball really not pop?

Once we got it blown up, the kids had a blast and have played with it for days on end. Without a single hole.

They bounced it. My kids sat on it. They threw it.

And yes, they even kicked it.

No matter what they’ve done, the ball remains intact. That isn’t to say it’s indestructible, of course. If it comes into contact with sharp objects or rough surfaces, it can get a hole.

Fun with the Super Wubble ball and how to make it blow up

What if my Super Wubble ball does get a hole?

The good news is that NSI International, the makers of this bubble ball, know kids. They provide two patches just in case someone gets overzealous playing.

To reduce the likelihood of any issues, don’t fill the Super Wubble ball more than 30 inches (in diameter). In fact, if you slightly underinflate it, you have an even better shot at long term success with your ball.

How does it work?

It’s an absolute hoot once you get it blown up, and if you need to store it, it deflates easily.

To blow it up, you insert the nozzle that comes with the Super Wubble ball and use the motor to blow it up. Once it’s the right size, turn off the motor and remove the nozzle, as there is no closure you need to work with.

To ensure I don’t fill it too much, I use a measuring tape to measure a string. As it inflates, I compare it against the string to ensure I don’t make it too big.

When you finish playing for the day, simply insert the motor nozzle into the air hole without turning on the motor and let it deflate. Then you can blow it up when you want to use it next without it taking up a lot of space or accidentally popping.

As I mentioned, once we blew it up, the Super Wubble ball worked great. Getting it blown up the first time, however, was a challenge.

We learned a few tricks along the way to make it easier for you to start enjoying your ball faster.

Troubleshooting the Super Wubble Ball Inflation

To blow up the ball, the motor needs to operate at full power.

We initially pulled 4 AA batteries from other devices to use. This turned the motor on, but it didn’t provide enough oomph to get enough air to blow up the Super Wubble ball beyond about the size of a basketball.

The batteries worked just fine elsewhere, but the motor requires brand new fresh batteries.

Make sure the nozzle is completely inserted into the Super Wubble Ball. Simply inserting it as far as it wants to go isn’t sufficient.

Again, the ball will inflate to approximately the size of a basketball, then stop. Don’t panic.

Simply insert the nozzle further, past where you think it should go. I felt like I would create a hole by pushing it too far, but move the Super Wubble ball material around a bit so that the nozzle doesn’t poke the edges, and keep going.

This won’t work.

Why won't my Super Wubble ball inflate fully

You need it this deeply inserted.

How to get your super Wubble ball to blow up bigger than a basketball

Getting the nozzle in properly can be hard. Fortunately, NSI included cotton swabs and petroleum jelly to make it easier.

Again, you need to swab the entire air hole, not just the exterior. Push the cotton swab all the way in until it pops out the bottom side.

This ensure you have enough lubrication for the motor nozzle to get deep enough to blow up the Super Wubble ball correctly.

You need to lubricate the super Wubble ball to get the nozzle to insert fully

Get the qtip all the way inserted in your super wubble ball

Lastly, once you blow up the ball, turn off the motor and remove the nozzle from the air hole. If you leave it inside with the motor off, the ball begins deflating.

If you pull it out and you end up with an outie belly button look to the ball, gently push the “outie” back in. Leaving it out can generate a slow leak.

Have you ever played with a one? Get your own here!

Our favorite new toy the almost indestructible Super Wubble ball. How it works and how to troubleshoot issues when trying to blow it up. Tips and tricks to enjoy it included in the review. AD

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