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Master Water Balloon Fights With Water Wubble

I received a Water Wubble for review purposes and was also compensated for this post, but all opinions remain my own.

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Water Wubble review

My kids are all about the water balloon fights. If I let them, they’d throw water balloons at each other in the dead of a Chicago winter.

They constantly beg me to to go outside and play with water. Far too often, I say no. I have a few reasons.

The mess water balloons leave behind is my biggest issue. After a water balloon fight, my yard looks like someone finger painted everywhere.

Even if my kids remember to pick up the scraps, they always forget or miss some. I worry that birds will accidentally eat some, too.

And there’s the cost of water balloons. A water balloon fight isn’t too bad, but my kids could go through hundreds of water balloons in almost no time flat.

(Their favorite is the easy fill self sealing water balloons.)

The biggest reason I tend to avoid water balloon fights, however, is that my kids can’t tie their own water balloons yet. They need my help, which means I spend more time filling and tying water balloons than they do enjoying them.

There’s something about that math that doesn’t work for me, but I hate to take away my kids’ fun.

Enter the Water Wubble.

Having a Water Wubble fight

We love the Wubble products, and the Super Wubble remains one of my daughter’s favorite toys. Thankfully, she can readily blow it up and uninflate it without my help.

The Water Wubble allows her (and my son) an identical amount of independence.

Throwing a water wubble

What is the Water Wubble?

The Water Wubble is a reusable water balloon. It’s genius.

Instead of buying new water balloons for every water fight, my kids reuse their set of Water Wubble balloons each time. The Water Wubble package comes with eight reusable water balloons.

Half are red, and the other half are blue. No fighting over who has “my Water Wubble” or trying to figure out who is on whose team when there’s a larger battle going on. In fact, I bought my own set of Water Wubble reusable water balloons so my kids could have larger fights with even more kids.

How does it work?

The Water Wubble doesn’t tie shut. Instead, the spout at the top tucks inside to hold the water in until it hits its target. This helps ensure kids can reuse these water balloons and means they don’t need adult intervention.

The Water Wubble balloons are made of a material similar to other Wubble products, which makes them more durable, too.

One of the biggest benefits? The Water Wubble doesn’t contain latex.

With as many latex allergies as we see regularly, I appreciate that my kids have a toy that allows an afternoon of fun for kids who generally can’t enjoy water balloons.

How do you fill it?

When you want to play, simply fill the Water Wubble in seconds. My kids have used a hose, filled a bucket and dipped the Water Wubble water balloons, dunked them in a lake and pools, and more.

The opening merely requires that you swish the water balloon through the water and lift it out. Tuck the tab into the Water Wubble, and it seals instantly.

Water Wubble are water balloons that don't break and are reusable

Optionally, don’t tuck the tab in and instead squeeze the water balloon at your target to soak them instantly. My kids did that the first time we pulled these out, and oh my word were they soaked quickly.

They loved it, however. Generally for fights, my kids preferred leaving the Water Wubble balloons unsealed when throwing them at people.

Does the water come out or not?

When properly sealed, they didn’t soak their friends as much as they hoped, as the hit didn’t release all the water. If they fold the tab against the balloon and throw, the water comes out more readily. That makes my kids happy.

Throwing a water wubble in a water balloon fight

When they chose to seal the Water Wubble, they played with them more like an egg toss. They created lines and threw them back and forth, trying to catch them.

When they do this with a traditional water balloon, they get frustrated because the balloons pop too easily and quickly. They enjoyed this far more.

Does it hurt to get hit by these reusable water balloons?

If you use them traditionally, load up your set of Water Wubble balloons and have at it, throwing them at each other. Though the plastic is thicker than a traditional water balloon, it doesn’t hurt when you get hit with a balloon.

My kids played with their younger cousins who aren’t used to as rough and tumble play, and everyone agreed the water balloons didn’t hurt at all.

In love with the Water Wubble resusable water balloon

Things to Remember about Your Water Wubble

Once you finish playing with the Water Wubble, be sure to empty all water from them then let them dry thoroughly before you store them away. If you leave water inside, you run the risk of mildew forming. Given the shape of the Water Wubble reusable water balloons, it isn’t super easy to get all the water out.

The balloons collapse on themselves without the support of the water and the inside wants to stick together. I suggest an adult check to make sure they empty completely.

The Water Wubble has a natural fill point given the uninflated size. My kids generally filled it that far and tossed.

However, you can fill the Water Wubble balloons a whole lot more than you expect.

My kids put them in a kiddie pool and used a hose to fill them to nearly three feet in diameter. They become nearly transparent at that point, and you run the risk of breaking them.

My kids stressed them as far as possible and couldn’t lift them, which they thought was really cool. After they inflated them this far, they held more water when filling as they dipped and swished.

Some broke when overinflated with water after kids tried to carry them. Others didn’t last long after the huge fill and a full scale water balloon fight.

Our “standard” set that escaped overinflation have no issues with breaking, however.

I worried my kids would play with these once and then ignore them, but a Water Wubble fight happens at least once a week if not more often. Every time another parent sees my kids playing with them, they ask what they are and look up how to buy them. I don’t blame them!

Do you enjoy water balloon fights?

Water Wubble Review Why I love these reusable water balloons for summer fun

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