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Top 5 Reasons My Kid Is Crying

It happens all the time, right? Random crying child for no logical reason, and I have to laugh about the top 5 reasons my kid is crying.

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Little Miss is 8 years old, but I swear sometimes that she is a teenager. It isn’t because she has a teenager’s attitude or thinks she knows everything, but I swear she has hormones rocketing through her system.

So when she picked up the book Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke and started looking through it, the irony hit me.

“Mom,” she said, turning to me, “these kids are weird They’re crying for the dumbest reasons.” She huffed her annoyance and turned back to the book as I stared at her in silence.

Little Miss has started to cry for the dumbest reasons (in my oh so humble and saintly opinion as her mom), and sometimes she’s crying so hard she can’t even tell me why.

I have to sit patiently with her until she can calm down enough to explain herself. And even then, it doesn’t always make sense to my adult mind.

Top 5 Reasons my 8 year old daughter is crying

Top 5 Reasons My Kid Is Crying

We aren’t at Grandma’s house.

Little Miss and Mister Man have a great relationship with my parents. They love spending time with them, and my parents spoil them when they are around.

When reality hits and it’s time to return to their own home, sometimes the landing is a little rough. It’s awful when I make them do their homework or sit at the table to eat dinner.

You made me do my chores.

The wee ones have a list of chores that I expect them to do. It isn’t an extensive list, although they do more chores than many of their friends.

They are all things that Little Miss is completely capable of doing, and I expect her to do them the right way. When I discover that she’s put away her clean clothes by tossing them in the dirty clothes hamper and make her take them out, the tears often come out, too.

I didn’t want to eat what you offered for breakfast.

On Saturday, I gave Little Miss 9 options for breakfast ranging from fried duck eggs to a scrambled egg burrito with her special dairy free cheese to oatmeal with chocolate chips and more. Nothing sounded good to her, so of course she started crying.

You hugged me.

Little Miss is my cuddle bunny. She loves to snuggle up with me at all times, and we start and end the day with hugs and kisses, even at the advanced age of 8 1/2 years old.

Yet when I gave her a hug on Saturday morning, she burst into tears. I couldn’t figure out the reason until she stopped her hysterics because… she loves being hugged.

Except for that one time.

You made me sleep in my bed!

This past winter, I found Little Miss curled up in the hallway, on hardwood floors with her blanket and not even a pillow. She was blocking the hallway for anyone who wanted to walk down it, and as soon as the sun rose, it would be shining on her and waking her up.

Oh, and the hallways gets shockingly cold overnight. I told her she couldn’t sleep in the hallway but had to sleep in her own room, preferably in her bed. Yep, tears.

And yet, she picked up this book and thought it was ridiculous the reasons these children were crying. So maybe there’s some hope for her yet.

Reasons my child is crying by Greg Pembroke

I know I’m not alone. What are your favorite reasons why your kid is crying?

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  1. Kelly says:

    oh breakfast, that is always a fun battle!

    • Michelle says:

      Breakfast is usually the worst because we don’t do cereal and she has a dairy allergy, which limits options somewhat. That said, she HAS options. And we sometimes have the same issue at dinner, too. Whee.

  2. Ok this sounds just like my 8 year old! She has been getting upset for minor things such as doing her chores at home or me reminding her about her homework. I guess it is part of being 8? Hang in there…

    • Michelle says:

      Part of being 8, which I’m afraid is part of the hormones starting up which means it’ll only get worse. Or maybe I’m just paranoid 😉 I hope.

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  4. Oh yes, there’s always hope…and as my kids get older, I’m seeing the positive changes!

    • Michelle says:

      See, now THAT is exactly what I needed to hear. I need for it to get better because I’m pretty sure my calm can only last for so long. For so many years. Upon years.

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