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Take Charge of Your Fitness With Tech

February 23, 2018 by Michelle

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Thank you Nokia for sponsoring this post sharing tech fitness tips. Invest in your health by purchasing a Nokia Steel HR for yourself!

NOKIA HR Steel watch

We all live in a tech based world. My kids have school issued devices and no textbooks. Sometimes I feel like my husband is married to his phone more than to me (just kidding). I live online for work and sometimes for fun.

For me, tech can be a fantastic tool. I love how easily we can stay connected to friends far away, and you don’t want to know often I start a sentence with, “Hey Google…”

My latest favorite tech tool is my Nokia Steel HR. This activity watch not only looks great on my wrist, but it helps me achieve my overall fitness goals. I don’t just mean how many steps I take daily. Rather, I want to look at the whole picture of my health from my sleep to drinking water to the exercise I need. I love that this swanky looking activity watch helps me monitor my progress in many of these areas.

Because it looks good, I wear it all the time. It transitions perfectly from my morning at the gym to daily meetings to a night out with friends and looks like it belongs in each place. I need something that fits with my life so I use it. That alone bumps the Nokia Steel HR (36mm $179.95) up a notch.

Five Tech Fitness Tips to Monitor Your Well Being

Get Enough Water.

When I worked in an office, I always had a reusable water bottle with me. I drank from it constantly during meetings and refilled it on my way to and from those meetings. At home, I got into the habit of having the bottle there – and filled. Unfortunately, when I focus on my computer, I don’t have the natural pause in conversation where I listen that tended to be where I sipped.

We all know how important water is, and I knew I had to change my habits again. On my phone, I set alarms every 45 minutes throughout the day. Every time my alarm goes off, I take a drink and walk around my house, then I take another drink. It surprises me how much these little reminders make a difference.

Make sure you sleep enough.

Sleeping with Nokia HR Steel

For so many of us, the default becomes burning the candle at both ends. We wake up early before the kids to get some work done before we get them off to school. We work while they’re gone, then we take care of them again until bedtime when we sneak in some more work. Or we take that time to relax and unwind and stay up much later than we intended.

I know I function better with eight (really, nine) hours of sleep than I do with fewer hours. With less sleep, I become less productive, and those tasks take me much longer. Plus, when I know I have to work more and longer, I tend to procrastinate some.

When I instead focus on those nine (for me) hours of sleep, I actually get more done during the day. The Nokia Steel HR has a companion app – the Nokia Health Mate app available for iOS and Android. When I wear my activity watch overnight, which I can do since its battery lasts up to 25 days with heart rate tracking on, it syncs with Health Mate to record my sleep patterns.

Nokia HR Steel Sleep tracking

I can easily see my total sleep and what of my sleep is deep versus light versus awake. I know I wake up frequently in the night, and this tracks how often I wake up and when. Seeing the trends and patterns over time lets me track my progress and helps ensure I get enough sleep.

Wake up gently.

I have never been a fan of alarm clocks. The second I found one that plays radio stations versus blaring beeps at me, I switched over. I didn’t love it, but I found that to be an improvement. Another of my favorite tech fitness tips? Use that Nokia Steel HR as your alarm.

Nokia HR Steel alarm function

It’s simple to set an alarm via the Health Mate app. Under devices, choose your Nokia Steel HR and set your next alarm. You can choose to have it repeat or be a one time wake up. At your prescribed time, the activity watch buzzes to gently wake you. I find that starts my day in a far more pleasant manner, which helps me attack my day from the start.

Get your exercise in!

The Nokia Steel HR, of course, tracks your steps. I’ll admit that I find it undercounts my steps because it relies on you swinging your arm to track them. When I compare to my phone which has a step tracker built in based on geolocation, the Nokia Steel HR has fewer even though I don’t have my phone with me all the time – because of how I walk. If you walk and move your arms like most people do, this becomes a nonissue.

I’m not married to a specific step count, however. So long as I am relatively active, that meets my goal. At a glance, I can check my status on my Nokia Steel HR – surprised that oops, I must have been sitting far more than usual today. That gets me moving.

Nokia HR Steel step tracking

Additionally, I wear this activity watch all the time. I don’t have to put it down when I go to the gym, and it’s water resistant up to 50M (5ATM), so I even wore it snorkeling on my cruise recently. That means it will capture more of my life than my phone ever did, and I can also add activities to the Health Mate app from Zumba to boxing to climbing and more.

My favorite part, however, is the reminders. In my profile on Health Mate, I can choose to set a multitude of small reminders – the hidden gem of all my tech fitness tips. I can set a reminder to go for a run at a specific time on my chosen days of the week. This twenty minutes before my gym classes reminds me to change and scoot to the gym. I have no excuses to accidentally miss a class when that reminder pops up on my phone.

Health Mate has several other reminders you can set from a reminder to go to bed, to drink herbal tea before bed, to log your food intake, and more. I need this reminder to focus on my wider health and not just how many steps I took today.

Step away from your phone.

I love my phone. I really do. And I’d guess you love yours, too. It becomes stressful, however, when we feel we can’t walk away from them. When I’m at the gym, in a meeting, at the movies, out to dinner – all those are times when I want to put my phone away and concentrate on the moment.

Unfortunately, I have kids and a husband, which means I always expect the worst when I receive a call or text. I don’t want to miss them, but I hate pulling out my phone and detracting from my concentration.

The Nokia Steel HR helps relieve my anxiety there, too. You can choose to receive notifications on your wrist when you receive a phone call, a text, or even upcoming calendar notifications. That means when I see a movie, my wrist gently buzzes if I have an incoming call or text. I can do a quick scan with a twist of my wrist and know it’s simply a friend checking in.

Nokia HR Steel notification screen

That allows me to put my focus back where it belongs without annoying anyone since I don’t have to pull out my phone to check. It reduces my anxiety, knowing I don’t miss anything critical during those times, too.

Less worry equals more enjoyment equals happier me. That right there helps me improve my well being. Who knew it could be so easy?

Plus, get 10% off at the Nokia Health store through December 1, 2018 here with this code: NEWYOU-EPA-VM3

What are your best tech fitness tips?

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