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While I almost always cook fresh or frozen chicken, there are still times I turn to canned chicken recipes. These are some of my favorites when you’re working on pantry cooking.

Delicious canned chicken recipes

I actually never heard of canned chicken before a few years ago, but I always have it in my pantry now. It’s a pantry staple that lasts and is great for quick meals to throw together.

Canned chicken is similar to canned tuna in that it’s already cooked, then held in water in a can so it stays good for a long time. It saves time when you don’t have to prep your protein!

Generally canned chicken tends to be chicken breast and already somewhat salted, so I don’t tend to add a lot of salt to my recipes with it. 

Though I used to use it almost solely to make a quick and easy chicken salad for sandwiches, it’s versatile enough to use it in many other recipes. I love the creativity of all of these.

As you make pantry meals, don’t forget about your canned chicken. And sure, why not go ahead and make it a staple in your house, too?

Delicious Canned Chicken Recipes

Whether you forgot to prep dinner, just need a quick snack, or you'e going through your pantry, you're sure to find a recipe you love from this list of recipes that use canned chicken.

What are your favorite canned chicken recipes?

25 canned chicken recipes

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