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Are You Ready for Toy Story 4?

June 21, 2019 by Michelle

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My family and I have been counting down the days until the release of the Toy Story 4 movie, and I now we aren’t alone. This post is sponsored by Best Buy that has a ton of Toy Story merchandise and all the DVDs.

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Toy Story 4 releases today, and you know I plan to see it this weekend. My mom actually thought it came out next year, so you can imagine her delight when I informed her that it was this year, not 2021.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched the movies. Both my kids love them, and I may or may not cry each time Andy gives the box of toys to Bonnie, among other moments. I know there will be another part here where I cry in the latest installment.

And yes, I cry in this animated movie. Actually, this computer generated movie. Did you know that Toy Story was the first feature length film animated completely by computer?

Animated by computer or not, the movie touches our souls with its stories of friendship and giving and loss. I can’t name a favorite character because the writers develop each of them so well.

We all need the reminders the Toy Story franchise provides. Each movie creates new relationships and characters that builds on previous movies. I love that they move forward in time and with new characters.

Toy Story 4 DVD cover

So am I excited to go see Toy Story 4 in theaters this weekend? You bet I am.

Check out the new cases for the all Toy Story movies

BUT. Did you know that you can already preorder the Toy Story 4 DVD or Blu-Ray at Best Buy? They have a limited edition SteelBook, as well as SteelBook collectible versions for the first three movies, too.

Toy Story movies DVD

The cases for all four movies have exclusive artwork, and I love it. I think we may have worn out the copies we own because we’ve watched them so much. It may be time for an upgrade!

Don’t forget the toys to go with the Toy Story movies, too

Best Buy has all the toys you want for the release of Toy Story 4, too. They have upped their toy game lately, especially over the holidays. They have toys for the most popular movies of the year in stock and online, too.

The toys are always so fun. My daughter received the Buzz Lightyear toy as a preschooler, and he still hangs out on her bookshelf. With her name written in black marker on the bottom of his foot, of course.

Buzz Lightyear toy

The toys and the movies have such staying power, which makes them so much more attractive than the latest fad that burns out too quickly. 

I’m a huge fan of the mini figures right now, too. They have all the main characters from Toy Story 4, and they’re a grab bag, so you never know which one you’ll get. They’re under $3.50 each. How can you not try to collect them all?

Toy Story 4 mini figures

Will you go see Toy Story 4 opening weekend?

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