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Hummus “Sushi” Roll Ups

I adore hummus, but I want to do so much more than dip pita or carrots in it. These hummus roll ups have so much flavor and are fun as an appetizer for a party or as a main dish for lunch or dinner.

I love non-recipe recipes; they are my favorite kind really. As I had a potluck to attend the next night where I’d been asked to bring appetizers, voila!

Riffing on California Rolls – Hummus Roll Ups

2 wraps (I love spinach or tomato wraps)
1/4 c hummus (I used red pepper, but find a flavor you like)
1/2 cucumber*
3/4 avocado
1 roma tomato*
1/4 carrot, grated
1/2 c baby spinach leaves

Start out by preparing your cucumber. If you use an English cucumber (the one in plastic wrap), you can skip the first step.

First, seed your cucumber. Julienne it into nice, even strips.

Especially if you are not using an English cucumber, salt the cucumber and place them on a paper towel to drain. You want to get out as much water as possible, so let them sit for a half hour or so.

Halve your tomato and seed it, as well. Lightly salt it and turn it upside down on a cookie sheet for a half hour so it can also dry out a little bit.

Lay your wrap on a flat surface, and spread a layer of hummus on it. Leave about a half inch from one of the long edges clean.

Add slices of avocado atop the hummus, then lay on the cucumber and tomatoes in a thin layer. Place the spinach leaves atop the other layers.

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Roll up your wrap starting with the long end. You want a long, skinny (ok, skinnier) wrap v a shorter, fatter one.

Use a serrated knife to slice your roll into pieces. I got five good size pieces from each wrap, with the ends cut off to make it look pretty.

Set the rolls on a plate on their sides. Sprinkle with the grated carrot and serve immediately.

The best part? Add ingredients you like. Take out ones you don’t have in the fridge. Change it up, and enjoy it a little different each time. And trust me, you will enjoy it!

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Thursday 11th of November 2010

Pat - You are so kind! And this was a perfect appetizer. I'm making it again tomorrow for when I'm hosting bunco! And if there are leftovers... oh well! :)


Wednesday 10th of November 2010

This is another recipe of yours I've saved! It sounds scrumptious.


Wednesday 10th of November 2010

Hy - I was proud. I'm usually not so good on the presentation side of things. And I really do need to make my own hummus. I've been lazy.

Kelly - Don't they? And how have you not had hummus before? Go. Buy some. Enjoy it!


Wednesday 10th of November 2010

Those look so pretty. Can you believe that I need to try hummus too? I think I'm way too sheltered. LOL.


Tuesday 9th of November 2010

Oh, they look so fabulous -- great presentation. And anything with hummus is a winner in my book. {I've been making my own with fun flavors, and the kids scarf it.}

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.