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Yogurt Granola Parfait – Dress Up For Breakfast

I received product to produce this post as a Stonyfield ambassador. I also receive a stipend for my participation as a Stonyfield YoGetter to share how I’m enjoying this easy yogurt granola parfait breakfast idea.

Yogurt and granola parfait

I will admit that most mornings I have a smoothie for breakfast. I get my fruit and my protein in me – yes, often made not just with protein powder but one of the Stonyfield yogurt options – and often even some veggies with baby spinach included. It’s my on the go breakfast, as I can take my cup with me as I run errands or head to the gym or wherever I’m going that day.

Even though I can eat the same thing day after day far more easily than either of my children, I still want to do something special for myself every once in awhile. Some mornings call for sitting at the table with nothing but silence surrounding me as I savor my breakfast.

And that breakfast should look pretty. It shouldn’t take much time or effort, and it should still be healthy, but I want it to look as pretty as it tastes. While I often make my own granola, I love the Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Flax Granola for its ease of use and flat out yumminess. It has 6 grams of protein per serving, so coupling that with my yogurt, I know I’m getting the protein I need at breakfast. And that doesn’t count the 31 grams of whole grains or 5 grams of fiber hidden within that delicious flavor.

I have two favorites when it comes to the oh so easy yogurt granola parfait when I want to “dress up for breakfast.” Each one is actually faster to make than my usual smoothie, but for some reason I tend to save these for a special treat.

Fancy meuseli

Growing up, my mom gave me vanilla yogurt for breakfast a ton. When I was lucky, she would slice bananas and add them to the yogurt. I loved the complement, and I take that and combine it with my experience from living in Europe where we had meusli all the time that is essentially granola topped with some yogurt. I still eat my granola this way, rather than adding milk.

Finding a fancy little dish and adding my Pumpkin Flax Granola then topping with a little Stonyfield vanilla bean yogurt and adding a few slices of banana? Yep, that’s one to enjoy in the silence and simply savor.

Banana and vanilla yogurt parfait

When I’m really ambitious, I go for the red, white, and blue yogurt granola parfait. I love jelly glasses for this. In fact, my favorite glass to use is actually a European mustard jar that I repurposed once we finished up all the mustard inside. I love the shape and how you can see all the colors of the layers inside.

When I make this yogurt granola parfait, I start with the Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola and add a half inch layer, just enough to cover the bottom fairly well before adding a dollop of blueberry Stonyfield yogurt to form the next layer. I continue with the vanilla bean and finally strawberry before topping my yogurt granola parfait with just a little more Pumpkin Flax Granola.

Create a great parfait with Nature's Path granola

In less than two minutes, I have a work of art. Somehow, I bring myself to eat it – mostly because I know it’s so easy to recreate this yogurt granola parfait. It’s such a simple way to spoil myself and dress up my breakfast, and it definitely starts my day off on the right foot.

Gorgeous yogurt granola parfait

Have you ever made a yogurt granola parfait? What are your favorite combinations?

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