Three Embers Lincolnshire spring menu

Perfect Suburban Chicago Dinner

June 17, 2019 by Michelle

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Three Embers in Lincolnshire treated me a to a media dinner. I received no other compensation, and all opinions remain my own.

I’ve lived in Chicago since college, and much of that time has been in the suburbs. I’ve been to the Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire.

But you know where I’ve never been? In fact, do you know what I never knew existed? Three Embers, one of the restaurants at the Marriott Resort.

Three Embers in Lincolnshire is the resort’s signature restaurant. It’s a steakhouse, but it’s reimagined from the traditional smoky, dark paneled steakhouses I grew up with.

Instead, this bright and open space with a mild industrial vibe focuses around its wood burning stove that grills much of the food served. The menu uses local ingredients as much as possible, including local honey from hives and food from the onsite garden.

Three Embers grill

The open space overlooks a gorgeous outdoor area, where you can sit in warmer weather months. Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, the view of the pond and nature just outside the restaurant.

Outdoor seating at Three Embers

The Three Embers Spring Menu

The best use of the honey we experienced? In the honey rolls served at the table before dinner. They were soft, fresh, and still warm. The butter accompanying them was a honey butter, making them some of the best restaurant bread I’ve ever had.

Honey rolls from Three Embers

When the pierogi arrived, I loved the presentation. They were perfectly crispy, and the braised veal cheeks were a perfect filling. We all enjoyed the horseradish cream drizzled over it that gave it a perfect kick.

Pierogi with braised veal cheeks

The baby kale salad was enough to make a kale lover of anyone. The sweetness from the strawberries and blueberries complemented the pickled red onion. And the raspberry vinaigrette? You could taste the fresh raspberries, and I could have drunk a bottle of it.

Baby kale strawberry salad

Sea scallops are either amazing or mediocre. The scallops served at Three Embers in Lincolnshire come cooked perfectly. The bed of pea orzo under the scallops could have been their own side dish. I cleaned the entire plate, knowing I had two more courses coming.

Sea scallops at Three Embers

I haven’t been a fan of veal in general. The veal tenderloin, combined with the braised veal cheeks in the pierogi may have converted me.

Three Embers provides a generous portion of veal, cooked perfectly. Make sure you drag each bite through the bourbon reduction. The fava beans that accompany it may be trendy, but we loved them. 

Three Embers Veal Tenderloin

And dessert? 

I couldn’t finish it all, but Three Embers in Lincolnshire knows what they’re doing.

Three Embers dessert duo

The carrot cake cheesecake has a gorgeous presentation with a dehydrated orange providing the perfect contrast. The cheesecake wasn’t too rich, and the carrot cake surrounding each layer was perfectly moist and delicious.

Carrot Cake Cheesecake

The lemongrass panna cotta comes with a strawberry mousse in drops around it, as well as pineapple that complements that sweetness from the rest of the dessert. The strawberry mousse may actually have been my favorite part of the entire dessert.

I went in having never heard of Three Embers in Lincolnshire, but I left with a vow to return soon. Whether you need a pre-theater meal or a delicious dinner, give it a try.

Have you been to Three Embers in Lincolnshire?

Three Embers in Lincolnshire is a fantastic restaurant in the Chicago suburbs. Whether you need a pre-theater meal or a date night or just a night out, try this local farm to table option. #threeembers #restaurant #chicago #steakhouse

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