Bowl of spicy roasted chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas

April 23, 2013 by Michelle

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So do you remember me talking about Tasty Tuesday at the wee ones’ school?  The first Tuesday of every month, they have a new fruit or vegetable to try during lunch – if they choose.  A month ago, it was chickpeas, and I wasn’t sure how that was going to go.  Fortunately, the cafeteria workers decided to roast them, and Little Miss fell in love.  Mister Man not so much, as they were too spicy for him (they used a lot of taco seasoning), but I’ll get him around one day.

It’s a great snack filled with fiber and a decent amount of protein with very little fat.  One serving has a quarter of your day’s fiber needs, so yay, right?  Best of all, the chickpeas are really the crunchy vessel to provide whatever flavor you want with them.  You can go sweet with some cinnamon and a little honey or you can go spicy with olive oil and a little smoky paprika or spice rub.  Or maybe garlic powder and a little Parmesan is more your thing?  Whatever it is, go for it.  You’ll be as addicted as Little Miss and I are.

Bowl of spicy roasted chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas

This is so not even a recipe that I can’t put ingredients and use the fancy recipe widget.  That’s … just the way it goes.  Get creative with your spice mixtures and remember to get them dry and go light on the quantity of whatever you use.  You just want a dusting.  It’s the procedure that’s imporant.  Because you’ll get the above gorgeousness simply from this little can.

Can of chickpeasSo yes, this is the lazy man’s way out, but it works.  If you buy canned, get the low sodium ones though.  It just works better.  You can also use dried chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) instead of canned.  Rinse out the dried chickpeas, then place in a pot with 3 cups water to 1 cup chickpeas.  Bring this to a boil for ten minutes, then turn off the water and leave it covered for a couple hours until they’re soft.

If you’re using canned chickpeas, drain and rinse them well.

Chickpeas getting ready for roasting

Regardless, place your cleaned chickpeas on a paper towel, and cover with a second paper towel.  Gently roll the chickpeas between the paper towels.  This serves two purposes.  First, it helps to dry them, and you want them as dry as possible before you roast them.  Second, it helps loosen and remove the papery skins.  Just pick the skins up and toss them.

Skins picked up from rolled chickpeas

Place the chickpeas on a sil pat covered cookie sheet (or parchment paper or foil  – whatever will make cleanup easy for you).  Add a tiny bit, as in less than a teaspoon, of olive oil and then whatever spices you’re using.  Again, gently roll them around so they’re all evenly coated.

Get ready to coat chickpeas in spices

Place the baking sheet in the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.  Every ten minutes or so, stir them around so that all sides cook evenly.  After the time is up, turn off the oven, but go ahead and leave them in a little longer if you so choose.  Take them out when they’re the crunchiness you like.

If you don’t eat them all immediately, store them in a tightly sealed container.  These are best the same day or next day, as they’ll start to get soft after that as they reabsorb moisture.  If they get soft, go ahead and pop them in the oven for a little bit again, but definitely eat them within three or four days.

So what flavor roasted chickpeas are you going to make?

Link your recipe posts here, and share the love.  I’m also posting at Blessed With Grace and Tempt My Tummy Tuesday, as well as with  Rachel from A Southern Fairytale’s Mouthwatering Monday linkup.  Enjoy!


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  • kim/the maker mom

    It’s that easy? I feel like this is the snack of 2013; I’ve heard several people mention these recently and I wasn’t sure if they could be made with canned chick peas. Thanks for helping with dinner (snack time?) tonight?

    • Michelle

      You’re funny – it could have been a question. And YES it’s that easy. They made it for snack at the elementary school for 400+ kids in addition to the regular lunch. You know it’s easy then, right? And yep, they can be made with canned or dried. So yummy!

  • kim/the maker mom

    Um, that comment should not have ended with a question mark. I’m just so excited to try these. 🙂

  • Tara R.

    I made some of these today with garlic pepper and sea salt… I don’t plan to share.

    • Michelle

      Yum. I wish I could get away with not sharing but some people in my house are sneaky. And cute. 😉

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