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Everything You Need To Know About The Turks and Caicos Travel Authorization Process

So you booked a trip to Turks and Caicos Islands, but now you need to know how to actually get there. The Turks and Caicos travel authorization process can be a little confusing, but this article shares everything you need to know.

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Image from a plane of the coast of Provinciales with text how to travel to Turks everything you need to know to get your travel authorization.

Right now, the requirements to travel to Turks and Caicos require several steps before you set foot on a plane. If you do not complete them, you cannot enter the country.

Note: There are changes coming. If you travel on or after May 1, 2022, you no longer need to use the TCI portal.

This article shares what I have learned from my own travels, and I will update it as the Turks government updates their travel requirements. That said, there are always exceptions, so use this as a guide and not an official source.

I have traveled twice to Turks and Caicos Islands in the past several months, staying at Beaches Resorts. It’s a little nerve wracking to get there, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Beaches Resorts does a great job of making you feel safe while there, and almost all restaurants have an outside option. They also have a robust process in place in the unfortunate event you do test positive while there and have to quarantine.

At this point, I wouldn’t stay anywhere else. The grounds and staff and activities are fabulous, and I appreciate that because of their size, they have a robust process in place.

Other resorts and places to stay are great, but I can speak to my experience at Beaches – and have another trip booked there because it has been so great. You can read more about my experiences at Beaches here.

What are the requirements to travel to Turks and Caicos as of May 1?

As of May 1, you no longer need to fill out authorization to travel to Turks via the TCI portal. The portal shuts down as of April 30.

This means that if you travel on May 1, you do not need to fill out the authorization. If you arrive on April 30, you still need to follow the steps outlined below.

A negative covid test is no longer required, nor is travel insurance. Visitors 18 and over still need to be fully vaccinated as described below and be prepared to show their proof of vaccination as they travel.

To return to the States, travelers currently still need to have a negative covid test. For this reason alone, even if you do not need to have travel insurance, you may benefit from purchasing it regardless.

In fact, even pre-covid, travel insurance was often a good idea. When you look at the frequency of flight delays or cancellations that require purchasing new flights or staying unexpectedly overnight in hotels, the right travel insurance can absorb those costs.

And no one wants to get sick or injured while traveling, but I’ve seen it too often with my friends that something happens either right before they’re supposed to travel or while on the trip. Whether it’s swimmer’s ear or unexpected rich food or an adventure gone wrong, you never know what to expect.

If you do choose to purchase insurance, be sure to read all the coverages and limitations to ensure it covers exactly what you expect and need.

Note that insurance that covers preexisting conditions generally needs to be purchased within three days of the initial deposit (or 24-48 hours when paying in full, like when you purchase an airline ticket). Insurance companies are changing their procedures now such that you often cannot purchase within 14 days anymore.

And of course, each state has different insurance regulations and restrictions, so some are more strict and some less so, depending on where you live.

What have the Turks and Caicos travel requirements been (through April 30, 2022)?

To get Turks and Caicos travel approval, you must have several documents. In addition to your passport valid for at least six months after your return date, you must also have a few extras.

Note that on May 1, 2021, Turks and Caicos Islands changed this temporarily to 3 months due to the delays in passport renewal. This lasts only for one year and will need to be renewed or it goes back to six months validity.

As of February 28, 2022, everyone age 18 and over must be fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination. In addition, all those age two and over must have a negative covid-19 test result within three days of travel.

Prior to the start of March, visitors 16 and older needed to be fully vaccinated, so this is a slight loosening of restrictions. As of February 28, masks in public outdoor spaces are no longer required, nor do you have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc.

You must have travel insurance – not your regular medical health insurance – that covers covid. The benefits must explicitly cover covid-19 medical costs, the full cost of hospitalization, prescriptions, doctors’ visits, medical evacuation and quarantine.

Travel insurance originally had to be a minimum coverage of $50,000, but that changed to what you need to cover full medical costs, full hospitalization costs, doctors’ visits, prescription, air ambulance, and quarantine.

I recommend a higher maximum if possible. Quarantine on the island, especially during busy times, can be very expensive, and visitors are responsible for all costs of quarantine.

If you stay at Beaches Resorts, they include the necessary travel insurance. They also reduce the nightly cost to $200 per night during the quarantine period and give you a voucher for a replacement vacation, which is something most locations do not.

Allianz and Trawick are two companies that many have successfully used for their travel insurance policies both to gain Turks and Caicos travel authorization and if they do test positive. Be sure to do your research and select a policy that meets requirements.

Do not go with a fly by night insurance company, and be sure you read all the coverage details.

Residents of the vast majority of countries do not require a visa for stays of 90 or fewer days.

Who has to fill out the travel authorization for Turks and Caicos?

Every traveler to Turks and Caicos must have an authorization, regardless of age. That includes infants, as well as those who do not require a vaccine due to age or medical exemption.

When you fill out the Turks and Caicos travel authorization form, be sure that you fill out one for each person. It gets repetitive, but simply adding all the travelers to a single application does not provide authorization for anyone but the main applicant.

Do NOT make that mistake.

If I’m traveling with friends or family, do I fill out the authorization for everyone together?

If you travel with your immediate family, include each family member on the TCI assured form together, but be sure each person has their own application. You add a new family member at the end of each application you complete.

If you travel with those who don’t live with you, it is your decision whether to fill it out together or not. When I traveled with friends from other states, I did not wish to have to gather everyone’s passport information in addition to their various addresses, etc.

If you have a large group with multiple reservations with multiple insurance policies, it may make the most sense for each smaller group to fill out their own authorization form.

No matter what you do, make sure that every traveler has an application, regardless of whether you list them traveling with you or not.

What does fully vaccinated mean?

All doses of the covid-19 vaccine must be given at least 14 days prior to your travel date. The vaccine must be one of the vaccines approved by the Turks Ministry of Health.

Currently, Turks does not require boosters. However, you must have both doses of the vaccine (except Johnson and Johnson where one dose completes the series).

The approved vaccines include:

  • Pfizer/BioNTech
  • Moderna
  • Astrazeneca
  • Janssen/Johnson and Johnson
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac Biotech

How do I show proof of vaccination?

You must have your vaccination card or an official vaccine record from an electronic vaccine database. You can have a vaccination letter from your doctor on official letterhead signed and dated with contact details and the doctor’s license number along with the date, country, and vaccine information.

The letter makes me nervous, however, as I have heard stories about people who have had those declined. Though the website states that you cannot have a hand written card, this does not refer to the official CDC card where the provider may hand write the vaccine information.

All those ages 18 and older must have proof of vaccination.

Can I get a vaccine exemption to travel to Turks and Caicos?

You can request a medical exemption from the covid-19 vaccination requirement, but it is not a guarantee. Do not count on this, and submit it as soon as possible.

If you seek a medical exemption, you must submit all documentation via email to TCI authorizations at least two weeks prior to your travel to give them enough time to make a decision.

Honestly, this would make me very nervous.

To submit your exemption request, email – note that authorisation is singular and spelled the British way with an s rather than a z.

What kind of covid test do I need to get?

Turks and Caicos currently does not require a PCR test to enter, and given the turnaround time for results, an antigen covid-19 test result may make the most sense to you. Either is an accepted test type.

You cannot do a home test, which includes one you do at home and have monitored remotely. You must go to a testing site and do your test from an accredited laboratory.

The official TCI site lists specific test criteria your test results must include, so be sure to reference that to ensure it works. In addition to your name, date of birth, collection date, lab name, test type, and test result, be sure that it includes the lab’s CLIA number and does NOT state that you are being tested for exposure.

Many get their tests from Walgreens or CVS because they are so widely available. A friend did a sate testing site with no issues, and I tested at a local walk in testing site.

Though the TCI website states that it must be a naseophagal test, many – myself included – report successful travel authorization with any nasal swab. The key is that it cannot be a home test.

If you return to Canada, you may wish to get a PCR test simply because you need one to return to Canada. It helps to know you’ll pass the required test to get home.

Who needs to get tested?

As of January 21, all those age two and over traveling to Turks and Caicos must show a negative covid-19 test result. Prior to January 21, only those age ten and older needed to upload a negative test.

You cannot show proof of a recent infection and recovery to enter Turks and Caicos. As a tourist, you must have a negative test.

Do I need to test again if I travel to another island within Turks?

Nope! Once you are within the borders of Turks and Caicos Islands, you can travel inter island without additional testing or authorizations.

There is no daily health check or mobile tracking app during your visit.

When should I take my test?

Your negative covid-19 test must be no more than three days prior to travel. Travel is defined as the flight to Turks, so if you have a layover overnight in Miami on a Friday and fly to Turks on Saturday, your test must be Wednesday, not Thursday.

The three days is not 72 hours. If you have a 3pm flight, your test can be at 10am, which makes it a little easier.

So if you travel on:

  • Monday, your test can be no earlier than Friday
  • Tuesday, your test can be no earlier than Saturday
  • Wednesday, your test can be no earlier than Sunday
  • Thursday, your test can be no earlier than Monday
  • Friday, your test can be no earlier than Tuesday
  • Saturday, your test can be no earlier than Wednesday
  • Sunday, your test can be no earlier than Thursday

Make sure that your test comes back in enough time that you can submit your authorization for travel at least 24 hours before you travel.

How should I save my documents to upload them for the Turk and Caicos travel authorization form?

You can upload your vaccination card, travel insurance, and negative test as a pdf or photo (jpg or png). Be sure that the image is clear, but be sure the images are under 2MB.

You can simply take a photo of each document with your phone’s camera or scan them. Both ways work, as do screenshots or PDF downloads.

I recommend saving the files with the name and document on there – first name last name covid result, first name last name vaccine card, etc. This helps make sure you upload the right document in the right place on the TCI Assured portal and helps them easily go through them when they review your application.

For the insurance document, make sure you upload your travel insurance. It must contain the name of everyone it covers, the insurance company name, policy number, and coverage details.

You do not need to upload the entire document, just the declaration page. For Beaches Resorts, the email you receive with coverage information or a screenshot of the insurance information from the Beaches app suffices.

When can I fill out the Turks and Caicos travel authorization form?

You cannot fill out any part of the TCI Assured portal application until you have your negative test results. However, make sure to fill it out as soon as you do receive them.

You cannot start an application and finish it later, so have all your documents ready before you start. Many people filling it out for families create a spreadsheet of all the necessary information for all travelers in advance so they just need to copy an paste as they go.

The TCI Assured portal does not guarantee approval if you fill out your form less than 24 hours before travel. My advice? Get your tests done and fill out the application ASAP once you have the results.

This is another reason to not wait for a negative covid-19 PCR test result. Near me, these take 5-8 days currently, and even “quick” results take more than 24 hours to come back.

What if I made a mistake on my application form?

If you put in a wrong passport number or uploaded your personal insurance instead of the travel insurance or whatever, don’t panic. Once you submit your application form, you get a reference number both on the screen and via email.

Send an email to TCI authorizations with Update to application with your reference number in the subject. In the email, include the name of the applicant, the reference number, and a brief explanation of the update. Attach any documents, as needed.

Again, the email address is:

If you make a mistake but don’t realize it or your TCI Assured travel authorization gets denied, the Caicos Ministry of Health will email you with the issue.

You need to request another one time password via the online portal. Once you log in, a screen will pop up where you can submit updated information.

How do I know if my travel application is approved?

Once your application form is reviewed and approved, you receive an email with each individual approval to the email address you used to submit the application form.

They often do not arrive all at once, so don’t panic if you get just one or two and then more later.

You can also go back to the online portal and request a One Time Password again. When you log in with the same email address, it shows the status of each application.

TCI authorization check application page.

How long does it take to get approval from TCI?

The application gets reviewed manually by officials in Turks, but it happens in no discernible order. They work 24/7, including holidays.

I have friends who had their TCI authorization within five minutes, while others will take over two days. Don’t panic or assume you did somethin wrong with the application process if you don’t hear immediately.

The sheer volume of application forms they receive on a daily basis is overwhelming. They will get to yours, as nerve wracking as that is.

What if I haven’t gotten my approval from TCI and my flight leaves soon?

If you get to within 12 hours of your flight departure, then it makes sense to reach out. Keep in mind that everyone who reaches out who doesn’t need to slows down the process for everyone.

In this case, send an email with URGENT: Leaving in XX hours with your reference number in the subject. In the email, simply restate the name(s) of those waiting for TCI Assured Travel authorization, as well as the reference number and a brief request to have your application form processed.

The email for this is

There is also a phone number, but it is only staffed Monday to Friday during business hours, and people often can’t get through. It is an international call, which can also become quite expensive, even if the call doesn’t go through.

I have heard from many that calling from a verizon cell phone doesn’t work at all, and you’re best off calling from a landline. The numbers are 649-232-7233, 649-232-5900, 649-232-4484, and 649-946-2321

What if my flight is delayed or canceled and my authorization expires?

Your TCI Assured travel authorization is valid for three days after your test. It expires at midnight that night, so if you have a flight delayed or get canceled to the next day, you no longer have approval to enter Caicos Islands.

You will receive an email when your authorization expires, whether you make it to the island or not. Note: the authorization is just to enter, so don’t panic when you’ve arrived and receive that email.

That said, if your authorization expires, you will need to reapply with a brand new application form. However, you cannot apply until after your current authorization expires, even if you know your flight is delayed or canceled.

Be sure you have a new valid test, and watch for the email to come just after midnight Eastern. This is also why many travelers choose to get their covid0-19 negative test result two days before their travel rather than three.

Some people have contacted TCI via phone or email and gotten their authorizations canceled and reapplied once they knew they had a canceled flight. However, others report that their requests were denied, so this is not a foolproof workaround.

If testing is available near you, consider testing three days  prior to your trip and have a backup scheduled. This is the ideal case but not always feasible.

Many locations struggle with testing currently, so you may need o consider testing just once two days before you travel, pending weather and travel conditions. Know that two day testing provides less turnaround time for our application form, which is another consideration.

In a worst case scenario, most larger airports offer onsite testing for a fee. This can be several hundred dollars for a family, so look for alternatives if you can.

Once you have the new test, follow the same steps to go through the application process you did initially. Yes, you truly have to redo everything.

As soon as you complete it, send an email to with URGENT: Canceled flight new application with the new reference number. In the email, share each person’s name and reference number and an explanation that your flight was canceled and you now need to travel the next morning so request expedited processing.

From every story I’ve heard, this process has worked fairly well, as stressful as it is for those involved.

What do I need to bring to the airport once I have my approval?

Once you have your TCI Assured travel authorization, print your documents and have them available. You will need to show them at the airport both in the States and in Caicos Islands, though there are exceptions where it doesn’t happen. I’d rather be prepared.

You need a hard copy of your vaccination card or a printout from your electronic vaccination database. Print your TCI approval if you can, though you can show an electronic version if needed. Print your travel insurance documents, and your negative covid-19 test results.

If you fly American, it helps to download and use the verifly app. If you fly United, use their Travel Ready Center online or in the app to upload your documents. Neither is foolproof, but they definitely help.

And of course, remember your passport!

How to fill out the TCI Travel Authorization application

Get your One Time Password

Start on the TCI Assured portal. You need to request a one time password (OTP), which gets sent to your email address.

TCI authorization request one time password.

Once you receive the email, you have 10 minutes to log in. Enter your OTP in the space on the TCI Assured portal where you entered your email previously.

TCI one time password email confirmation.

The page changes from Request OTP to Login but otherwise looks identical.

TCI authorization screen to enter one time password with seconds remaining countdown.

Add personal information

This part is fairly straightforward. You simply select if you’re a resident or non-resident of Turks and Caicos and who you’re filling the form out for – which is generally yourself, then enter the info.

One note: As Turks and Caicos Islands is a British island, make sure you enter all dates with date, month, year rather than the month, date, year Americans usually use.

Make sure to enter all information accurately from the passport number to the countries you’ve traveled from or through in the past six weeks.

For your name, have it match your passport – with or without your middle name – even if that doesn’t match your hotel reservation or your negative covid-19 test result. It’s ok if they don’t match perfectly.

This is also where you select the number of family members traveling with you. For a family of four, select three.

You need to enter their personal information as part of your application, then complete full applications with their own one time passwords with everyone else’s info. Simply adding them to your travel application does not create an application for them!

Complete the online health screening questionnaire

This is where you upload your negative covid-19 test results and other information. This step is also fairly self explanatory.

One note that if you took your covid test on one day and apply the next day, the only choice you have for when the specimen was collected is the current date. It’s ok to put that in if you can’t select an earlier date.

Note that the application for those under 18 will not have a space to upload a vaccination card. Nor will those under two have a space to upload a negative test.

Again, be sure to answer questions accurately. While the question of “Did you provide care for patients with covid-19 in the last 14 days” feels like it’s there to trip you up, I know people who accurately answered yes and received their travel authorization.

This is where it is important to note that the valid health insurance details they need are your travel insurance information, NOT your personal medical insurance.

For the expiry date, it isn’t critical to have an exact date. Many put two weeks after they are scheduled to return home just in case they need to quarantine.

Also note that there is red text at the bottom of this screen that states, “Note: Insurance card not accepted.” This is a warning not to submit personal health insurance that is always there and not a sign that you did something wrong.

TCI authorization step 2 with travel insurance requirements listed.

Provide your stay details

For this area, be sure you have your hotel or villa information, including phone number handy. This section is also fairly straightforward.

Your length of stay is the days, not the number of nights. The day you arrive is day 1, so it’s the number of nights plus one.

Many people do not know the state of their stay, and that’s ok. Enter it if you know it, and leave it blank if not.

Consent to the Caicos Islands entry requirements

For the final step, you simply need to acknowledge the Turks and Caicos covid-19 entry requirements. Read them, click consent and that you certify all information is accurate, then submit.

Once you press submit, you get a confirmation screen with your application reference number. This information also gets emailed to you.

TCI authorization confirmation that the application was submitted with the reference number.

Repeat the process for each traveler

If you have other family members traveling with you, repeat the entire process selecting “add new” to create a new application for each person. Each person needs a full application from adding everyone’s information and uploading the required documents.

TCI authorization add new application screen.

If you’re lucky, you may start to see approvals trickle in while you’re still finishing the application process.

What other questions do you have about the Turks and Caicos travel authorization process?

Beach sunset in Turks with text Traveling to Turks and Caicos in 2022 how to get travel approval.

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  1. Michele C says:

    Great article and very helpful! Question- we are taking a day trip, flying from Provo to Grand Turk. Do we have to get another negative test on the island to fly inter island?

    • Michelle says:

      While you need to get a test to travel into Turks (along with the authorization), inter island flights do not require additional testing. Same country, so you’re all set. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Tammy Dinkel says:

    What are the questions on the health questionnaire part? Do they just ask the typical do you have symptoms or do that ask about health issues? Would they deny if someone was immunocompromised even if they had shots?

    This was extremely helpful for our family. Thank you

    • Michelle says:

      The health questions are really simple: Do you have any symptoms of illness (yes/no)? Have you been fully vaccinated (yes/no)? Then it asks for your vaccination and negative test information and uploads. Have you been in a healthcare facility that cares for persons who may have had COVID-19 within the last fourteen days (yes/no)? Did you provide care for patients with COVID-19 within the last fourteen days (yes/no)? Have you knowingly been in contact or close proximity with anyone confirmed to have been tested positive for COVID-19 or suspected to have COVID-19 (yes/no)? Then you provide your travel insurance details and upload the information. That’s the extent of it. There is nothing about whether you or anyone in your party are immunocompromised, and I’ve heard anecdotally that for at least some of the above questions, answering “yes” is not an automatic disqualifier. Good luck!

  3. Jen French says:

    Excellent resource! It would be great if you also talked about the process to come home and what to do if you or someone in your group is quarantined.

    • Michelle says:

      I had thought about writing another article focusing on that, and I may yet do so. This one was already super long, and the quarantine rules appear to be so fluid coming home that I am a little reluctant to dive in there. I will work on an article sharing the best information that I can on testing positive – and for sure on what you need to do to come home. Thanks for the confirmation, and I’m glad this article was helpful for you!

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